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To Conquer Shattered Spirits - Part Four

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 4:29pm by Division Admiral Thomas Lasky & Captain L'Ruan "Shield" Dragon & Commander Beth Woerner & Commander Derris Feraan & Commander Franklin Davis & Commander Vilotanzia "Violet" Bounlutay-Antilles & Lieutenant Commander Tan'ato Tejera & Lieutenant Commander Aafreen Nayak & Lieutenant Commander Shorin Gal'jaridd & Lieutenant Commander Kalesee Montrose & Lieutenant Commander Kaitlin Nesbitt & Lieutenant Tyla Shrikewing & Lieutenant Martin 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli & Lieutenant Alynna Forrester & Lieutenant Rtas "Halfjaw" 'Vadum'ee & Captain Tom Winters & Lieutenant Hriss & Lieutenant Michael Nelson & Lieutenant Shorin DeMasscho & Lieutenant Yoshi Kawagawa & Lieutenant Paul Dragon & Lieutenant Feris Hingol & Lieutenant Alanna Rehvick & Lieutenant JG Sarah Ashley & Master Chief Petty Officer Goranaar & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Khatarr & Post Captain Plataea "Phantom" Lasky & Lieutenant Selene Dragon & Lieutenant Lenaris Marika

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Manticore / USS Rawalpindi
Timeline: 0945Hrs - August 237th, 2393

The face of Captain L'Ruan appeared on the screen. "Yes Captain." the Vulcan female inquired with a nod. "What is your status?" the Vulcan inquired of the massive female before him.

"We're still at a hundred percent, what of yourself?" Feraan answered. "Captain. We're dealing with a ship of mutineers and traitors, we're fighting our own," she explained. "Neither of us has enough firepower to take on a Heavy Carrier, especially if they decide to launch all of their support craft too." the large Vrykul added. "We're severely outgunned, Captain."

"Indeed." The Vulcan answered in a flat tone that indicated much. "Very well, we shall shadow the Solemn Pennance, but not engage her. I will contact Starbase Vanguard and request additional assistance be sent," she commented. "Go on without me, I will catch up to you."

"Good luck Captain, we'll see ya soon." and with that, the screen went black.

Feraan paused as she sat back down in her command chair. "Tan'ato, can you locate them?" she addressed the massive Orion male on her bridge.

"I've been tracking the Solemn Pennance sir, they are traveling along a heading of one one four, mark two six." he rumbled back at her.

"Whats is there down that heading?" Woerner inquired, of the massive Orion, his massive hulking physique at odds with his tone of voice, light and gentle.

"To the best of my knowledge sir. Nothing at all." The male Orion answered. "Other than more deep space... Checking the local star maps." as he frowned, more to himself than to anyone else. "Just several star systems, out to a distance of several hundred light-years... But other than that, nothing to the end of our galaxy, two thousand light-years away." the Orion turned back to address the small human female who was easily a third of his size and mass.

"I recommend extreme caution Captain." Woerner turned back to Feraan who was seated on her left.

"Agreed. But our main duty is clear. Helm, lay in an intercept course and pursue them, but go one point high then their rate of velocity." she explained. "I want to remain as a sensor ghost. For as long as possible."

Meanwhile, on the USS Rawalpindi, the tension on the bridge was muted with the fact that the USS Manticore suddenly shot forward into warp as L'Ruan turned to her Operations officer. "Mister Hingol, contact Vanguard for me, please. Make it priority one and encrypted. This is going to raise a few eyebrows once I deliver the bad news." She explained before retreating into her ready room.

The Vulcan tapped the large wall monitor in silence when suddenly the face of a rather pleasant looking human female appeared on her display. "Captain L'Ruan, I'm Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs. What's your situation.?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs began without preambles.

"Commodore, the situation here has become complicated. The distress call was answered by both us and the USS Manticore. The USS Solemn Pennance has, we have reason to believe, has been seized by Starfleet officers who have committed mutiny and treason against our government." she explained. "The Manticore and the Rawalpindi don't have enough firepower to take her own, she is not willing to surrender and has already fired upon both of us, using tachyon pulses..."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs paused. "I'll look into sending you some help. Shadow them for now and I'll see what I can dig up for you. But it could take a while." she let out a soft sigh. "I apologize, Captain, for my lack of good news."

"It is of no consequence Commodore, we will make do. We will wait for your reinforcements. L'Ruan out." and with that, the screen went black. Yamaguchi-Hobbs sighed softly. "Plataea, could you call your husband up here please?" as she regarded the heavily pregnant Halanan female who was presently sitting at her post, doing her work there.

The Halanan nodded her head as she tapped her pannel once, as she smiled. "Lasky to Lasky, you're needed up in Ops, Celeste is looking for you."

"I'm on my way." came the answer from Tom Lasky who was sitting in his office, he slipped his uniform jacket back onto his shoulders, he rose to his feet and departed in silence, he wondered what his wife wanted him for, he also wondered what was going on, he entered a turbolift. "Operations," he commented evenly, the lift started moving as Lasky waited, the doors opened and a moment later and he stepped out. "Celeste, you asked for me?" Lasky inquired of the svelte and tall chocolate skinned female before him.

"Yes, Admiral. What ships do you have available?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs inquired, her face a mask of concern, clearly, something was going on.

"None, they are all in the field, doing various tasks like convoy duty," Lasky answered evenly. "What's going on Celeste.?"

"Shit..." the tall female muttered ever so softly. "I'll have to talk to Admiral Emerson, we have a situation brewing and I need a couple of ships to handle such things..." she explained evenly.

"Celeste, what's going on?" Lasky inquired bluntly of the woman before him, he noted that she had tried to evade answering his question which was really not a good sign.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs sighed softly. "We've been informed from the USS Manticore and the USS Rawalpindi, that both ships answered a distress call aboard the USS Solemn Pennance which informed them of a mutiny aboard." Yamaguchi-Hobbs quickly informed him. "So I need a capital ship to ensure that we can recapture our ship." she then let out a sigh.

"I'm Sorry Celeste... I have none for you." Lasky sighed softly. "Dammit... The Charal left this morning, she won't be back for a week."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded, accepting what he was telling her at face value. "No worries Tom, I'll find another way... We have the Ulysess present." she turned. "Plataea, could you contact Admiral Emerson for me please?" she inquired. "I need a ship from him... and then I'll see about dealing with this mess..."

Lasky nodded evenly before he nodded to his wife before departing Operations. His purpose here was complete.


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