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Division Admiral Thomas Lasky

Name Thomas Lasky

Position Commanding Officer, Starbase Vanguard Defense Squadron

Second Position Squadron Commanding Officer

Rank Division Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, well muscled and very good looking for a guy in his mid thirties except the dark shadows around his eyes. this is a guy who has all but abandoned his humanity in the wake of several devastating losses. However in the wake of the hanger fire disaster, he has found his humanity and now will answer only to his real name and won't answer to 'Fives' or any other callsign ever again.


Spouse Captain Plataea Lasky - Chief Operations Officer - Starbase Vanguard
Children Kurt Lasky
Nigel Lasky
Male Child - Unborn

Typhoon - South African Black Footed Cat - Male
Echo - South African Black Footed Cat - Female
Fives - South African Black Footed Cat - Female
Shadow - North American Shorthair - Female
Father David Lasky - Deceased
Mother Marie Lasky - Deceased
Brother(s) Nigel Lasky - Deceased
James Yeoman - Deceased
Lei Shen - Sensei - Highland Mountains - Deneva
Sister(s) None
Other Family Helen Yeoman - Adopted Mother - Deceased
Darren Yeoman - Adopted Father - Deceased
No others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lasky is easy to deal with and get along with, he has a good sense of humor even in the face of utter stupidity, he can handle many unusual things all in a days work, what would normally upset others, Lasky would simply shrug and carry on.

Lasky is a man who's all but turned his back on his humanity in the wake of several devastating losses, any one of which would break a person of lesser strength. However underneath all of his rage and pain, he does have a heart of gold.

Lasky has recovered his humanity in finding someone he can see himself getting involved with, getting married to and settling down and lastly, starting a family. Also losing so many has shaken him out of his darkness.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Work attention is methodical, can be abrasive and hard nosed at times but is generally quite knowledgeable.

He doesn't react too well after he's had a few pints.

He has extensive combat training and has several master level belts in several martial arts
Ambitions To eventually have a family of his own. To carry on the Lasky name and to live a good life. Also to help others when he can and to raise his children well.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, Fighting, Working out in the gym, cooking, combat training.
Spending time in his Forge, making armor plating and weapons
Any kind of Winter sports, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, speed skating, figure skating.

Languages English and German

Personal History Tom Lasky was born in 2343, in Las Vegas, Nevada on Earth, the youngest of two sons, to David and Marie Lasky and as the four of them were very close, he grew up well looked after and happy.

One day that was all shattered on his seventh birthday when there was an accident on the transport ship, only a handful of people escaped from the doomed ship before its warp core went critical and collapsed under the weight of gravity like a neutron star.

He was the only one of his family to escape and he was taken in by a husband and wife team of Starfleet officers, he was well looked after and the treated him very well but he never gave up the Lasky name but Helen and Darren Yeoman refused to take his last shred of his family away so they left it alone.

Tom began developing a taste for speed and a need to channel his anger into productive areas but when pressed, he found he had little desire to do anything else then hurt the enemy so he enrolled himself into several martial arts classes.

Around Late 2361, he applied to join Starfleet and was accepted into the fall semester of 2362 at the age of seventeen, he was by now, little more than anger and rage gave flesh except he majored in Conn and Starfighters but since Starfighters packed a heck of a lot more punch then Conn did, he went off to fly fighters, within a year he had earned his wings but instead of acting like a cocky headstrong pilot who thought he was right all the time, he instead was the quiet guy in the corner, watching and evaluating.

It earned him his first callsign: Iceman which nobody felt suited him and so they went with the last four numbers of his service number, it was the number Five, so... he became Fives, he also left his humanity behind, citing that he would be dead soon and that he no longer had any reason to care.

For his last mission where he would finally earn his wings in a Peregrine, he was conducting exercises with his squadron by demolishing an asteroid in space when someone had mixed a live missile into the dummies that he and his squad mates were carrying and without knowing it, he had signed the death warrants of his squad mates by firing the missile.

All fighters but one were damaged and it was something of a small miracle that only one pilot was killed, the survivors did not blame him for what had happened and he was also cleared by the review board, he had still earned his wings but he demanded a transfer out of the squadron.

When he was refused, he punched out his Commanding Officer and was very nearly kicked out of Starfleet but he wasn't on compassionate grounds because the investigation was bungled by an incompetent investigator.

Unfortunately, both of his adopted parents were both called away to fight the Borg but Helen was fortunate to survive the battle of Wolf Three Five Nine where her husband was not, he was serving on the USS Yamaguchi as their Executive Officer while she was on the USS Goodson as their Chief Engineer.

She found out that she was pregnant after the battle and so she had a son which she named after her husband, Tom was devastated by this loss, he was twenty-one years old now and he wanted revenge, however he had a half-brother to spend time with and this was all that kept him from losing it altogether.

While he was a walking rage care, he was able to handle flying relatively well, even if he couldn't do anything else so he earned a posting as a section leader and then as a Squadron commander, he was also reassigned to the newly converted Nebula Class light Carrier, Roanoke. It was here that he found a special connection, not to a certain someone but more rather to the ship herself, he began to calm and achieve a measure of peace he'd never had before.

His third assignment was to the brand new USS Hyperion, an Akira class starship, she was a carrier that needed an escort everywhere she went as she couldn't defend herself very well.

Lasky served on the Hyperion and he considered it one of his preferred assignments but his time there was a year long and so a year later after his first tour finished, he stuck in for a transfer request and he was sent to the USS Venture to command one of her three Fighter Squadrons.

He was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned to command three section of Third Squadron, this was a role he took seriously and as the war with the Dominion started, he survived battle after battle, being transferred between various ships, usually all Akira class ships, from the Hamburg to the Berlin, from the Ticonderoga to the Venture and lastly the Courageous.

Lasky fought in almost every major fight in the war, coming through without a scratch but his war wounds were not in his body but they were in his mind as he was now a Wing Commander due to combat losses and he finished out his Dominion War service as CAG on the USS Courageous.

He decided his time in Starfleet was done and he resigned his commission and his post effective June 1st, 2376, Captain Jake Yamaguchi protested that Fives was throwing away a good career but Lasky was insistent that his personal needs had to come first now.

After spending two hours chatting about the matter. In the end, Jake was forced to accept the resignation of his CAG and someone he considered a close friend. This was despite the stunned silence from his pilots.

Fives returned home to Deneva where he went into the mountains and retreated from civilization itself as he joined a monastery and here he learned how to control his rage, among the Deneven version of the Tibetan monks, it was here he learned over a dozen forms of combat, some with weapons of all types and some without, he was trained to endure pain the likes of which would break a normal person and he was taught a great many other things too.

After six years he had finally found a measure of peace as he now considered the Highland Mountains his home and it was here that when he died, he wished his body to return to the Monks whom he now considered his kin, he would have them perform their last rites before cremating his body and returning him to the ground rather than have his body committed to space.

He learned about the Borg attacks on the Federation and realizing he only lived thanks to the sacrifices borne by many tens of thousands of others, he along with his sensei, a man named Lei Shen whom he now considered his brother, discussed it and Shen gave Lasky a suit of armor as well as a staff. "So you will always remember where home is when you're among the stars, brother."

He decided to return to Starfleet and after walking over a hundred miles out of the mountains, he walked into the Starfleet base on the planet and asked to be reinstated.

The base commander was unimpressed but once he realized that Lasky was serious, he told him to go clean himself up, Lasky's response was simple. "Yessir." he then went off, took a shower, shaved and got a haircut. Also what was even more ironic was that Lasky outranked the base commander who was a Lt Commander. Lasky's rank of Commander was still good.

It was here where he received more bad news. his half-brother, James had been killed by the Borg while he was on vacation, Helen Yeoman had died with him, this meant now that Lasky was all alone, again.

He was then offered assignment to one of three ships, he selected the assignment he wanted, under the command of his once protege, one Captain Jake Yamaguchi who was now commanding her.

Yamaguchi was overjoyed to see his mentor once again but was surprised when Lasky requested time in security and engineering rather than the reinstatement of his Wings and Commission. Jake was confused but after Fives explained, he quickly came around and so for the next few years Fives served as a Security officer and then he moved his way up to Deputy Chief Security but he found he hated the paperwork and the drama that went with such things.

He then switched over to Engineering and he decided to specialize in damage control and his remaining time on the Courageous as an engineer. Jake overruled him and assigned him as Chief Engineer instead which was something new for Lasky to handle.

Early in 2389, he was transferred from the USS Courageous to Starbase 45 where he would spend time rebuilding the station's replicator system and then he went over to the base's dozen shipyard scaffolding's so they could build new ships faster.

It was here that he became apprenticed to Captain Talon Hunt, who was Torilla's teacher and sensei, he was curious at first as to why Talon offered to help him train, her explanation was simple. "I see much rage in you, I'd like to help if I can." so he didn't refuse her.

After spending a year under her tutelage, his skills greatly improved from a single black belt where he had been to a third level black belt, also he helped him to sharpen many of his skills but she could not cure the source of his pain, the death of everything that he had cared about.

Early in 2390, Lasky decided it was time to return to the ways of the warrior and so he returned to Starfighter Command during his short assignment to Starbase 400. His first real love and over time he regained his wings, posting and rank of Lt Commander, also since then he has just entered into a relationship with Lt Commander Tressa Brislan, the base Chief Medical Officer and only now for the first time, is he managing to confront his demons with something other then weakness and fear.

The relationship unfortunately quickly floundered as the two were very different in terms of personality, Fives was too dark for her and they drifted apart almost instantly.

Fives in many ways were too skilled for Bremer to handle and after helping to refit one Defiant class ship, he was written up for breaking regulations on his paperwork. This cost him his promotion to Captain and Bremer busted him back down to Lieutenant because he was covering for his friends who were lazy and ignorant people.

In late 2390, Boomer decided to combine his skills with weaponsmithing as he requested permission to build a forge aboard the USS Roanoke to accomplish just that.

After seeing Zara Tane about it, and upon getting permission to build a forge, he then proceeded to start building himself a Forge.

With Phoenix being out of commission, being pregnant with the Exec's babies, he became acting Wing Commander, this in addition to his work in the forge meant he has a full schedule in his work.

With losing Phoenix to the spatial anomaly, he found himself being in joint command of the entire air wing alongside Wukari who had recently returned to active duty.

Here he served with some distinction but his stress levels began going up again until when Phoenix returned, she relieved him off duty for a couple of days which he used to catch up on sleep and generally hang out with Shadow.

When Phoenix went missing, he was forced to step up again to command the air wing for the second time, this time he was better prepared but ultimately, the stress began to creep back in again.

In the end, while out on patrol he ended up being caught up in the temporal anomaly, he spent the better part of a year inside the anomaly as a result, he rediscovered his love of nature as a result, upon rescue by the USS Dreamcrusher and her battlegroup.

He took some leave time but he couldn't leave the ship as a result of their deployment, once the ship arrived at Tarod Nine, Fives was part of the first major counterattack against the Romulans.

Since then he started spending time planetside before releasing his birds to roam free in their new home on this planet, but a situation quickly arose where the stress levels of his work exploded in his face because of too much work and not enough time off, while Phoenix was down and so was Wukari, thus leaving him as the acting CAG not once but several times.

The Executive Officer ended up taking him to bed to help him work off his frustration but this time, nature backfired on him and he ended up impregnating the Commander. It was a foolish situation and one made worse by Torilla blowing up at him on the hanger deck before he took off on a mission.

Torilla never gave the man the chance to decide on what he wanted so he stuck in a request for leave time and left the Roanoke, his stress levels were too high so he forgot to actually stick in said request, this left him AWOL and while he greatly relished the time learning alpine sports.

Ultimately his time was cut short simply because of the fact he was AWOL. He found himself with cracked ribs and multiple bruises because of a small fight which had a big effect on the bar it was held in.

Fives has gotten into a rather unique relationship with Elizabeth Yamaguchi considering she is carrying the child that he impregnated the Exec which was an accident. Nevertheless, he was able to form a friendship with Elizabeth all its own, it started because Elizabeth told Fives that she needed to know that he cared, that he was interested in becoming a father otherwise she would keep this baby as her own, since she was doing the work.

Fives took her seriously and Elizabeth saw this.
In late June of 2391, Fives was present at the wedding of Phoenix and her longtime girlfriend Siaxx Dvald but the good news was followed by bad news, Elizabeth Yamaguchi was beaten to within an inch of her life by Ensign Tienn Iteela. Fives was very upset when receiving the news so when her husband started to come unglued as a result of an earlier issue with Elizabeth. Fives basically told him that if he didn't take care of her then Fives would in his place.

This was before he received the news of the beating, he took the news that husband and wife sorting out their issues as good news rather the bad news, it also meant he didn't need to get into Kameron's face about the matter as he awaited developments from Tienn's Captain's Mast.

When he found out that Ensign Tienn Iteela was getting acquitted on the drug masters as she had been drugged without her knowledge, he decided to let the matter go but when he started getting involved with Zara Tane. It came back to bite him with his accusations against Elizabeth Yamaguchi.

Kameron Yamaguchi assaulted Fives after the fact after what Lasky did to his wife and the woman he called mother, whoever the two came to a measure of understanding when Fives showed compassion rather than hatred.

Together the two men faced death together while rescuing others from the hanger deck fire on the USS Roanoke after leaving Tarod. Lasky rediscovered his humanity among the death and destruction of Roanoke's air wing.

However, he would not be able to remain as a Wing Commander as punishment for what he did to Commander and Ensign Yamaguchi in addition to Counselor Stevens. He was reassigned as Executive Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Now he is going to try to redefine himself after so much has been lost.

Lasky and Yamaguchi both have issues with the other and while they both have much to lose if they do not handle things carefully. Lasky decided to let Elizabeth and Kameron Yamaguchi both transfer off of the USS Roanoke.

Both ended up on the USS Dreamcrusher as Lasky decided he would keep an eye on them both but he also would leave them alone. However, fate would intervene when he was reassigned to Starbase Vanguard as their SCE Liasion officer, command was no longer his main interest as he wanted to raise a family with Plataea, his new spouse.

Elizabeth and Kameron would both also be assigned here too but after several weeks after he arrived with his family on Starbase Vanguard. Lasky was contacted and informed that due to an investigation that had taken place, he was also informed that he had another three years of seniority added to his rank of Captain. Lasky was happy to hear the news, also at the same time he tied the knot with Plataea Yamaguchi who took his last name as her own, also he was appointed to command Vanguard's Squadron of ships assigned to protest the Starbase.
Service Record Starfighter Academy - Titan - SOL
2362 - 2366 - Flight Cadet
Cadet One - Four

USS Soval - Ambassador Class
2366 - 2369 - Conn Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
2369 - 2372 - Conn Officer / Pilot
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS Hyperion - Akira Class
2372 - 2373 - Conn Officer / Pilot

USS Venture - Galaxy Class
2373 - 2374 - Squadron Commander
Lt Commander

Dominion War Service:
USS Ticonderoga - Akira Class
April - June 2374 - Squadron Commander
Lt Commander

USS Hamburg - Akira Class
June - November 2374 - Squadron Commander
Lt Commander

USS Berlin - Akira Class
November 2374 to May 2375 - Squadron Commander
Lt Commander

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
May 2375 to Mid 2376 - CAG
Dominion War Service Ends.

Leave of Absence from Starfleet
Mid 2376 - 2382 - Resigned but filed as Long-term leave of absence.

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2382 - 2386 - Chief Engineer

Starbase 45 - Starbase 74 Type
2386 - 2389 - Chief Engineer
Lt Commander

Starbase 400 - Starbase 74 Type
2389 to 2390 - Engineer / Squadron Commander
Commander / Lieutenant

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
2390 to August 2391 - Wing Commander
Lt Commander / Senior Flight Captain

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
August 2391 to 2392 - Executive Officer

ASFS Cosmic Noble - Cosmic Noble
2392 to 2393 - Executive Officer, Starfleet Detachment

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to 2393 - Liasion Officer to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to 2393 - Commanding Officer - Starbase Vanguard Attached Squadron.
Division Admiral - Rank Corrected for JAG Investigation.

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
First Career
2362 to 2366 - Cadet One - Four
2366 to 2369 - Ensign
2369 to 2372 - Lieutenant JG
2372 to 2373 - Lieutenant
2373 to 2375 - Lt Commander
2375 to 2376 - Commander

Second Career
2382 to 2386 - Lieutenant
2386 to 2389 - Lt Commander
2389 to 2390 - Commander
2390 to October 2391 - Lt Commander / Senior Flight Captain
October 2391 to 2393 - Commander
2393 to Present - Captain
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service Record:
2382 to 2384 - Commander
2384 to 2388 - Captain
2388 to 2392 - Commodore
2392 to Present - Division Admiral