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To Conquer Shattered Spirits - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 4:28pm by Captain L'Ruan "Shield" Dragon & Commander Derris Feraan & Commander Franklin Davis & Commander Vilotanzia "Violet" Bounlutay-Antilles & Lieutenant Commander Tan'ato Tejera & Lieutenant Commander Aafreen Nayak & Lieutenant Commander Shorin Gal'jaridd & Lieutenant Commander Kalesee Montrose & Lieutenant Commander Kaitlin Nesbitt & Lieutenant Tyla Shrikewing & Lieutenant Martin 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli & Lieutenant Alynna Forrester & Lieutenant Rtas "Halfjaw" 'Vadum'ee & Captain Tom Winters & Lieutenant Hriss & Lieutenant Michael Nelson & Lieutenant Shorin DeMasscho & Lieutenant Yoshi Kawagawa & Lieutenant Paul Dragon & Lieutenant Feris Hingol & Lieutenant Alanna Rehvick & Lieutenant JG Sarah Ashley & Master Chief Petty Officer Goranaar & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Khatarr & Lieutenant Selene Dragon & Lieutenant Lenaris Marika

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Manticore / USS Rawalpindi
Timeline: 0930Hrs - August 237th, 2393

Had someone been looking outside of a viewport on the USS Solemn Pennance, they would have seen a slipstream aperture open and another Federation ship emerged, the Vesta Two class USS Rawalpindi coasted in using her inertia driving her forward. On the main bridge was Captain L'Ruan was sitting in her command chair, her eyes focused on her goal. "Report?" she inquired, in a gentle tone of voice.

Master Chief Goranaar peered at his display. "The Solemn Pennance is directly ahead, she seems to be without power," he commented evenly. "Whoever or whatever attacked her seems to no longer be present."

"Well, that's downright odd," Davis muttered softly. "I don't like this skipper, it's too easy."

"Indeed Commander." L'Ruan agreed with a nod of her head. "Commander Montrose, take us to Yellow Alert," she commented.

The large fierce-looking Vrykul male nodded his head. "Aye Captain, Yellow alert."

Davis paused. "Helm, distance to the Solemn Penance?" he inquired.

"Two hundred million kilometers." the young Caitian officer answered from the helm. "Or one point two astronomical units for you science types," she added a moment later, in a rather playful tone of voice.

Davis smiled, in amusement. "Hriss, I should remind you that this is a science-heavy cruisier, its what we do." while he regarded the Caitian female in front of him.

"Perhaps sir but you might be smart and well educated, I am just a gearhead," Hriss answered with a soft smile.

Feris Hingol smiled as the Bolian male regarded the Caitian female next to him, on his right side. "I think you enjoy it," he commented to her in a quiet tone of voice.

"Perhaps," Hriss answered in the same tone of voice.

"Well..." The Bolian stopped. "Captain. I'm reading the USS Manticore approaching at high warp." he paused a moment. "They request a word?" as he turned to address his Captain.

"Put Captain Feraan through," L'Ruan answered evenly. "I imagine she has much to say to us?"

"Aye skipper, on screen," Hingol answered as the image of a rather large female appeared on the screen before them her own bridge crew was at their posts. "Captain." Feraan addressed L'Ruan "Its good to see you, you came to answer the distress call too?"

The Vulcan nodded her head. "Indeed, we have come here to answer the call for help... It's too quiet..." the Vulcan female explained. "Maybe I am being paranoid..." she added.

"No, you drop back and keep an eye on things while we move in to look the carrier over." the Vrykul female answered evenly as she turned her head. "Halfjaw, warm up the weapons... I want to be ready in case someone does something stupid."

"Aye shipmaster, it will be done." The reptilian-looking officer explained evenly, while he went to work.

"Indeed, we'll drop back and keep watch as we have better sensors then you do." The Vulcan female added. "Ms. Dragon, start a series of short-range and long-range scans, let me know if anything looks odd to you."

"Aye skipper, starting now." The black-haired female on the left side of the bridge began her work. "Scanners are clear so far..." she added with a nod.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the USS Solemn Pennance. Captain Skherli growled at his Chief Engineer, who was only two Engineers left of his crew who were not eliminated during the recent firefight in Engineering. "Get me the main power back now!"

"I'm working' as fast as I can!" the man responded a trifle hotly. "Need a.... there." and with that, there was a sound which went from low to high as all the lights came back on. Shkreli smiled a rather evil grin. "Give me a full scan..."

"I'm reading two Federation ships, bearings two hundred mark sixteen, above and behind... and one sixty eight mark forty-five, behind and below." came the answer. "The second Federation ship is scanning the area, us and all possible jump points."

"Target both ships and open fire with high energy tachyon pulses, we need to drive them off," Shkreli demanded in an angry tone. "Status of Warp engines?"

"Warp engines are sixty seconds out, stand by." the engineer answered as several orange-reddish flashes of energy flashed from the Solemn Pennance as they sped towards both the Federation ships. On the bridge of the Manticore, "We're being painted..." Lieutenant Rehvick sounded surprised.

"Evasive maneuvers!." Commander Feraan answered. "All hands!. Battlestations. Set condition one..." she shouted.

"Incoming fire..." Lieutenant Vadum'ee answered as his hands and claws flew over his pannel as he activated the various counters to the incoming fire. Suddenly the Solemn Pennance's warp engines flashed as the ship shot forward into warp with a flash of light, the ship was gone a moment later.

"Status?" Feraan inquired.

"No damage, it was a tachyon pulse which would have forced us to reset our shield harmonics... so they could beam through the shields," Rehvick explained in a light tone of voice.

Feraan raised an eyebrow. "So what exactly was the distress call in aid of?" she inquired. "Run that message again?" she commented a moment later. A burst of static softly crackled over the com system before a man's voice came over the speakers. "Mayday, mayday, this is Colonel Anthony Raynor, Our ship has been hijacked by Starfleet traitors-"

"Stop." Feraan paused. "Hail the Rawalpindi..."


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