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Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Name Celeste Victoria Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39
Birthdate March 5th, 2354

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and elegant looking with a willowy build. she often wears her hair long.


Spouse Colonel Brianna Hobbs - Commanding Officer, 37th Marine Regiment
Children Biological:
Jasmine Connor - Starfleet Marines
Jackson Yamaguchi - Civilian, Infant. (Part Klingon Male)

Pasha Ch'Yamaguchi - Andorian Chan (Male)
Pava Sh'Yamaguchi - Andorian Shen - (Female)
Charon Yamaguchi - Caitian Male - (Lion Breed)
Shandra Yamaguchi - Caitian Female - (Lion Breed)
Kaleen Yamaguchi - Caitian Female - (Lion Breed)
Father Division Admiral John Yamaguchi - CO -Starbase 82
Mother Captain Jessica Yamaguchi - CMO - Starbase 82
Brother(s) Lei Shen
Daniel Yamaguchi
James Yamaguchi
Sister(s) Marie Yamaguchi
Courtney "Warhowl" Yamaguchi
Victoria "Enyo" Yamaguchi
T'Rae - Sister in Law: Married to: Daniel
Bronwyn Yamaguchi - Sister in Law: Married to: James
Other Family Many Others scattered around - See the Yamaguchi family entry in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Celeste is generally easy to get along with and she tends to keep quiet and listen but she was unique in her family as she tends to not bond easily with others, at times she doesn't feel the need because her family is a large clan now of several families.

Living up to that name can be daunting at times.

Celeste's biggest problem in life is hiding from her own pain, due to an incident that happened when she was a teenager. He now hates her mother as a result. her rage has become so strong that she doesn't know how to face it. It's only recently that she and her mother have begun to come to terms with what went wrong, when Celeste found out the true story of what had happened on that dark dsay when she was fifteen years old. Esecpally after she met the child that she had long thought was dead. Jasmine Connor, as it turns out, is alive and well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She's a workaholic, she's not happy standing around unless she's doing something, she prefers people accept her for her and not because of her family's name.

Weaknesses: she also has issues forming friendships.
She hates her mother for what Jessica did to her regarding an unplanned pregnancy at age fifteen.
Celeste is also a fan of rough sex and generally being irresponsible while in bed with others.
Ambitions She wants to help others. She also is wanting to become a mentor to her adopted children. Also to be a good mother to Jackson after he's born, as well as to her other children.

Celeste also wants to gain her own command since she was promoted to Executive officer of the USS Dreamcrusher.
Now, while being assigned to Vanguard, she will soon get her chance.
Hobbies & Interests Working in her forge, combat training, history. cooking. Andorian and Caitian culture.

Personal History Celeste Yamaguchi was born the youngest of the present generation of Yamaguchi's in March 2354 but unlike her family who was all rather close, she seemed to prefer a little more solitude then the average Yamaguchi but she still has the core disciplines of duty and family bred into her, same as her other cousins and siblings.

Celeste grew up happy and wanted for little, same as the other siblings but everything changed for Celeste around her fifteenth birthday when she became pregnant with an unplanned child. Jessica Yamaguchi attempted to assist her daughter by helping her abort, but Celeste had warmed up to the idea by then and it triggered a violent collision of ideas and ideals between mother and daughter, this one event created a rift between Jessica and Celeste that never even healed, let alone went away with Celeste openly stating that she would never forgive this transgression or forget about this transgression either. It was all made worse by the fact that Jessica had tried to hide the details from her daughter, rather than come out with it, the explanation was that Jessica had wished to spare her daughter the pain of knowing. It was all for naught as it came out in the end anyway.

In 2370, she applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted in the fall semester of the year of 2370, along with many of her cousins, here she found that most of her siblings had already graduated and were being assigned to fleet units ahead of her.

The Destruction of much of the Fleet at the Wolf 359 system left a lot of holes for new people and new ships to fill them and thus Starfleet realized it was in a state of war and Celeste wanted to learn how to fight this war on the medical front so she ended up going into general medicine. The other part, the part she did not speak of, was that Celeste felt she could do her mothers job better then Jessica could. This one thought fueled a bonfire within Celeste that would drive her for a quarter of a century.

Her time at the academy was cut short to three years and she graduated the academy near the top of her class, only because of the Dominion War where they needed as many people in the field as they could get to face off against what many at the time considered as the greatest threat the Federation would ever see.

First though was the Second Borg Attack, several months before the start of the Dominion War which culled many more ships from the fleet and set the Federation back months in their shipbuilding construction programs.

Celeste would participate in many of the pivotal battles of the War including Tyra with the almost total destruction of the Seventh, the defense of Vulcan on the USS Gibraltar, the Operation to drive the Dominion out of the Bolarus sector and the operation to retake DS9 during Operation Return before taking two weeks leave time.

When she came back to the front, she participated in the relief of Coridan, here she was reunited with her cousin Jake and his wife after a major Jem'Hadar strike and then the battle of Chin-Toka during the Federation's invasion of Cardassian space. Here she was reunited with most of her family who wore the colors.

Needless to say, Celeste was there from first shot to last as she went from one ship to another a half dozen times because she refused to take the recommended leave times after losing her ships and crews due to wartime losses.

In 2376 after the end of the war, she requested assignment as far from the Cardassian area as she could go, she ended up getting a deep space charting assignment as Chief Medical Officer but she decided she wanted more than to be a simple doctor, so she decided to complete the bridge officers test and with some work she passed the tests and with that, she began accumulating command experience as well.

Her assignment on the USS Pierce the Heavens lasted for four years and she came back to the Federation a changed woman, more mature and confident as well as more stable, calm and happy.

In 2380, she was assigned to a ship which she considered a dream assignment, she was to become Chief Medical Officer on the USS Shadow of Intent as the ship and crew were called into service to assist with the internal rebuilding of the Federation. Celeste knew that her work was just beginning as she and the USS Shadow of Intent went from Federation world to Federation world helping those in need and proving relief operations to over two dozen colonies in six months, she, however, was not alone as many of the remaining ships in the Federation were doing the very same thing.

In 2385, she realized what she needed was a more stable home environment so she requested a transfer to any starbase with openings and she quickly found herself finding assignment to Starbase 45, home port of her cousin, Talon Hunt and her family, where she found a measure of contentment and happiness she had never known before, she also got to spend some serious time with Torilla and Jake.

Here at the Starbase, spending her off-hours with Talon and Torilla's children and reconnecting with her massive family so she tried dating and both times, one on 2386 and one in 2389, both relationships ended badly and everyone got hurt in the encounter.

So rather than add more children of her own, she decided to adopt from the Federation relief agency and she settled on Andorian twins who had no clan left, a Shen and a Chan.

Celeste then decided to meet with them and go through the adoption process she spent several weeks waiting for the application to be approved, once it was approved, Celeste then took the two children with her on her next assignment. The USS Shadow.

Her assignment aboard USS Shadow was interesting but alas, it was short but she gained several friendships out of the assignment so it wasn't a total loss. That saved the USS Shadow from the garbage can of Celeste's memory was that this was where she met the woman who would become her future spouse.

Her new assignment along with a couple of other officers from the USS Shadow was to go over to the newly commissioned USS Dreamcrusher as their Chief Medical Officer.

Serving aboard the USS Dreamcrusher for Celeste Yamaguchi has been very rewarding as she ended up getting married to her girlfriend, Brianna Hobbs. The relationship had started by mistake, it grew with adversity and thrived with disaster. Her relationship to her wife is a source of great comfort and strength to Celeste.

Celeste's life got turned upside down when she was sexually assaulted and raped by a Starfleet Marine Major who was also a Klingon, he attacked her as a way to get to Brianna Hobbs. It succeeded but during the manhunt that followed. Her attacker was slain by several people in self-defense but that was after he killed several others.

More bad or good news was to follow, depending on how one viewed such things as she found out that she was pregnant with a child. Celeste has been broken off her workaholic habits by her pregnancy and by her wife. Months later, Celeste would deliver a healthy baby boy she would name Jackson.

In June of 2392. Celeste was promoted to the Executive office as Daniel McKnight was promoted to Captain and ended up replacing Zuko as commanding officer of the USS Dreamcrusher. Celeste's service aboard was noteworthy for the number of life challenges she would face here and when the posting of the second officer opened on Starbase Vanguard, she was recommended for it by McKnight who felt she would do better with a starbase posting rather than being out into the field.

Celeste won the posting and she was also promoted to Captain at the same time.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2370 to 2373 - Medical Student
Cadet One - Four

USS New York - Nebula Class
2373 to January 2374 - Medical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Lewis and Clark - Akira Class
January 2374 - April 2374 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Forrestal - Nebula Class
April 2374 - September 2374 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Dokdo - Excelsior Class
September 2374 to March 2375 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS Typhoon - Defiant Class
March 2374 - August 2375 - Chief Medical Officer

USS Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong - Excelsior Class
August 2375 to April 2376 - Chief Medical Officer

USS Pierce the Heavens - Galaxy Class
April 2376 to March 2380 - Medical Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Shadow of Intent - Sovereign Class
March 2380 to June 2385 - Chief Medical Officer
Lt Commmander / Commander

Starbase 45 - Spacedock II class
USS Fe'garren - Galaxy class
June 2385 to Jan 2390 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer

USS Shadow - Sovereign Class
Jan 2390 to April 2391 - Chief Medical Officer / Executive Officer

USS Dreamcrusher - Guardian Class
April 2391 to 2393 - Chief Medical Officer / Executive Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Second Officer / Commanding Officer
Captain / Commodore

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2370 to 2373 - Cadet One - Four
2373 to 2374 - Ensign
2374 to 2375 - Lieutenant JG
2375 to 2379 - Lieutenant
2379 to 2384 - Lt Commander
2384 to 2393 - Commander
2393 to Present - Captain
2393 to Present - Commodore (In present assignment only)