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Commander Franklin Davis

Name Franklin Davis

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 38
Birthdate May 1st, 2355

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 280lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Franklin Davis is a massive hulk of a man


Spouse Rachael Pravdin - Commanding Officer, USS Concordia
Children John Davis - Civilian - Child
Rachael Davis - Civilian - Child
Father Michael Davis - Civilian
Mother Captain Marissa Davis - Commanding Officer, USS Berlin
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lieutenant Calliope Pravdin - Sister in Law
Annabelle Davis
Clarissa Davis
Denise Davis
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's rather laid back and peaceful but when provoked. he will not hesitate to use lethal force.

He misses his children who are with their mother on the USS Concordia.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He's laid back and well rounded
he's an excellent family man and a good husband and father.

Weaknesses: when provoked, he becomes dangerous
Ambitions To become an Admiral. Failing that then to live up to the ideals of the people of Camber and to be a good husband to his wife and a good father to his children
Hobbies & Interests He'll try anything once.

Personal History Franklin Davis was born in 2355, on the colony world of Camber. Camber was a rather special world as it supplied some of the parts for Federation starship construction and as such its colony was a booming one, people who came here were the kind who preferred hard work but this was also a thriving metropolis of several cities which maintains a lush and beautiful world rather then do what they did to Earth centuries earlier.

Franklin was the kind who was big on sports, betting on them and playing them,while growing up he exhibited an interest in various sports earlier as he was extremely competitive.

His high school won the Camber Trophy three times in two different sports but what he lacked in academic success, he made up for in personal abilities, this was a guy who was exceptionally intelligent and exceptional brawny so he really was a champion in many respects but he didn't let it go to his head as he relized early on that he could still hurt someone quite badly.

An accident on the football field left one student crippled thanks to Franklin crashing into him, it was a simple accident but it was also telling to everyone involved that with great strength, must come great respect and the wisdom to use said strength.

Franklin began to tone it down after the mishap and when he finished school. He decided to look elsewhere for his skills rather then stay and coach others or play in games which would work so long as his limbs didn't give out or were smashed.

He went to the academy and his entire hometown turned out to wish him well, he swore he would continue to make them proud of him and all that he would accomplish going forward. It was a challenge he has more then lived up to in recent years.

He almost missed the Dominion war but he had his time at the academy cut short because he wanted to go and fight, so his request was granted.

His was assigned to the USS Typhoon as one of their tactical officers and this little Defiant class ship went through some of the most brutal battles with Franklin earning a great deal of respect from his peers and those higher up then him as he never once complained about his workload, in fact he decided to fight harder and longer then everyone else and he never stopped until the battle was won. Often one could find him helping to heal the wounded in the medical bay, he helped to save a number of lives that would have been lost had he not acted.

His name began to be spoken of by officers like Captain Sisko and Admiral Ross so he was transferred to the USS Cerberus but Davis did not like serving with what he considered a pile of spoon fed idiots as he wanted to make a name for himself but he would do it on his own terms, then he respectfully requested assignment to another ship. Ross realized the man was serious and he accepted and sent Davis over to the USS Concordia, a newly commissioned Galaxy class starship present at the battle of Chin'Toka which she came through without a scratch

Davis remained aboard the USS Concordia for another fifteen years asides from one interruption when he went back to the academy to finish out his education and the second was for a six month leave, in his hometown to reconnect with family and friends as this was a m an who'd been through a lot and in many ways, he wasn't the same as he as when he went off to serve.

The six months were almost rejuvenating for him as he didn't want the keys to the city or to be feted as the homework hero. "the real heroes, are those men and women who gave their last full measure of courage and devotion to ensure that we all live free... They are My heroes and they should be yours too."

Franklin Davis said quietly but people did listen to him as several monuments went up in all of the major cities of Camber to the fallen of the wars.

When Franklin went back out, he returned to the Concordia. His relationship with his new executive officer, a woman named Rachael Pravdin began to develop as they shared many of the same interests, the two later got married and had two children together so when the skipper of the Concordia retired, he offered both Franklin and his wife separate commands so as to avoid issues.

She was offered the USS Concordia itself while he was offered the USS Tribal, a Merin class destroyer, he accepted knowing he had made history on Camber. He was the first local boy to ever get his own command from this colony rather then from Earth or one of the Federations member worlds or even one of the inner colonies. Davis showed what someone can do with enough heart and dedicated cause to his nation.

He is the kind of hometown hero that the media loves and thus he has maintained a low profile, even leaving the children with their mother. Rachael knows that Franklin hates the spotlight. To date however Davis has commanded the Tribal well and he's reportedly loving this assignment.

All good things must come to an end and so Franklin Davis's posting to Commander of the USS Tribal, he was offered an assignment to come be the Exec of the USS Toronto rather than retain the command of a small Destroyer so he decided to go for it and see where it took him.

These days, Davis is the Executive officer of the USS Rawalpindi.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2372 to 2375 - Tactical Student
Cadet One - Three

USS Typhoon - Defiant Class
March to December 2375 - Tactical Officer

USS Cerberus - Prometheus Class
December 2375 to December 2375 - Tactical Officer

USS Concordia - Galaxy Class
December 2375 to 2378 - Tactical Officer / Chief Tactical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2378 to 2379 - Tactical Student
Cadet Four

USS Concordia - Galaxy Class
2379 to 2391 - Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer / Executive Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander / Commander

USS Tribal - Merin Class
2391 to 2391 - Commanding Officer

USS Toronto - Luna II Class
2391 to 2391 - Executive Officer

USS Rawalpindi - Vesta Class
2391 to Present - Executive Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2372 to 2375 - Cadet One - Three
March to December 2375 - Ensign
December 2375 to March 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2381 - Lieutenant
2381 to 2385 - Lt Commander
2385 to Present - Commander