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Lieutenant JG Sarah Ashley

Name Sarah Ashley

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - Colonist
Age 24
Birthdate November 1st, 2369

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown but she sometimes colors it reddish
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Sarah is human. She is fairly tall with an average, athletic build. She keeps her hair long, just below her shoulders and usually has a ponytail while on duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Anthony Ashley - Civilian Farmer
Mother Karen Ashley - Civilian Farmer
Brother(s) Regan Ashley - Civilian Farmer
James Ashley - Civilian Farmer
Sister(s) None
Other Family Several others scattered around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sarah is a very happy, go-lucky person. She is almost always laughing and smiling. She speaks quietly but forcefully. She often hums softly sitting by herself. She likes to read, but she would rather be dancing. Sarah is secretly very girly; she likes fancy dresses, and curling her hair, and has a serious romantic streak. However, she feels this is counter-productive to being in Starfleet where everyone seems so set on learning things like fighting, flying, going camping and mountain climbing. She keeps one holodeck program locked up under her name of a tragic romance set in the moors of England. She is afraid someone might find out and tease her. She can be easily hurt.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Very compassionate and kind.

Weakness: Will capitulate to others wishes instead of doing what she wants to do. She puts herself out there emotionally, and can be easily hurt.
Ambitions Sarah loves being a nurse, but sometimes wishes she had become a doctor instead. She tries to keep up on all of the medical journals claiming it helps her to be a better nurse, even if that is not really the reason.

Sarah would love to find someone and get married. She wants 6 to 8 kids because she loves her family, but felt that three children was too few, and an odd number leaves someone out.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who will try anything once.

Personal History Born in 2369. Sarah Ashley is the youngest of three children, born to an older couple on the colony world of Bounty. She grew up to respect the land and she very nearly became a farmer like both of her brothers as they were content to work the land and grew food for the local population.

Sarah meanwhile had dreams, aspirations all her own and over time, she decided that she was going to fulfill her dreams no matter what it took. her parents only encouraged her over time. It took her considerable courage to work up the courage to tell them separately that she had no wish to stay here and work the land when she could accomplish so much more out there. This was underlined with one incident when she saved two others in two separate incidents while growing up, the first was a young boy who had his foot cut off in a farming accident gone frighteningly wrong and the other was a young girl from death by drowning.

Before age fifteen. Sarah Ashley was already making a name for herself at the small medical center in her hometown of Wonowon but when she was seventeen. she applied to starfleet medical and to her surprise she was accepted so she packed her bags and off she went.

Four years followed of relentless study and work and tests and drills. All of which she found really exhausting but she took to it with a zeal that impressed many of her instructors. She graduated near the top of her classes in 2390.

Her first assignment was a year on the Fe'garren under the command of Rear Admiral Talon Hunt who was commanding a small battlegroup of ships patrolling the Gorn boarder. She served here quite well until the Fe'garren was sent back to the shipyard to be scrapped. With her crew being reassigned to a hundred different postings. Ashley found herself at loose ends until orders came though six weeks later for her to report to the USS Roanoke and her battlegroup.

She served here for close to eight months before she was promoted and reassigned to the USS Manticore as their Chief Counselor, a posting she holds to this day.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2386 to 2390 - Medical Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Fe'garren - Galaxy Class
2390 to 2391 - Medical Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
2391 to 2392 - Medical Officer

USS Manticore - Century Class
2392 to Present - Chief Counselor
Lieutenant JG

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2386 to 2390 - Cadet One - Four
2390 to 2392 - Ensign
2392 to Present Day - Lieutenant JG