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Lieutenant Commander Kalesee Montrose

Name Kalesee Montrose

Position Chief Tactical Actions Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vrykul
Age 82
Birthdate March 3rd, 2311

Physical Appearance

Height 7'5
Weight 750lbs
Hair Color Grey with streaks of white
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Heavily built and armored like a tank are what best describes this walking behemoth.


Spouse Colonel Kelly Theriault - USS Cascadia
Children First Marriage:
Shandis Montrose - Deceased
Tyrande Montrose - Deceased
Shando Montrose - Deceased

Second Marriage:
Gideon Montrose - Child
Father Mooris Montrose - Deceased
Mother Klarisa Montrose - Civilian
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Klaris Montrose - Deceased - First Wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview This is a dark natured individual and he is the armored fist behind the Highlords smile. Screw with him and he will kill you most painfully.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Everything he is and everything he does, is a monument to the art of war.

Weaknesses: he's lost everyone he's ever cared about at the hands of the Vauxhan. He will never stop until the last Vauxhan lies dead at his feet. Now the Klingons have replaced the Vauxhan as his main enemies.
Ambitions To find a measure of peace within himself, failing that, his goal is to become the Destroyer of the Klingon Empire
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who will try anything once.
Killing Klingons.

Personal History Kalesee Montrose was born on Vrykul Prime in the early hours of March 23rd, 2311 and his childhood was a relatively happy one, he grew up much loved by his family and when the time came to choose his life career. As Vrykul life for three centuries, his time was plentiful as he had time.

He had the option to go into the leadership guild or into the merchants guild, he elected to follow the path of the warrior to defend his home which was something that surprised everyone.

His early years in the military were successful before the Vrykul Sovereignty ended up in a state of war with one of their neighbors, the front lines seemed to become more static as the Vrykul was only defending themselves.

The Vauxhan created a new weapons to break the deadlock, the Heavy Neutron Bomb which when detonated on or near a planets surface emitted a massive magnetic pulse which shattered everything on the one hemisphere of the planet while it also emitted a massive radiation pulse which killed everything on the entire planet.

After this weapon was used on three of the Vrykul's colony worlds, the Vrykul marshaled their entire reserve battlefleet and went for the throat of the enemy, quite literally, they then destroyed everything orbiting the Vauxhan homeworld before they glassed the entire planet, killing over four billion people.

Montrose was commanding one of the battleships of the fleet that was clearing the orbital defenses for the assault fleet to glass the planet. He didn't agree with it but he did not oppose it. It was something his companion, Galiaan bitterly disagreed with as she saw it as organized murder.

This one action left the remnants of the Vauxhan race as homeless refugees, scattering to settle on a dozen of their colony worlds while their leadership or what remained of it surrendered.

The Vrykul accepted their surrender and absorbed the Vauxhan nation into their own before they began repairing the damage both sides had done in their ten year long war.

It was around this point that Klaris Montrose announced that she was pregnant with their first child, in response he proposed, she accepted and they were married two weeks after the end of the war.

It was around this time that the Vrykul had their first encounter with a Federation Starship, named the USS Excelsior, second of her name. As the Vrykul could only gaze almost mesmerized at her gracefulness and her sheer beauty, many wondered if these new aliens had come to offer peace or make war.

The Vrykul Leadership was immensely pleased to learn that these new arrivals intended peaceful coexistence and thus relations between the Federation and the Vrykul were always good. Both nations learned much from the other and the Vrykul relaxed the conditions with which their three conquered species were forced to endure and in the end the Tolerion's, the Habassan's and lastly the Vauxhan's were all resettled on a planet each to live as they saw fit, however the first two species had good relations with their conquerors and the last however, did not considering they had lost their homeworld due to glassing.

What they did not know was that the Vrykul military was working to restore the Vauxhan homeworld back to its pristine glory, when the time came for its unveiling. the issues were calmed and the Vauxhan accepted their place as part of the Vrykul Nation.

Meanwhile Montrose who was now alone, his wife and children had died during he glassing of one of the Vrykul colonies, departed Vrykul controlled space to spend time in the Federation, they along with several dozen others were sent to learn more about the Federation and when the time came, to return and teach their brethren about the Federation.

Kalesee Montrose went off to the academy, he wouldn't see Vrykul again unless he was on a holodeck, he went into Tactical as he wanted a major outlet for his rage, he graduated with honors before going off to his first assignment, the USS Musashi, his next few assignments all gave him good outlets for his endless rage.

Montrose fought the Dominion War, first shot to last where he participated in many ground battles, facing off against the Jem'Hadar and their Cardassian allies, he also fought in many of the most important battles. He never took time off as he believed that it was important that he fight the war.

After the end of the war, he decided to call it a career as he required, he ventured to Deneva as he began wandering, landing in the Capital city, he made his way on foot through he city before he began walking out into the wilds. Montrose was able to live off of the land as he continued, eventually making his way to the Highland Mountains.

He ended up living with the community of Tibetans who had settled here two centuries earlier and he encountered several other starfleet officers who were lost like Tom Lasky, nicknamed Fives and Lieutenant Daniel Yamaguchi among many others.

Montrose would have never rejoined the fleet had it not been for a chance encounter with a Klingon mercenary who attempted to rape a woman and burn a house down, Montrose killed him with a brick, then he threw his body off of the mountainside. It was this that made him realize he could not remain here. The woman in question was Major Kelly Theriault who was on leave from her assignment, she was curious so she put in for assignment to wherever Montrose went.

She followed him through several assignments, the two ended up getting married and having a child together before assignments split them up, he kept the child with him however as he was by far the most dangerous, he was assigned to the USS Pegasus under the command of Rear Admiral Mike Bremer, the two men didn't like each other from the start as Starfleet Security assigned Montrose there because someone didn't trust Bremer.

Montrose found out the Admiral was part Klingon, Bremer however was stupid enough to goad the man, Montrose asked for a transfer and Bremer said. "Only if you can take me in a duel." All of this was also illegal but Montrose was past caring as he utterly detested the other man.

Montrose's response was to land the man in sickbay with a half dozen broken bones, needless to say, his request was quickly granted and Bremer couldn't even press charges because he had been the one who had initiated the entire series of events that landed him in sickbay in the first place.

Montrose's next assignment was to the USS Toronto where he is doing far better than before, he is also finding a few other small families which does help him with his issues, other children for his young son to play with and maybe, a measure of peace for his war-ravaged spirit as well, his next assignment was the Vesta class USS Rawalpindi. Also as Chief of Tactical.
Service Record VRYKUL MILITARY - 2330 TO 2350

Vrykul Military Academy - Vrykul Prime, 242 Cygni
2330 to 2334 - Command / Weapons
Swordsman One - Four

VSS Hammerfest - Sword Class Frigate
2334 to 2336 - Command / Weapons
Decurion / Precurion

VSS Vrykul's Pride - Poleaxe Class Battleship
2336 to 2340 - Command / Weapons
Precurion / Centurion Junior Grade

USS Hammer of the Gods - Poleaxe II Class Battleship
2340 to 2341 - Command
Centurion Senior Grade

VSS Unfair Advantage - Poleaxe II Class Battleship
2341 to 2343 - Command
Centurion Senior Grade

VSS Your Worst Enemy - Poleaxe II Class Battleship
2343 to 2345 - Command
High Centurion

VSS Apocalypse Express - Infinity Class Battleship
2345 to 2346 - Command
High Centurion

VSS Dreamcrusher - Nova Class Superbattleship
2346 to 2350 - Command
Fleet Commander

Retired - Left to Join Starfleet
2351 to 2353


Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2353 - 2357 - Tactical Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Musashi - Excelsior Class
2357 to 2362 - Tactical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Bonaventure - Excelsior Class
2362 to 2364 - Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Cambrian - Akira Class
2364 to 2366 - Tactical Officer

USS Astraea - Akira Class
2366 to 2370 - Tactical Officer

USS Charybdis - Excelsior Class
2370 to 2372 - Tactical Officer

USS Pelorus - Excelsior Class
2372 to 2376 - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Perseus - Excelsior Class
2372 to 2376 - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

Took a leave of Absence from Starfleet - 2376
Reinstated back in Starfleet - 2387

USS Pegasus - Galaxy Class Dreadnought
2387 to 2388 - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Toronto - Luna II Class
2390 to 2391 - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Rawalpindi - Vesta Class
2391 to Present Day - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2353 to 2357 - Cadet One - Four
2357 to 2361 - Ensign
2361 to 2364 - Lieutenant JG
2364 to 2372 - Lieutenant
2372 to 2376 - Lt Commander

Took a leave of Absence from Starfleet - 2376
Reinstated back in Starfleet - 2387

2387 to Present - Lt Commander