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Master Chief Petty Officer Goranaar

Name Goranaar

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Gorn
Age 68
Birthdate July 5th, 2325

Physical Appearance

Height 7'0
Weight 550lbs
Hair Color None - Reptillian
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Massive, intimidating and evil looking.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Hanros Vadam'ee - Supreme Commander (Fleet Admiral)
Mother Turos Vedam'ee - Senior Commander (Admiral)
Brother(s) T'Mass Vadam'ee - Shipmaster (Captain)- GHS Ardent Prayer
Ssrithis Vadam'ee - Senior Shipmaster (Commodore) - GHS Warlord
S'lathis Vadam'ee - Shipmaster (Captain) - GHS War Prayer
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's a Gorn who is almost a genius
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is exceptionally strong and he also has a keen mind to go with it.

Weaknesses: he forgets at times that others can't match his strength or his tolerance for heat.
Ambitions To become head of the Gorn Military, Failing that, to become head of Starfleet Operations
Hobbies & Interests He'll try anything once, within reason and so long as someone is not having a joke at his expense.

Personal History Goranaar was named for the original Gorn Homeworld, same as a Human female can sometimes be called Terra. He along with his siblings were born in 2325 as the humans reckon time.

He was born alongside his brothers in a creche and he was raised to join the warriors of Goranaar fight and defend the Gorn Hegemony, they had great aspirations for his military career and he would meet them all, even excelling time and again.

He was one of the youngest to attain the rank of Shipmaster before he decided to participate in an Officer exchange program with the Federation, now he lives as one of us and deals with Federation Officers and enlisted on his terms, while he rightly has the right to wear a Federation officers rank at the same grade, in this case, that of a Captain, he prefer ed to wear and enlisted rank so now he is referred to as a Senior Chief rather than a Captain.

After spending almost twenty years in the Gorn military, earning the various accolades that he would later wear, he chose to enter the Federation Officer exchange program and was assigned to several Federation ships in succession.

He decided after five years of being in Starfleet that he would apply for Federation citizenship in addition to his Gorn citizenship, he also decided that he would work for promotions and accolades in the Federation Starfleet the same as he would in the Gorn military.

The Gorn High command accepted this as being the honorable approach to what Goranaar saw as an untenable situation.

His time in Starfleet has been highly educational for himself and for others as he has sent information back to his kin, however, when Goranaar wants to send information, he sees his Commanding Officer first to get their blessing before he does. His kin has been using what he's sent back for use in their own commands, they have begun using Federation methods in addition to their own, it has been something of a change but a good one for the Gorn.

Goranaar has remained in Starfleet, feeling he has so much more to learn from them, which he feels could only help his own people become closer to the Federation. he has become something of a local hometown hero to the younger generations.

He is also highly respected in Starfleet too, he's shown time and again that he's willing to do things the Starfleet way and not the usual Gorn punishments, for example, his service on the USS Toronto continues to reflect his unusual but successful style.
Service Record Gorn Military Career:
Hegemony Naval Academy - Goranar, 249 Delta Lyrae
2338 to 2341 - Officer training
Student One - Three

GHS Hammer of the Gods - Gorn Battleship
2341 to 2343 - Tactical Officer
Junior Ranger / Ranger Second Class

GHS Defender of the Faith - Gorn Large Battleship
2343 to 2345 - Tactical Officer
Ranger Second Class / Ranger 1st Class

GHS Protector - Gorn Heavy Cruiser
2345 to 2347 - Command Officer
Senior Ranger / Junior Shipmaster

GHS Armageddon's Arrows - Gorn Battleship
2347 to 2350 - Command Officer
Junior Shipmaster / Shipmaster

GHS Unyielding Sword - Gorn Battleship
2350 to 2365 - Command Officer
Shipmaster / Senior Shipmaster

Federation officer Exchange Program - 2350 to Present Day

Starfleet Service.
Starfleet ROTC - Vega IX, VEGA
January - April 2365

USS Royal Sovereign - Excelsior Class
2366 to 2369 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 3rd Class / Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Empress of India - Excelsior Class
2369 to 2373 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 2nd Class / Petty Officer 1st Class

USS Repulse - Excelsior Class
2373 to 2377 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class

USS Ramillies - Excelsior Class
2377 to 2381 - Chief of the Boat
Petty Officer 1st Class / Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Resolution - Galaxy Class
2381 to 2384 - Chief of the Boat
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Royal Oak - Sovereign Class
2384 to 2388 - Chief of the Boat
Senior Chief Petty Officer / Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Toronto - Luna II Class
2388 to 2391 - Chief of the Boat
Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Rawalpindi - Vesta Class
2391 to Present Day - Chief of the Boat
Master Chief Petty Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
Gorn Millitary Service:
2338 to 2341 - Student One - Three
2341 to 2343 - Junior Ranger
2343 to 2344 - Ranger Second Class
2344 to 2345 - Ranger First Class
2346 to 2347 - Senior Ranger
2347 to 2350 - Junior Shipmaster
2350 to 2356 - Shipmaster
2356 to 2356 - Senior Shipmaster

Federation officer Exchange Program - 2350 to Present Day

Starfleet Service:
January - April 2365 - Cadet Recruit
2366 to 2368 - Petty Officer 3rd Class
2369 to 2370 - Petty Officer 2nd Class
2370 to 2377 - Petty Officer 1st Class
2377 to 2384 - Senior Chief Petty Officer
2384 to Present Day - Master Chief Petty Officer