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Lieutenant Commander Kaitlin Nesbitt

Name Kaitlin Nesbitt

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32
Birthdate March 4th, 2361

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with a willowy figure, generally good looking, she sometimes wears her hair short as she will sometimes often fly flight simulators on the holosuite. Mostly to keep her skills sharp but she can also double as a combat fighter pilot should one be needed.


Spouse Lt Commander Tan'ato Tejera - Executive Officer, USS Manticore
Children None
Father Ty Nesbitt - Civilian
Mother Angel Nesbitt - Civilian
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Several others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaitlin Nesbitt was rather distinctive as she stood in at ujust shy of six foot, being 5'10 in height and massing at a hundred and sixty pounds. Facing off against this woman would be a daunting prospect. Nesbitt also is easy to deal with, she can be reasoned with and is able to calm down when angered, also she doesn't lose her temper easily or often either but when she does, she can become a frighteningly destructive force to be reckoned with.

Nesbitt tends to prefer things as simple as possible, she likes being prepared for anything and everything. This attitude has has served her well repeatedly as she has fought in several of the Federations most bloody battles, she has a dark side to her personality which she uses to her advantage in battle many times. It has saved her life in the process. Also Nesbitt has earned her flight Wings, she stays in shape by flying shuttles, runabouts and fighters when she can.

Nesbitt has a highly defined sense of right and wrong as she had no problems with defending those weaker then she is as she is lethal with any of her known implements of war. This is a woman who is no stranger to close quarters battle.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Nesbitt is many things. Reasonable and easy to get along with, she's pragmatic and easygoing. Nesbitt also operates well with others and can handle many tasks at once, she has an excellent sense of humor and can shrug off insults that would deeply offend others. She's methodical when assigned tasks, she is meticulous in her work as she will often check things several times in a short timeframe. Nesbitt is a true master of her craft. She is an engineering savant as she can make just about anything from nothing if given enough time.

Nesbitt tends to overwork herself and can get stretched easily with her various hobbies. At present its rebuilding an F-15K from scratch. When angered, she has a ferocious temper that a Klingon would admire and when use of deadly force is authorized, she has no qualms about using force to deal with her opposition but this is only after all other options have been exhausted.

Nesbitt is a woman who has no problems with death. In her ongoing struggle with the inherent chaos and strife in life, she has always tried to protect the weak and the innocent as she has tried to light the way for the lost and oppressed. This is both a strength and a weakness, both balancing each other out.
Ambitions To become a good commander to her crew, to earn their respect as a leader as well as serve as a source of inspiration for others.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman with little time for hobbies so she takes pleasure wherever she can find it, in a long soak in the tub or a good home cooked meal. She enjoys hanging out with her cats. If one needs her she's either in three places, at home, on duty in Engineering of in one of the Engineering Machine shops, dealing with her pet project. her Peregrine fighter. She's researching how to build an F-15K

Cooking, history in various forms, flying, making Holodeck programs for various people and events. various forms of combat training.

English, French and a smattering of words in other languages.

Personal History Kaitlin Nesbitt as she is listed on her birth certificate was born in New Leningrad on Alpha Centauri IV. November 9th, 2361 on the Terran calendar, in the capital city to Ty and Angel Nesbitt.

Kaitlin Nesbitt grew up as an only but cherished child and while she wanted for nothing, she also learned tolerance, respect and humility as grew up living on a paradise made so by the Federation in general and Starfleet in particular, this made Nesbitt appreciate Starfleet and as result she would choose her profession, Engineering with a side of Operations.

She entered Starfleet Academy when she was eighteen and proved herself a capable and diligent student, she excelled in classwork and theory and frequently scored extremely highly but often did poorly with Tactical so as it turned out she was good with her hands, she has taken extra tactical courses to cure her of these issues but she still replies on the computer for the bulk of her tactical work.

Nesbitt graduated with honors and was assigned as an operations officer on the USS Captain, one of the newer Akira class ships, it was here she discovered an interest in older Terran aircraft and spacecraft, after helping to restore an old F/A 335 Peregrine class Starfighter with several others which they then sold to a private collector an a rather decent sum which Nesbitt split between her team equally.

Nesbitt was promoted before being transferred from the USS Captain over to the USS America who was apparently on her last tour of duty which ended in 2388 with her scrapping, her assignment here was relatively educational but uneventful.

After her assignment to the USS America, she was promoted and assigned as the Chief Engineer of the newly commissioned USS Oberon. She found the assignment to be a very nice change of pace, of course it helped that she began dating the science officer who was a seven foot tall Orion male named Tan'ato Tejera. they kept their relationship subtle and causal to the point that most people missed even noticing that there was anything going on between the two.

He was reassigned about eight months after they had started dating after she had encouraged him to chase his career goals, he was posted to the USS Archon and she never expected to see him again but then she was promoted to Lt Commander and reassigned to the USS Manticore.

To Kaitlin Nesbitt's eternal surprise, she ran into Tan'ato Tejara again and their relationship is still alive and well despite having taken something of a knock from their lack of contact, however things have quickly improved between them, they recently got married.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth
2379 - 2383 - Engineering / Operations Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Captain - Akira Class
2383 to 2385 - Operations Officer

USS America - Nebula Class
2385 to 2388 - Engineer
Lieutenant JG

USS Oberon - Andromeda Class
2389 to 2390 - Engineer / Chief Engineer

USS Stalingrad - Guardian Class
2390 to 2392 - Chief Engineer

USS Manticore - Century Class
2392 to Present - Chief Engineering Officer
Lt Commander