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To Conquer Shattered Spirits - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 4:28pm by Commander Beth Woerner & Commander Derris Feraan & Lieutenant Commander Tan'ato Tejera & Lieutenant Commander Shorin Gal'jaridd & Lieutenant Commander Kaitlin Nesbitt & Lieutenant Tyla Shrikewing & Lieutenant Rtas "Halfjaw" 'Vadum'ee & Captain Tom Winters & Lieutenant Michael Nelson & Lieutenant Yoshi Kawagawa & Lieutenant Alanna Rehvick & Lieutenant JG Sarah Ashley & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Khatarr & Lieutenant Lenaris Marika

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Manticore
Timeline: 0835Hrs - August 237th, 2393

The doors opened at her approach as the massive human-looking female walked onto her bridge, she smiled. "Morning everyone." as she noted that she was among the last to arrive which was her prerogative but Commander Derris Feraan was not te average looking female of the species, she was also not even human either, she tended to wear skirts rather than pants and the dress sizes she needed tended to get into the ludicrous stages as everything was designed for females who were almost child-sized to her, something small to her would be too large for one of the other women among her staff which had led to some moments when comparing clothing sizes, which for Feraan tended to get aggravating as the Vrykul tended to need size fifty clothing.

It had all seemingly been resolved when Feraan had uploaded the Vrykul clothing sizes into the ship's database, once she did that, she found that her clothing started to fit a lot easier rather then her having to replicate a million articles of clothing, only to try it on and have it be too small for her. It was really aggravating and most days it showed too.

"Good morning skipper." the massive Orion male who was close to her own size, greeted her with a gentle nod of his head.

It was not often that Feraan could be intimidated but somehow this massive being before her was able to manage such a feat. Not for the first time, she wondered how could it be possible that Commander Kaitlin Nesbitt wasn't terrified of the man she had come to call her husband and mate. Feraan also knew that Tan'ato Tejara was planning on having children with his wife. "Good Morning Number one, Sleep well?" the Vrykul inquired of the Orion with a gentle smile on her lips.

"It was pleasant enough, Finding a mate has been most rewarding for me Captain, you should try it sometime," Tan'ato responded in an even tone of voice, his tone almost never changed when he was speaking to people so it was often hard to tell if he was excited or not, angry or not.

"I had not considered it. But if she makes you happy Tan'ato, then I am happy that you are happy." The Vrykul explained evenly and in an easy tone of voice.

"It could always be worse right?" a male Caitian voice commented evenly as Command Master Chief Petty Officer Khatarr tapped the display on the replicator a grand total of six times, his drink appeared and he liberated the glass before anyone could stop him. "Ahhh, the nectar of the gods..." as he proceeded to drink the entire contents of the glass in one go. The male Caitian then recycled the glass and ordered himself a second. This one he would savor as he ambled on over to his station, where he sat down.

Feraan was amused with the Caitian male's routine, the smile on her face said as much too. "Master Chief, has anyone said that you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh yes, Captain, all the time," Khataar answered with a rather wide grin. "Why?"

"Oh, no reason," Feraan answered softly. "I wish I had your level of enthusiasm. Considering what Command tried to do to this ship last year..."

Lieutenant Yoshi Kawagawa winced. "I try not to remmeber the event in question skipper. Starfleet tried to-" he stopped himself right at the last second from saying something incredibly stupid.

The turbolift doors opened and out emerged a Bolian female wearing a medical jacket and a dour look on her face. "Morning skipper, I got two medical cases from that brawl in the lounge last night," she commented. "The rest were dealt with and either sent to the brig or presently awaiting your pleasure," she commented.

Feraan smiled as a mental image of herself sitting on a throne being served by all fifteen of the felons in question, she dismissed it as she regarded the Bolian. "Very well. Let's have Tyla bring them to the ready room, one at a time and I will deal with them..." the massive female spoke quietly, her good cheer evaporating faster than a snowball that had been left in Vulcan's forge.

Doctor Gal'jaridd nodded her head "It'll be done." as she tapped her combadge. "Gal'jaridd to Shrikewing?"

A female voice came back. "Go ahead, Doctor?"

"Bring them to the Captain's Ready room, they will wait the queen's justice." The Bolian explained her call in as few terms as possible.

Feraan rose to her feet as Lieutenant Alanna Rehvick who spoke up as she turned to face the massive female behind her. "We're picking up a distress call Captain."

Feraan turned to Woerner, her much smaller limbed Executive officer. "Would you mind handling the mast?. I need to tend to this."

"Consider it handled skipper." the Frenchwoman almost purred while she said it.

Feraan nodded her head. "Put the distress call through El-Tee. Let's hear it."

The Bajoran -looking human nodded her assent to the idea. Suddenly a burst of static softly crackled over the com system before a man's voice came over the speakers. "Mayday, mayday, this is Colonel Anthony Raynor, Our ship has been hijacked by Starfleet traitors, we require urgent assistance. Repeat, the Solemn Pennance has been seized by hos-"was as far as he got before a rather loud and intense burst of static cut off what he was saying.

Woerner narrowed her eyes as she considered it. "Helm, can you locate them?"

Lieutenant Michael Nelson tapped the display once. "The distress call is on a broadband frequency but I traced it back along with a heading of twenty-two marks one sixty-one Commander... Distance six light-years." the human male explained evenly.

"Very well. lay in the course and engage at warp nine..." Feraan paused as the massive female rose to her feet. "Number one, shall we?" she said to the small Frenchwoman beside her.

"We shall make these people who like brawling wait the queen's justice." as Woerner followed her into the ready room, Lieutenant Shrikewing smiled. "Alright you guys, one at a time, form up in a line and her highness will deal with you all."


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