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Protection from Protons - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 5:11pm by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Admiral Jake Yamaguchi & Division Admiral Thomas Lasky & Master Chief Petty Officer James 'The Grey Ghost' Hunt & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Commodore Jordan Borodin & Post Captain Tirothyn R’Shav & Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD & Department Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen "Orthos" McKnight & Post Captain Harmon 'Hammer' Rabb, Junior. & Post Captain Hannah Mueller & Post Captain Heris Dvald & Post Captain Vasily Borodin & Post Captain Tirion Fordring & Director Tienn Gyce

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1400Hrs - August 237th, 2393

The meeting had been called for the large Admiral's briefing area which was usually reserved for meetings with up to a dozen people. Fleet Captain Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx was sitting on the sofa with Admiral Jake Yamaguchi seated next to her. All of the personel who had been called were still dribbling in, the door closed just as the last person walked through the door. "Alright, now that we're all here..." Fleet Admiral Heather Duval commented. "Let's do this. This meeting was called to address the news of the mutiny that recently had taken place aboard the Heavy Carrier, USS Solemn Pennance, due to recent events, we need to sit on this and keep it from leaking to the media," she explained.

Yamaguchi paused. "That won't be easy, considering the recent events as you said." he regarded Duval as he spoke. "I assume we're also discussing what to do with the mutineers and the like?" he inquired.

Captain Mueller nodded. "In der Tat ... Es wird ein ziemliches Spektakel," she said but what everyone else heard was. "Indeed... It will be quite the spectacle." she slowly smiled. "Ich denke, ich werde mich mit diesem Haufen Scheiße amüsieren, den jemand vergessen hat, aufzuräumen und sich selbst zu sortieren," she stated but again, the translator said. "I think I am going to enjoy myself with this pile of shit that someone forgot to clean up and sort out themselves."

Gyce sighed softly. "This investigation could not have come at a worse time, we're still dealing with that terror attack recently which claimed those two senators."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs sighed softly, she was still having to deal with the more serious ramifications of the matter with Duval helping to handle matters. "So we know what the issue was?"

Mueller dismissed the question with a wave of her hand, and an odd look on her face as if dismissing a rather large and serious irritant. "Es ist nicht wichtig. Wir Werden bald genug herausfinden was dieses Problem für Kinder ist," she explained but what everyone else present heard was. "It's not important. We will find out what this problem child's issue is, soon enough."

"What's the condition of the Solemn Pennance herself?" Captain Fordring inquired in a quiet tone of voice. "I imagine she's going to need time in the yard after this."

"From what we have been told, her damage is substantial but most of it is from internal issues rather than external ones. Mostly weapons fire that took down her shields and the like. Her warp drive was the greatest loss... " Heather Duval explained with a soft sigh. "This is going to be one heck of a mess to deal with..."

Dvald-Vaxx raised her hand and was recognized to speak a moment later. "What's the body count??" she asked as she shifted her position, ever so slightly, the small Bolian was known for fidgeting during long meetings, the excuse of this was that she had poor circulation but the truth was much more simple and basic, she got bored easily and hated long meetings as a result. Yamaguchi regarded the small Bolian seated next to him as all of these details went through his mind. "Three," he answered. "That we know of... The details are still coming out." Jake explained to the small Bolian female.

"Really?" Dvald-Vaxx answered. "That's something of a shock..." she added. "Don't they usually try to off the Captain in mutinies?"

"Sometimes, also depends on who the grievance is against... It could be officers who are doing stupid things or the government and something external to the crew of the ship itself." Yamaguchi explained evenly. "I did a little reading on the topic before we were called... I read up on the Spithead and Nore mutinies of seventeen ninety-seven, the Invergordon Mutiny of nineteen thirty-two and a few others," he explained.

"So, there will be a full investigation?" Commodore Jordan Borodin inquired. "Where will we put these problem children?"

"They will be based on a new facility we've placed on one of the southern islands, an almost inhospitable location, an island that's almost a million square kilometers with no infrastructure. If they wish to escape then they can... They will get nowhere." Gyce explained with a smile on her lips. "Not even my dogs could weasel their way out of this one."

"So, they'll stay there until we are prepared to try them for their crimes?" Orthos inquired with a smile.

"Indeed. We will ensure they are provided for and the like... Since they wished to reject the Federation, we will let them sit on a tropical island without access to any measure of Federation technology." Yamaguchi answered bluntly. "Jordan, you'll be looking after their well being, how you wish to do that, is up to you."

Borodin nodded her head. "Ja," she answered. "I will take care of the traitors..." she answered. "In the Soviet Union, we knew how to deal with traitors... But I will ensure they are alive to face their punishment."

Duval regarded her audience as she paused a moment. "Alright, we need to give JAG and SCIS time to look into these matters, I expect them to be very serious... Gyce, Rabb. I want you to look after the matter before us, do your magic and let's get this sorted out." she explained. "Tirion, bring in the Solemn Pennance and see how bad her damage is, then provide for her." she turned to the tall Bolian. "Heris, look after and see to the needs of her crew, and mage arrangements for them." she turned her attention to Celeste and then Siaxx. "Celeste, Siaxx, Tirothyn. Prepare quarters for the crew, either here or planetside, whichever works... I want the investigation to proceed quietly and smoothly." she paused. "Tom, you'll look after the usual and for the next several months. I am going to add the Solemn Penance to your command for training reasons... But keep an eye on her crew, make sure no unexpected surprises pop up at us." she paused. "I'll clear the last part with Paul Emerson... If I have to, I'll assign him a new carrier for the duration."

Lasky nodded. "Consider the Solemn Penance handled Admiral." he then slowly smiled as Duval turned to Vasily Borodin. "As for you, I'd like you to keep an eye on the media presence in this area. You'll buy us the time to deal with this mess without a media circus. I don't care how you do it, I just want it done... We will release a statement to the effect of alerting the media that something has taken place, we will give statements and information to them in a controlled manner... Except it'll be released at the Palais de Concorde, on Earth and not here." Duval then slowly smiled. "Alright... Any questions.?" the sixty-year-old female inquired.

There was silence so she decided it was time to end the meeting. "Thank you, everyone, for coming, dismissed." and with that, she rose to her feet, the same as everyone else as the meeting was concluded.


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