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Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD

Name Siaxx Karris "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD

Position Executive Officer

Rank Fleet Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 49 (Should be 41 due to temporal event)
Birthdate September 16th, 2352

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color None - Bolian
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Siaxx is rather moderately built but she works out quite often in the gym, this is why she has muscular arms and legs, it is also reflected in her uniform choice for the skirt and a tank top with the undershirt whenever possible, its designed to impress and to intimidate, she is a small woman and does what she does to warn would be threats to her person that she is not to be trifled with.

Due to recent events, Siaxx has leaned out and lost a fair bit of muscle mass due to being stranded for eight years on an alien planet.
Also Siaxx is pregnant and is due on or about the 2nd of March, 2394


Spouse Master Chief Chen Vaxx - Senior Science Enlisted, Starbase Vanguard
Children Herar Dvald-Vaxx - Son (Fourteen years old)
Ma'haat Dvald-Vaxx - Son (Thirteen years old)
Xiral Dvald-Vaxx - son (Eleven years old - Twins)
Zhan Dvald-Vaxx - son (Eleven years old - Twins)
Heraxx Dvald-Vaxx - Son (A year old)
Torilla Dvald-Vaxx - Daughter (Unborn)
Galiaan Dvald-Vaxx - Daughter (Unborn)
Father Shonax Dvald - Head of Czerka Corporation
Mother Commander Sohnaxx Dvald - Chief Medical Officer - USS Stalingrad
Brother(s) Captain Lenaris Dvald
Chief Petty Officer Ranav Grenix - Married to: Heris
Lt Commander Drass Veldama - Married to: Theris
Sister(s) Division Admiral Rhaenys "Nighthawk" Dvald
Captain Heris Dvald
Commander Theris Dvald-Veldama
Lt Commander Daenerys 'Darkmoon' Festlin
Commander Lakaris Dvald - Married to: Lenaris
Other Family See Dvald Family Tree in the Wiki

Shonax - Bengal Male
Dora - German Shepard - Gone with Phoenix
Theris - Margay Female - Released to a Wildlife Sanctuary on New Holland
Sohnaxx - Margay Female - Released to a Wildlife Sanctuary on New Holland

Personality & Traits

General Overview Siaxx is generally easygoing, she is able to remain professional in the direst of circumstances and is able to handle herself in a fight, she was taught how to fight by Vice Admiral Jake Yamaguchi when they served together on the USS Courageous and her combat style was refined by Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi as the two women spent time together after Rachael was Born.

She is well trained in general medicine believing the best approach was to be a generalist rather then a specialist, that said she is highly skilled in many areas.

Siaxx also is highly skilled in survivalist strategies and skills like foraging, tracking and general hunting, she's also adept at the messier side of camp life such as skinning and gutting corpses of her prey. Siaxx has also come to call Rachael and many of the other Yamaguchi's as family to her. Torilla is her sister while Rachael is her daughter and Saki is her granddaughter.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Her composure under fire has won her three separate commendations and a promotion as she is usually more reserved than most medical officers, even in the face of near-certain death, she prefers to rely on her skills and strengths and will sometimes face her weaknesses in battle.

She also went to command school, thinking it would help her career so she attained the nickname of 'Ironhide' from one of the instructors as she would load up on excessive amounts of work, also her work ethic was borderline nuts as she worked hard for hours, far in excess of the normal required and since the instructor was a fan of old 20th century cartoons, she was gifted with the callsign of 'Echo'

Weaknesses: Siaxx has a very hard time accepting compliments for her looks, she tends to take them poorly due to a self-confidence issue.
Ambitions To be a good mother to her children. A good spouse to her mate and a good officer in Starfleet, all in that order.
Siaxx takes the wellbeing of her children very seriously. She will always have events and activities planned for her family.
Hobbies & Interests Oceanology, Sailing, flying, Para-sailing, Martial arts training, Orbital skydiving, camping. Medical related literature. This is a woman who will try anything once.

Personal History Siaxx Dvald was born in Twenty three fifty-two as the youngest of four children, she was also the most intelligent in a family of Doctors and as a result, she was the most gifted. Rhaenys, however, went into Starfleet intelligence as what happened on Bounty was deeply destructive to her.

She quickly followed the rest of her siblings into Starfleet as Starfleet was mobilizing to face off against the Dominion threat which while she was at the academy, she came face to face with the ugliness of paranoia and hysteria.

She joined the academy in twenty-three seventy at the age of eighteen, the Bolian age when one became an adult was age sixteen. Rhaenys went with her at the same time, the two women got a deeply personal education in many things when in the middle of the night two security officers barged into her room she shared with her roommate and they were given a blood-screening, needless to say, once all the issues were sorted out, she smashed one of the guards noses flat and she broke the leg of the other one before her roommate was able to calm her down.

Siaxx's weapon of choice had been a wooden chair and her fist, needless to say, this angry Bolian was going to the lockup to cool off for the night, the morning guard did not help her mood any with some rather lewd comments, she growled at him but said little else.

The Commander of her quad asked her when she was released if she was in the wrong job because they expected the Medical Officers to be the cool and calm ones under fire, her response was simple "Before they call for their mothers, husbands or wives, they call me and I will always come for them." she responded bluntly. "Do not barge into my room in the middle of the night unless you want my fist or the pointy end of my boot in your face."

Cadet Dvald was sent back to her quad and thankfully the rest of her time at the academy was less than eventful but a year after arriving thanks to casualties, she was quietly graduated along with her entire class and sent to the front lines to replace fallen troops.

Siaxx's education was cut short as she was sent off to the front lines after three one year at the academy and her first assignment was the USS Dauntless were she distinguished herself not by saving lives but by taking lives, a half dozen Jem'Hadar in all as she saved a dozen of her crewmates, two who had been shot and were bleeding out, she was able to save one but she lost the second when he took his own life rather than watch her struggle with the choice as he said. "Save him, I will wait for you in the hereafter," he said it to her in her native tongue.

She ensured that the others, as well as the body of Lieutenant junior grade Heraxx Shon, was recovered by the Dauntless, she later found out that the man had feelings for her, he never told her even though they had come through the academy together. she found out in a letter he had sent to her personal database before going on the mission. Around the same time, she became friends with Lieutenant Torilla Yamaguchi as she was Shon's boss, the two bonded because of their shared experiences in the early part of the war.

The choice broke her heart as Dvald's rage slowly took hold and as each battle and fight she was in went by one by one, she found herself getting ever angrier until she requested a transfer.

This was granted as she felt she could no longer operate on the USS Dauntless, the ship held far too many memories and thus she went to her next assignment, the USS F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the few Galaxy-class Dreadnoughts that were commissioned by Starfleet. It was here where Siaxx Dvald would meet the Bolian would become her future husband and would grace her with eventually six children over the years. Here she remained while the ship was under the command of a Tellerite make named Rojas Ketobdarr, his tenure as Commanding Officer lasted two years and was replaced by a human male named Gaius Reyf. The last name was pronounced as 'Wraith'

This Captain would go on to command the Fitzgerald for nine years before being promoted to Rear Admiral, he encouraged his crew to be better and do better than anyone else. His crew quickly came to respect him.... in time they would come to love him too. Siaxx was no different as she found in Reyf the strength and the courage to lead his people and share their hardships, successes, and failures rather than just command them. Around the same time, she got married to her boyfriend right as she was about to give birth to their first child, several over children would follow over the next few years with Herar, her eldest, coming along in 2379. Dvald became known as Dvald-Vaxx as she decided to take her husbands name as her own in addition to her own when he told her he wished only one mate, her.

Siaxx would quickly come to regard Reyf as a father figure as she would develop her various skills including a few not seen on a medical chart as she got the chance to flex her muscles a few times, haggling with merchants on non-aligned worlds and leading away teams. Once she leads her third away team out of a trap and resulting firefight, she began to realize she had a taste for command and she was also good at it too. Earning herself a commendation for original thinking.

Reyf would recommend her for command school and so it was with some trepidation that she packed her bags and left the USS F. Scott Fitzgerald for the USS Courageous as that ship's new Chief Medical Officer.

Siaxx would come to learn and appreciate the finer points of combat under the tutelage of Captain Jake Yamaguchi as she went from a novice in the martial art styles of an orange level belt in less than eighteen months as Siaxx followed the discipline of the Captain, in that time frame she became his favored student as she showed great promise. It was here she was reunited with Torilla, the two women would often babysit each others kids.

in Early 2386, she was transferred from the USS Courageous for the next year's command school class intake of 2387. She did well in command school graduating 32nd of a class of three hundred some students but rather than go into command right away, she decided she wanted to work on it and ease herself into it slowly.

Siaxx was offered command of the USS Valorous, a newly commissioned Century-class starship and while she accepted, she felt that she was not ready for an assignment so she took each day as it came, in the end, she bloomed as she settled into her assignment as master and commander of this vessel. Siaxx greatly relished her assignment to this ship as her commanding officer, even if she did not hold the rank of Captain.

It all came crashing down after a massive bar brawl saw her getting illegally demoted and stripped of her command, she was busted back to Lieutenant and she very nearly resigned her commission in her outrage as Fleet Admiral Michael Bremer was eager to protect his Klingon mercenaries from any damages that could bring attention to their activities on the Starbase.

Lieutenant Siaxx Dvald was then assigned to Starbase 400 as one of their medical officers because they had had a shortage rather than be assigned to her choice assignment, the USS Sword of Andor, a new Andromeda class Starship which was newly commissioned. Frustrated with her situation and the lack of anything from Starfleet security regarding her situation only pissed off the Bolian.

She then became involved with Major Jill ' Phoenix' Sullivan due to them spending some quality time together after a minor mishap to her bionic arm in the gym, she was also assigned to help shakedown the USS Yorktown, a mission that was originally supposed to be dull but its turning into a mission that was very interesting.

The computer gained self-awareness thanks to a fluke of events and circumstances but the AI sacrificed itself to save the ship but not before undergoing mitosis and giving birth to two copies of itself, one of which was uploaded onto the Federation's com network and the second went over to Starbase 400's mainframe before likewise uploading itself into the Federations comms network.

Two weeks after the mission to shakedown the USS Yorktown, she requested reassignment due to problems that had occurred between her and the Commanding Officer of the Yorktown, her reasons were several and various. Dvald's request was granted , but she was assigned to the USS Roanoke.

Since reporting aboard the Roanoke, she had not adjusted well to the crew of misfits and malcontents aboard her and as a result, she has become darker and meaner to just about everyone in life.

On the home front, her life has gone from strength to strength as she has helped Phoenix to be able to overtime their mutual issues with each other, though it took a good screaming match with Commander Torilla Yamaguchi to accomplish most of the groundwork.

Siaxx went home later that evening to find Phoenix getting it on with Lt Commander Jacen Saint, this only enraged her further but rather then go commit homicide, she changed the sheets and went to bed, in the morning she and Phoenix were able to work their differences out.

Recently Siaxx has acquired a stray cat which she named 'Shonax' after her father, a Bengal Male who was something of a stray when the fighters that were assigned to make up the new second wing aboard the Roanoke were delivered, most contained animals as nobody bothered to inspect them prior to delivery.

So Siaxx acquired a cat while Phoenix acquired a puppy, needless to say, Siaxx was a very happy woman. The relationship she has with Phoenix has grown stronger and while the two were taking a short one day vacation on the beaches of New Holland, Phoenix proposed and Siaxx accepted.

Siaxx despises all forms of drugs, recreational and hardened because they leave her feeling out of control, in the incident which became nicknamed 'the Klingon Hooch Incident' and later 'The First Pineapple Incident.' Siaxx proceeded to mate with two people back to back, one of them being twice her size and needless to say, the experience was one she would never forget as it was extremely painful.

Ensign Kam Raaboba tried to slander her to Admiral Houges, trying to get her accused of malpractice and as a result, she nearly committed suicide, Phoenix intervened at the last moment.

She has found serving with Ensign Billy-Bob Hogan to be acceptable but the real prize was then-Ensign Elizabeth Yamaguchi, eldest daughter of her close friend, then Commander Torilla Yamaguchi.

Her hopes turned sour when Elizabeth found out that Zara was sleeping with Torilla but it wasn't what it seemed, Zara Tane was helping Torilla Yamaguchi come to terms with a tragic event in her life, needless to say, Elizabeth's reaction was violent and sadistic in the extreme.

Siaxx was deeply disappointed in her new officer's actions but she decided not to reprimand her for it, she decided to let her mother and Captain Tane deal with it.

One night a few days later, Siaxx's entire life came apart in a cataclysm of unbelievable proportions when Phoenix was arrested in the middle of the night, calling Siaxx's reaction over the top was putting it gently as she kidnapped the Captain and proceeded to threaten her not once but several times. As a result, Captain Tane relieved her of duty and suspended her license. Everything that had happened to Siaxx in the last year all snowballed into one and the Bolian has since developed an extreme hatred for the Trill woman ever since.

Siaxx's reaction was muted as Phoenix tried to reassure her that everything would be alright, in that time frame however a Virus broke out aboard ship.

The Roanoke would lose her computer core and about forty or so of her crew but considering the fact that this was a bio-weapon, it brought Siaxx down to her lowest point when she realized that she had become what she most hated.

A few weeks later, she was asked to attend a medical conference on Meezan Four, Rachael, and a few others would attend along with her but en-route back. their runabout went missing and it would take Roanoke a month to recover her missing people.

Siaxx ended up stranded for eight years on a planet the away team had come to nickname 'Yeneer G1' as they nicknamed the star, the other planets and the gas giant orbiting overhead.

About five months into the mishap, Siaxx helped Rachael Yamaguchi deliver her child and she also helped raise Saki alongside her friend. Also, she was rescued from dying by a lone Wulgarish who was also alone.

Siaxx and Greywolf became friends, he also took the time to teach her his language and as a result, the two of them bonded as she became part of his pack, he grated the status to her, Rachael and Saki as well. However, Siaxx was the one that took the honor extremely seriously to such a degree that it changed aspects of her personality.

Siaxx felt such a strong kinship with this lone wolf-man that she wanted to keep him company, she almost felt love for him as she came to be known as 'Little Bluemoon' by him, it was something she took very much to heart.

He was dying and she knew it so he saw to it that Siaxx and her group would have all the support he could give them when he finally died about five years into their mishap, it broke Siaxx's heart.

Siaxx followed Greywolf's people's customs to the letter after swearing to him on his deathbed that she would bring him and his mate home to their people or that she would die to try. She gave her the last of his things and his companion in life, Halftalon, one of the predator Orobirds.

About six months later, Siaxx would be reunited with her mate, Phoenix and she shared the stories with her intended. Siaxx had become a different woman as a result of her experiences on Yeneer but it remained to be seen how this affects her going forward.

One result of this was after the rescue. Siaxx found herself dealing with more of the bar-fights and the like from the Green Dragon, she found herself getting dragged into dealing with a lot of stupid crap, she found her stress levels going back up as a result of these events.

One thing that's greatly helped Siaxx recently was receiving news that both of her parents rejoined Starfleet, her father reenlisted and her mother got her commission back, both were assigned to the USS Stalingrad, two days later Siaxx and Phoenix finally tied the knot together with Siaxx's family showing up at the last moment for the wedding.

The end of the mission to Tarod saw several changes in Siaxx's life, the hanger deck fire in which Phoenix almost died, she lost her artificial limb and while Siaxx struggled to cope with the changing situation aboard the USS Roanoke. Siaxx was offered Executive Officer aboard the USS Tranquility and she accepted.

Siaxx decided to move, her kitty and Aryssa over to the USS Tranquility, her time as the Executive officer of the USS Tranquility was rather short, however as she quickly found herself commanding the Tranquility. At the beginning of 2392. Siaxx was promoted back to the rank of Commander as she settled in to command the USS Tranquility, her first real command wearing red rather than blue, however, she has the option so she will sometimes exercise it.

After the loss of the USS Tranquillity in battle. Siaxx was promoted to command the USS Manticore but she failed a physic evaluation, this caused her issues to snowball into one massive issue that now can't be addressed because of its sheer size. Around the same time, her husband, Chen Vaxx who told her he had stuck in adoption papers for her youngest son, around the same time. Siaxx realized that the only way she could escape from the madness threatening to consume her whole was to escape. She made plans to resign her commission but due to the intervention of various people. Siaxx was assigned to an administration posting on Starbase 12 where she remained for nine months, her husband was persuaded to remain in Starfleet and her children came with her to the starbase.

in early 2393, Siaxx was offered the posting of Colonial Liasion officer while based on Starbase Vanguard, but with the rank of Captain. Siaxx instantly accepted and once again, she and her family went off to their new home. Upon her arrival, Siaxx was contacted and informed that her demotion from Commander to Lieutenant back in '89 was illegal and that her service record would be adjusted to account for this. Siaxx understood that this now made her eligible for a flag rank should she desire said rank, she indicated that she did and Chen indicated that this would change her destiny and her fate but he also said that he was behind her in whatever she did. A couple of months after her rank issue was resolved. Siaxx took over as Executive officer of the Starbase, more surprises would soon follow as Siaxx's plan to have a daughter was completed and Siaxx became pregnant with twin girls.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2370 to 2373 - Medical Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Dauntless - Galaxy Class
2373 to 2376 - Medical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS F. Scott Fitzgerald - Galaxy Class Dreadnought
2376 to 2384 - Medical Officer - Assistant Chief Medical Officer.
Lieutenant JG / Commander

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2384 to 2386 - Chief Medical Officer

Command School - Earth, SOL
2386 to 2387 - Command Student.

USS Valorous - Century Class
2387 to 2389 - Commanding Officer

Starbase 400 - Ournal I Class
2389 - 2390 - Medical Officer with Command School Training.

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2390 - 2390 - Chief Medical Officer with Command School Training.
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Stranded on Yeneer G1 for Eight years

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2390 to August 2391 - Chief Medical Officer with Command School Training.
Lt Commander

USS Tranquility - Intrepid Class Medical Vessel
August 2391 to September 2392 - Executive / Commanding Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Manticore - Century Class
September to September 2392 - Commanding Officer (Five days)

Starbase 12 - Ournal III Class
October 2392 to May 2393 - Medical Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
May 2393 to Present - Colonial Liasion Officer / Executive Officer
Captain / Fleet Captain

Time of Promotions and Demotions:
2374 to 2375 - Ensign
2375 to 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2379 - Lieutenant
2379 to 2383 - Lt Commander
2383 to 2389 - Commander
2389 to 2390 - Lieutenant
2390 to 2392 - Lt Commander
2392 to 2393 - Commander
2393 to Present - Captain
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service Record:
2373 to 2375 - Ensign
2375 to 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2379 - Lieutenant
2379 to 2383 - Lt Commander
2383 to 2388 - Commander
2388 to 2393 - Captain
2393 to Present - Fleet Captain
Eligible for Commodore
Eligible for Division Admiral