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Fleet Admiral Heather Duval

Name Heather Duval

Position Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces, The Taurus Reach

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - Colonist
Age 61
Birthdate August 13th, 2332

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Black with Silver highlights
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Heather Duval is tall with a gentle willowy figure. She can still turn heads even at sixty.
She smiles easily and often.


Spouse Spouse: Enrique Duval - Civilian Bartender and Writer
Children Edmund Duval
Laurence Duval
Arlene Duval
Nadine Duval
Father James Duval - Deceased
Mother Mara Reynolds - Deceased
Brother(s) Sergeant Major Jeffery "The Mountain" Duval - Division Sergent Major - 19th Marine Division
Commander Ethan Duval - Commanding Officer, USS Gaarni
Sister(s) Captain T'Nae Duval - Commanding Officer - USS Coral Sea - Sister-in-Law
Other Family See the Duval entry in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Heather Duval is rather laid back and peaceful, she doesn't lose her temper easily or often. She has learned peace since she was a teenager.
She meditates easily and often. She is a follower of Zen. She also is very close to her spouse and her children and takes great interest in their lives, they reward her by letting her babysit for them, she spoils her grandchildren without mercy.!
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is pragmatic and easy to work with.

Weaknesses: She doesn't like having her time wasted
Ambitions To be the best grandmother to her grandkids, the best mother to her kids, the best spouse to her husband and the best leader for her people. All in that order.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who indulges her grandkids hobbies, she will spend time with them and spoil them rotten, her children know this, while they often do not like it, they do accept it.

Personal History Born in 2332. Heather Duval's earliest years were some of the most painful of her life as she and her younger sibling, Jeffery both watched their mother die from Sakuro's disease which at the time still had no cure, it left the two of them heartbroken and devastated by age fourteen, her fight was long and it was brutal for all concerned, the effect left their father a gibbering wreck of a man who died a couple of years after her, his death was as long and as dragged out as their mothers was, leaving Heather and Jeffery alone with Heather herself to look after her sibling.

Heather decided to apply herself and she went off to join Starfleet while her younger brother who had no outlet for his endless rage, he decided to join the Marines after getting into a fight with half the school football team, granted he got his ass kicked but he put over a dozen of them in the infirmary so the base medical officer recommended that Jeff consider the Marines.

Jeff instantly saw the ideals of the Marines as a place for his to grow and make something of himself and thus motivated, he gave it his best shot as he quickly enlisted right out of high school and was accepted.

Heather encouraged Jeff to be himself and always be loyal to himself, his family and then his friends, all in that order but he had been very close to their parents and their deaths had broken him far more so than Heather herself.

This is a woman who had been there and sees it all, from the first shot to last in a half dozen major wars the Federation had fought since twenty-three fifty when she joined Starfleet as an Engineer where she could apply herself. She waited until Jeff was set up in boot camp before she herself began to move on with her career as she was accepted into Starfleet Academy and off she went, never losing touch with her brother.

Heather's time at the academy was relatively educational for her, here she had a support net of personnel and friends she could turn to for help with her problems and now, with her friends about her, she could finally mature into a strong-willed and confident young woman.

She graduated and was assigned to the USS Lakota, before spending the usual time being assigned to various bases and starships, never seriously getting into any relationships until one found her. One of the bartenders of the third assignment she was on was able to get through to her and make her see that she was missing out. The two began dating and while it was a casual and gentle affair, it awakened something in Heather that she thought had died with her parents. The fact that she blamed herself for what had happened.

Once she realized this, she was able to work through it and within a year after she started dating Enrique Fernandez, the two got married, he took her last name as his own rather than her taking his name.

Heather Duval thought it was a rather romantic gesture as he liked her name better than his own, several months later she became pregnant with their first child. She would go on to have four children in the end. Their names were Edmund and Laurence while her daughters were named Arlene and Nadine.

Heather was finally promoted to Captain, thus earning her own command, the USS Guardian, the first Galaxy-class starship to bear the name and it was here where she fought the Dominion War, first shot to last before she earned her promotion to Commodore and later Rear Admiral. In 2391 she was offered command of the Tenth Fleet and she accepted. Two years later, Heather was offered the posting of Commanding Officer of all Starfleet forces in the Taurus Reach, while it was a good distance from the center of the Federation, she accepted and off she went, her husband went with her.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2351 - 2355 - Engineering Studies
Cadet One / Four

USS Lakota - Excelsior Refit Class
2355 to 2359 - Engineer
Ensign / Lieutenant

USS Berlin - Excelsior Class
2359 to 2361 - Chief Engineer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Starbase 133 - Ournal II Class
2361 to 2364 - Second Officer / Chief Engineer
Lt Commander

Starbase 217 - Ournal II Class
2364 to 2367 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Guardian - Galaxy Class
2367 to 2384 - Commanding Officer
Captain / Vice Admiral

Starbase 14 - Ournal II Class
2384 to 2391 - Commanding Officer, Second Tactical Wing, the Eleventh Fleet / Executive Officer, the Eleventh Fleet
Vice Admiral / Fleet Admiral

Starbase Lya Station Alpha - Ournal III Class
2391 to 2393 - Commanding Officer of the Tenth Fleet
Fleet Admiral

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces in the Taurus Reach
Fleet Admiral

Service Record and Promotions
2351 to 2355 - Cadet One / Four
2355 to 2356 - Ensign
2356 to 2358 - Lieutenant JG
2358 to 2360 - Lieutenant
2360 to 2363 - Lt Commander
2363 to 2367 - Commander
2367 to 2372 - Captain
2372 to 2378 - Commodore
2378 to 2382 - Rear Admiral
2382 to 2386 - Vice Admiral
2386 to 2391 - Admiral
2391 to Present - Fleet Admiral