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Department Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen "Orthos" McKnight

Name Stephen Edward "Orthos" McKnight

Position Command Chief of the Taurus Reach

Rank Department Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 68

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 240lbs
Hair Color Light Brown with streaks of Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Stephen McKnight is a powerhouse, while over sized and sports a athletic build. he is exceptionally strong and has has excellent stamina, he's tall and while not overly beefy, he's got a lean and physical build that many find rather deceptive as he's in excellent physical health, his real power is in his mind


Spouse Major Daisy Rohr-McKnight, Battalion Commander, Starbase Vanguard (47)
Children Vanessa's Children: First Marriage
Captain Iason McKnight - Commanding Officer, USS New France
Married to: Lt Commander Heather McKnight - Chief Engineer - USS New France

Commander Darren McKnight - CMO - USS Babylon
Married to: Lt Commander Jessica McKnight - Chief Conn - USS Babylon

Lt Colonel Sarah McKnight - Marines, Starbase 185
Married to: Senior Chief Petty Officer Travis Longfield

Lieutenant Marie McKnight - Chief Ops - USS Thunderchild
MCWO John McDermot - Medical Officer - USS Thunderchild

MCWO Julia McKnight - Special Ops CO - USS Vikrant
Married to: Lt Commander Travis Rivers - Chief Medical Officer - USS Vikrant

Daisy's Children: Second Marriage
Edward Rohr-McKnight
T'Sara Rohr-McKnight

Additional Children:
Lieutenant Melody Yamaguchi-McKnight
Father Colonel James McKnight - Deceased
Mother Fleet Admiral T'Sara McKnight - Commanding Officer, 5th Fleet
Brother(s) Captain Daniel 'Karass' McKnight - Commanding Officer - USS Dreamcrusher
Commander István 'Archos' McKnight - Unassigned
Iason McKnight - Civilian Engineer - New Berlin Shipyard
Captain Jacob McKnight - Commanding Officer, USS Thunderor - Brother in law - Married to: Jennifer McKnight
Sister(s) Captain Jennifer "Karax" McKnight - Chief Manufacturing Officer, USS Valhalla
Jessica McKnight - Schoolteacher - Mars
Heather McKnight - Combat Instructor - Mars
Other Family See McKnight Family Tree in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orthos has a rather laid back personality and is always ready with a world weary bon-mot of a joke or a word of encouragement for support.

He's always the first in and the last out, wanting to do whatever it takes for his brothers and sisters. He's generally got a good work ethic and is easy to coexist with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Likeable, easy to get on with and easy to co-exist with, on duty he'll work long hours and will often take meal breaks at his post, he has no problems staying focused until someone mentions his now dead wife. He also likes to remain focused on his work while at work.

He's a new father so one can expect him to want to spend time with his son, it motivates him to be a better person.

Weaknesses: When off duty he generally prefers to be left alone. He's a private man who's grief left him somewhat unable to get along with crowds. He's a quiet guy and has often been through of as not caring about anyone or anything, he has not gone out of his way to cure these rumors.

Also he doesn't tolerate glory seeking or macho chest thumping by anyone. He can become distracted when his young children are the subject of conversation.
Ambitions At present none, he has everything he wants, now he's just looking to finish his career so he can retire in the next few years, also he wants to raise his young children and do it well.
Hobbies & Interests reading, general research into various subjects, painting, watching old movies, making holoprograms. combat training, flying and cooking

Personal History Stephen McKnight was born in 2325, as the second youngest child of James and T'Sara McKnight, while his parents were unusual in that he was human and she was Vulcan, he was as much loved as his elder siblings were, they all grew up happy on various assignments and Starbase's throughout the thirties and forties until he decided he wanted to join Starfleet. One of his brothers and sisters would follow him into Starfleet.

All of his other siblings save one all detested Starfleet life because it separated their parents for far too long but the family felt that someone should step up so Stephen decided that he would. His younger brother, Daniel followed him into Starfleet. Stephen applied to Starfleet Academy only to find his scores weren't good enough, he spent weeks on the application and in a fit of anger he decided he would enlist instead rather than spend months working on education when he decided he had spent enough time on it.

On his first assignment, Orthos met a woman named Vanessa Van Zandi and the two began dating after being assigned to the same assignment. They ended up getting married within a year and welcomed their first child. Iason about two months later.

The two developed a happy and stable family life for their other children who followed in quick succession and while he and Vanessa worked their way up the ranks, it was assumed that he would follow her to her assignments, once she gained her own command and he was a Chief Petty officer but all of this changed with the encounter with the Borg in early 2365. He realized that everything he had been taught was now meaningless so he decided to apply himself to the arts of war rather than the arts of surrender as he called them, it was also about this time that they welcomed children four and five into their lives.

Suddenly thankful that he and his wife, Vanessa had the foresight to leave the kids with his mother on Starbase 54 before shipping out on the USS Kyushu for him and the USS Crazy Horse for her, the fleet met the Borg and fell in battle before them in the Wolf system. He was assigned to the USS Kyushu as her assistant Chief Engineer by the time that Wolf 359 took place, he was in engineering when the ship was destroyed around him. but what was worse was that Vanessa was killed in action,

For the children, losing their mother at the hands of the Borg was downright devastating but for Orthos, it was crippling. He had spent almost twenty years being in a relationship with his first wife and the loss for him was something he would never recover from, he went back to the academy for training when he met a woman named Talon Yamaguchi while on an exercise on Mars.

While on this exercise. Orthos went through the Pon Far and Talon assisted him with his efforts, she found herself becoming pregnant so she found herself unsure of what to do, Orthos gently took her by the hand and assisted her with the various efforts as he had been in this position and situation several times before.

Once the child was born. Talon wanted to place her up for adoption as she cited her lack of experience despite the fact that Orthos was a single father with three children in the house and the eldest two had already come of age and left home. Fortunately, Talon listened and she allowed him to raise their child with the assistance of his older children who were quietly pleased to see their father come back to life again with Melody in his arms. Iason, in particular, took a great shine to his youngest sibling and he spoilt her rotten, Melody, in turn, grew to love having her older siblings around and they liked her.

Talon, however, did not wish to have a relationship with Orthos as she was more confused than anything else, this only angered Orthos's remaining children against her. Orthos did not claim to understand her reasons but he decided not to pursue the issue between them. Melody spent her childhood going from mom and dad, two completely different styles of living and it showed with her personality.

Upon ending the war with the Dominion, he requested a transfer to a Starbase, his request was granted and he went over to Starbase 78 for over four years and he was transferred to the USS Endeavor for a long distance exploration mission into the Beta Quadrant.

He served on the Endeavour for five years and while he greatly relished the assignment here, he was told he had to put in for reassignment rather then face demotion to stay in his current position so, with great reluctance, he did so and was posted to the USS Bacchante, an Akira Class ship which spent time with patrol duties which Orthos did not mind too much, it was something different. He was assigned here to assist in patrolling duties.

He spent time here for a few years and then he was assigned to help shake down the USS Hussar, a newly constructed and commissioned Akira Class ship.

He was then assigned to Starbase 45, where he reunited with a few old friends and made some new ones including Jake and Torilla Yamaguchi along with their children but the main attraction of this assignment was Captain Daisy Rohr, he would end up in a relationship with her which both of them cut off because he was reassigned.

The five years assigned here was the highlights of his career but all good things must end and his assignment there was no exception, in early 2390, he was reassigned to the Roanoke as a favor to his friend, Commander Torilla Yamaguchi. While assigned here he and Daisy Rohr rekindled their relationship.

Thanks to an accident with the life support system, Daisy Rohr became pregnant with her first child, this only strengthened her relationship with Orthos.

He was assigned here for one year before being promoted to Fleet Master Chief and command of Independent fleet operations, also he proposed marriage to her. Daisy accepted and the two were married, two months later their first child came along and they named him Edward McKnight.

Orthos and Daisy decided that he would take the child back with him to Watchman but he would call Daisy every night so their son could hear his mothers voice, the reason behind the decision was simple, Roanoke would be a dangerous place at the best of times and the rationale would come to prove quite prophetic.
Service Record Starfleet ROTC-Earth, SOL
2342 - 2343 - Tactical Student
Cadet Recruit

USS Melbourne - Excelsior Class
2343 to 2346 - Tactical Enlisted
Crewman Apprentice / Petty Officer 3rd Class

USS Tempest - Miranda Class
2346 to 2350 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 3rd Class / Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Rodney - Akira Class
2350 - 2354 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Howe - Excelsior Class
2354 to 2356 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class

USS Camperdown - Abbe Class
2356 to 2357 - Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class

USS Anson - Sabre I class
2357 to 2360 - Tactical Enlisted
Chief Petty Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
2360 to 2364 - Tactical Enlisted
Chief Petty Officer

USS Kyushu - New Orleans Class
2364 to 2367 - Tactical Enlisted
Chief Petty Officer

USS Benbow - Miranda Class
2367 to 2369 - Tactical Enlisted
Chief Petty Officer

USS Typhoon - Excelsior Class
2369 - 2372 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Drake - Wambandu Class
2373 to 2374 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

Dominion War Service
USS Ariadne - Sabre II
Jan to March 2374 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Spartiate - Sabre II
March to June 2374 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Cressy - Miranda Class
June to August 2374 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Sutlej - Excelsior Class
August to December 2374 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Aboukir - Sabre II Class
December 2374 to February 2375 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Hogue - Miranda Class
February 2375 to May 2375 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Good Hope - Miranda Class
May to September 2375 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

USS Euryalus - Defiant Class
September to January 2376 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer

Starbase 78 - Ournal I Class
2376 to 2380 - Tactical Enlisted
Senior Chief Petty Officer / Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Endeavor - Nebula Class
2380 to 2385 - Tactical Enlisted
Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Bacchante - Akira Class
2385 to 2388 - Tactical Enlisted
Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Hussar - Akira Class
2388 to 2389 - Tactical Enlisted
Master Chief Petty Officer

Starbase 45 - Ournal II Class
2389 to 2390 - Tactical Enlisted
Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
January 2390 to November 2390 - Chief of the Boat
Master Chief Petty Officer / Command Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Song of the East - Pathfinder II Class
January 2390 to November 2390 - Chief of the Boat
Command Master Chief Petty Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
November 2390 to April 2391 - Tactical Enlisted
Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Watchman Station - Watchman Class
April 2391 to Present Day - Command Chief
Command Master Chief Petty Officer / Fleet Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
April 2391 to Present Day - Command Chief of the Taurus Reach
Fleet Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2342 - 2343 - Cadet Recruit
January 2343 to July 2343 - Crewman Recruit
July 2343 to 2344 - Crewman Apprentice
2344 to 2345 - Crewman
2345 - 2349 - Petty Officer 3rd Class
2349 to 2354 - Petty Officer 2nd Class
2354 to 2357 - Petty Officer 1st Class
2357 to 2369 - Chief Petty Officer
2369 - 2380 - Senior Chief Petty Officer
2380 to 2390 - Master Chief Petty Officer
November 2390 to September 2391 - Command Master Chief Petty Officer
September 2391 to 3293- Fleet Command Master Chief Petty Officer
2393 to Present - Department Master Chief Petty Officer