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Admiral Jake Yamaguchi

Name Jake Yamaguchi

Position Executive Officer, Starfleet Forces, The Taurus Reach

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44
Birthdate April 15th, 2349

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 220lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown with flecks of silver.
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jake Yamaguchi is tall, well built and well defined in terms of muscle mass and density, he is not overweight but much like his wife Torilla, he is highly trained and well proportioned.


Spouse Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi, Commanding Officer, USS Grey Wolf
Children Sons:
Gabriel Yamaguchi
Paul 'Nix' Yamaguchi
Kameron Yamaguchi - Married to: Elizabeth
Ennis Cullen - Married to: Rachael
Atin Temeti - Married to: Selendis

Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar
Ouros Yamaguchi
Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen
Lasarra Yamaguchi
Selendis Yamaguchi
Diamond Yamaguchi
Tressa Yamaguchi
Savannah Yamaguchi - Daughter in Law

Robert Yamaguchi-Solusar - Elizabeth's child
Unnamed Second Child - Elizabeth's child
Gideon Jake Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child
Nicole Michelle Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child
Arlene Torilla Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child
Sarah Cullen-Yamaguchi - Rachael's child
Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen - Rachael's child
Daniel Cullen Yamaguchi - Rachael's child
Anthony Yamaguchi-Cullen - Rachael's child
Olivia Yamaguchi-Cullen - Rachael's child
Unnamed First Child - Selendis's child
Unnamed Second Child - Selendis's child

Naota - CAG, USS Grey Wolf

Caitian Adopted Children:
H'Raal Yamaguchi - Cougar
C'Rala Yamaguchi - Snow Leopard
H'Merr Yamaguchi - Cougar
P'Rorri Yamaguchi - Snow Leopard

"Silversides" Female Housecat
"Carter - Male Bengal Kitten
"Kat" - Female Bengal Kitten
"Jun" - Male Bengal Kitten
"Siaxx"- Female Bengal Kitten
"Jorge" - Male Bengal Kitten
"Nymeria" - King Shepard Female
"Grey Wind" - King Shepard Male
Father Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi - Deceased
Mother Captain Rachael Yamaguchi - Executive Officer, Vanguard Defense Squadron
Brother(s) All on his side:
Lee Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer - Starfighter Forces, 92nd Fleet
Ian Yamaguchi - Starfleet
Franklin Armstrong - April's husband
Lee Antilles - Brother in Law
Steven Johnson - Heathers Husband
Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager - Talon's Husband
Sister(s) On Torilla's side:
Captain Korelii McKnight - Commanding Officer, USS Hermes

On his side:
April Yamaguchi
Coral Yamaguchi-Antilles
Heather Yamaguchi-Johnson
Talon Yeager
Alex Yamaguchi
Julia Yamaguchi - Lee's Wife
Tienn-Yamaguchi Chesna - Ian's Wife
Other Family On Torilla's side:

Commander Jango'tat Nesbis 48 years old
Jaris Nesbis - Son - 5 years old
Torilla Nesbia - Daughter - 6 years old

On Jake's side:
Many Others scattered around.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally easy going and mild-mannered, also seen as a calming influence on his wife and children as he is highly trained in various forms of martial arts, explosives, tactics, Operational logistics as well as pilots.

Jake also has a level of emotional maturity not often seen in officers as young as himself, simply because he was expected to 'man up' because he replaced more qualified and more mature officers becuse of combat losses and casualties.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jake is very mild-mannered, always looking for the best solution for the problem at hand, this has led him in some circles to be called "the negotiator."

Another area where he really shined was with his children, he raised and helped to raise three children, two of them are in the academy and one is married and soon to have a child of his own and he's helping to raise his third child who is living with her mother, now he is about to welcome two more children in addition to his new grandson.

His greatest weakness can be best summed up in that he is easily distracted when the topic of his wife and/or his children come up as he misses their company, it could be detrimental to his mission but he has gone on record as having said he would rather fail a mission then risk his families safety.

This has honked off a few people in Starfleet Command but he stands by his statement of not compromising on safety, for anyone under his command or care, for any reason whatsoever.
Ambitions At present he is reevaluating his life as he has accomplished his various goals and ambitions he set for himself. Being a good father to his young children and a good spouse to his wife.
Hobbies & Interests flying, fighting, running, reading about
history, cooking, orbital skydiving, playing
various card games.

Languages: English, Klingon, Halanan and a smattering of other words from a dozen different languages.

Personal History Jake Yamaguchi was born the fifth and final child of this generation of Yamaguchi's, he was the first boy in a household of girls. His eyes were blue where his brothers were brown, all of their sisters had either blue, brown or hazel eyes. He grew up as part of a very happy household, his birth date was April 15th, Twenty Three Forty-Nine.

Jake had a highly developed sense of right and wrong, he would not begrudge another the fruits of his labors or take credit for someone else's work. He was always helpful to others and generally got along with most people he encountered.

His family would face many tests and trials as well, starting with the loss of their mother at Wolf Three Five Nine as Jake and his various siblings all went off to the academy, his eldest April was serving as an Ensign, Coral was as well while Heather and Talon were both at the academy, senior and upperclassmen respectively.

Jake, along with his siblings at the academy, his girlfriend who was one Torilla Unal, as well as the rest of the cadet corps, were mobilized to face the Borg threat when he realized that there was something more than just the casual hello going on between him and Torilla.

The threat of their impending destruction forced him to look past the Borg cube to the future, as the Enterprise pulled a rabbit out of their collective hats and destroyed the Borg Cube orbiting Earth.

Jake finalized his relationship with Torilla as he promised marriage, to his eternal surprise, she accepted and they were married a month after the end of the Borg crisis, all of Jake's family were in attendance, all of Jake's siblings liked this addition to their family as Torilla had made it a matter of personal importance to get along with Jake's siblings.

While all of this as going on, Jake took his new bride under his wing as he could see that she had some repressed rage issues and she also had a very analytical mind, so he began training her in the various martial arts styles that he had learned while growing up.

When news came from her homeworld that she had been banished because of her choice to mate with an offworlder a few months after she was wed, the Yamaguchi clan had unified behind her in solidarity and unity, their rage was potent and lasting as what they thought was the cruel and harsh treatment of their new sibling-in-law. It was also around this time Jake and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter that she and her husband would name Elizabeth.

When she and her husband graduated from the Academy in 2369, they were assigned to the USS Undauntable, an older Excelsior on her last tour before she was to be decommissioned and scrapped, it was also around this time Jake and his wife welcomed their first son and second child, a son they named Gabriel, named for the legendary archangel in Christendom, it would give Torilla a compass to follow whereas before, she had none thanks to the elders of her home, casting her out for following her heart, it would also give a guiding reference for Jake in his future which would point to the command chair early.

For a time, Torilla and Jake's family was a happy and stable one as they went from the Undauntable to the USS Ursa Major and then one year later to the USS Dauntless. Here Jake was promoted to the head of Conn before becoming the CAG on this ship.

On an away mission, Jake was almost stranded behind a powerful energy field which by its nature distorted transporter signals, the transporter chief used a second confinement beam to ensure the Lt Commander made it back to the Dauntless during the evacuation of the science post on a planet that was about to be glassed as a result of a neutronic wavefront what was passing through the region. The Dauntless rescued the personnel involved, but they were not able to recover the data as the evacuation was more organized chaos than anything else.

What actually happened was that it duplicated Jake into two men, one of whom continued with his life like nothing had happened and the second was Lee who was beamed down to the planet, he knew he had to do something to ride out the wavefronts passing.

By the start of the Dominion War, Jake Yamaguchi had been assigned to the USS Valdemar as her Wing Commander but when she was damaged during operation return, he requested reassignment back to the USS Courageous rather than wait for the Valdemar to be repaired.

During the operation to secure Coridan from a major Dominion attack that succeeded, Jake was abruptly promoted to Captain when the Commanding Officer of the USS Courageous along with his Executive Officer and Tactical Officer was among thirty personnel killed during the failed defense of the vital Federation world.

Jake held the rank of Commander while he held the Captaincy of the Courageous, expecting to be reassigned back to Second Officer but Starfleet offered him permanent command of the Courageous, Jake needed no time to think of his choice as he decided to keep the ship he had ended up with rather than wait for promotions so he could earn a command the traditional way, however, a week after the battle of Coridan, Jake found himself being promoted to Captain and the permanent command of the USS Courageous.

Jake commanded the Courageous for the rest of the war and it was here he would make his home, after the war ended he could welcome his wife and children home before Torilla had to go home to deal with a situation with her parents, he offered to come with her but she refused, saying 'I must fight this war parents never abandoned me.... I must not abandon them."

Jake accepted his wife's choice without complaint as they raised their children aboard the Courageous, through many assignments and missions.

Torilla's return was far from a happy one as she was now embittered and angry at her entire species for their cruel treatment of her and her kin, she went on record publicly, saying. "I'll never set foot upon this miserable ball of rock ever again, my home is where I go, not here and not along any of you pathetic beings who refuse to question anything."

Jake quietly supported his wife's choice to never return home, he never once questioned her on it, he knew how angry she was and when word got out, everyone else in this now sizable family was angry too.

He and his wife would remain together for another two years before she was transferred over to another ship, Jake kept the children with him as he didn't want his wife to be burdened with her own issues and dealing with the kids at the same time, it was not something she liked but she understood his reasoning, he had a stable life and was much more calm and relaxed about things.

It was around this time when Torilla and Jake welcomed their third child, Rachael Yamaguchi who would develop much like her mother as opposed to her father, also around the same time, Jake would start one martial arts class that would turn into several classes, among his students was his wife when she was around, his own children and many others, among them, was Lieutenant Siaxx Dvald.

Around the time of the Shinzon incident, his wife would leave his side for an assignment and promotion on Starbase Forty-Five, it was here where the USS Courageous was home-based from so Jake would be able to see his wife and their children would be able to spend time with their mother.

Commander Talon Hunt was also assigned here, which meant Jake would be able to spend time with one of his sisters, also a happy thing to celebrate as Jake had just become an uncle again as Talon had delivered her third and final child. Marie Hunt.

Jake knew his wife would need some stability so he returned his attention to his family, his crew, his ship, and his missions, all in that order but news came that Torilla was only finding new and interesting things to hate as Talon had gotten involved, she recommended that Jake and Torilla take some time off from the Fleet, Jake agreed and having gotten approval, he turned over command of his ship to his Executive Officer, one Charmaine Harris and he went off on vacation with his wife.

He returned a few weeks later around the time of the Borg Blitzkrieg into Federation space, where he received his assignment to protect the area around Deneva, it was thanks to him and his crew that the Borg assault failed to destroy Deneva.

He survived the Borg Invasion as the Typhon Pact rose from the ashes of the fighting as he helped with several major relief missions and missions of mercy to Federation populations, battered and bruised by the Borg.

In 2386, He watched as first Elizabeth left home to go to the academy and then following her a year later was her brother, Gabriel, Jake kept his youngest daughter with him rather than hand him off to his wife who was now starting to calm down, around this time he was also promoted to Commodore as it was a long time overdue.

Rachael in truth flourished under her fathers attention as he taught his youngest his skills in martial arts, the same as he had taught her siblings and when Torilla was assigned to the USS America, she requested that Jake sent their daughter across so she could spend time with her mother, if she was going to have the title of mother, then she could at least act the part, for his part Jake did not argue with his wife's logic so he sent Rachael and her things over.

Rachael was less than amused with her mother for doing it and her father for accepting it but the young child accepted it after a time and eventually, she flourished under her mother's care as much if not more so than her fathers.

In early 2390, Jake was reunited with his wife after Torilla was assigned to Starbase Four Hundred, it was one of their meetings that led to Torilla's most recent pregnancy with twins, she will be the first Halanan in six centuries to have twins so she has made history in a rather notorious way.

Also, Jake was reunited with many of his siblings, many he has not seen in person for years for one of the largest operations in Federation history, the blockage of the Challakian warzone

Recently he has served as part of the largest Federation operation ever conceived and attempted, the operation was to secure an end of the Krazzle - Challakian War, he spent a week on the blockade line with several hundred Federation and allied ships, ending a long and brutal conflict which claimed many tens of thousands of lives on both sides and helped to prevent a galactic war with the Typhon Pact. He also had to balance aggression with wisdom but it's not been easy.

Since returning to Starbase 400. Jake spent the downtime overseeing the needs of his battlegroup which was six other ships in addition to his own since he was one of the senior Captains in the fleet, also while at Starbase 400. he welcomed his grandson. one Gideon Yamaguchi then several weeks later he learned his wife was pregnant with what he assumed was their fourth child but he learned later that it was forth and fifth child.

Around the same time as Torilla being assigned from Starbase 400 to the USS Roanoke, Jake himself was offered a promotion to Rear Admiral and a transfer to the new Pathfinder II class battleship, USS Song of the East as the Courageous will be going in for a major refitting as this old Galaxy-class ship has fallen behind state of the art and now needs a major overhaul.

Jake recently had to come to terms that his granddaughter, the first child of his youngest daughter was now eight years old and that his youngest was now his eldest, replacing Elizabeth thanks to a temporal anomaly. Also, the twins that Phoenix was carrying were toddlers who came to regard Phoenix as her mother.

All of this bothered Jake on a very profound level but the issues are going away. Another incident that Jake was present for was Nalla's major breakdown which forced him to confront the idea that there are some things it's just not wise for him to tamper with, Torilla, however, was more than equal to the task as he suddenly found that his wife had seemed to adopt Nalla as one of their own.

In truth, Jake did not mind too terribly, for he was about to face issues elsewhere. In Mid Twenty-three ninety-one, he found it best to request assignment to a Starbase so he could focus on the running of the Independent Fleet Operations Unit, rather than command a Starship.

His request was granted and he promoted his Executive Officer to Captain, she, in turn, promoted her Chief Counselor to Executive Officer and she, in turn, received a new Counselor who had just departed the USS Roanoke.

Jake was posted to Watchman Station to run IFO from there, he is also mulling over going from the Starbase to a billet of his choosing, as in moving his flag but not assume command of the ship he is considering.

in Late April, Jake requested to move his flag from Watchman back to the USS Roanoke permanently, as he was the head of Independent Fleet Operations, his request was approached by the Fleet Chief of Staff, Admiral Xavier Bell who was one of Jake's classmates from the academy.

Jake returned to Roanoke after talking to Zara quietly, it was a surprise for Torilla and family.

In late June and early July of 2391, Jake was present for Siaxx and Phoenix's wedding, also he was present for Siaxx's reunion with her family and the Incident with Peeves which saw more craziness.

The most recent event was with Ensign Tienn Iteela beating the living crap out of his daughter, Elizabeth. While he was angered by the event, he acceded to his wife and his cousins request that he not get involved.

He was actually happy when the JAG officers acquitted Tienn Iteela of wrongdoing as he was helping Elizabeth come to terms with what happened. Kameron assisted his wife likewise and when the hanger fire broke out.

Jake was up on the bridge. He would become essential to the survival of the Roanoke as he was the one piloting the ship's stardrive away from the saucer section, he assisted with the cleanup and he also assumed command while Zara Tane went to look after her wounded and fallen.

Jake assisted with calling in reinforcements for the Roanoke and her battlegroup's medical and engineering officers who were stretched beyond their breaking point, he was also able to have Roanoke towed off of the line and back to a Starbase where she could be repaired.

During the Starfleet Military Reorganization Act of 2391, his rank was moved from Vice Admiral to down to Rear Admiral. It was not a demotion as it was simply an adjustment.

Jake was promoted to Rear Admiral so when the military reorganization act came into force, he would retain the Rear Admiral title but he would assume Vice Admiral responsibilities.

After leaving IFO as the command was massively expanded, he was originally assigned to command the Starfleet forces in the Taurus Reach but due to a family emergency, he was reassigned to command the Starfleet Detachment assigned to the Akurian superheavy starship Noble. Jake was reunited with all of his children who would all serve on this assignment because of their medical issues.

A year later. Jake completed his assignment commanding the unit assigned to the Noble and he was asked to turn over his billet to someone new while he was assigned to become the executive officer of all Starfleet forces in the Taurus Reach. He answered only to Fleet Admiral Heather Duval and nobody else so he was able to bring his wife along who was still having medical issues as a result of her species problems. The rest of his family, children, and grandchildren, however, were all cured of their medical issues.

Several months later, Jake was promoted to Admiral and his posting as Executive Officer of the Taurus Reach was made official and permanent.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth
2365 - 2369 - Conn Officer / Pilot
Cadet One - Four

USS Halfgan - Akira Class
2369 to 2370 - Conn Officer / Pilot

USS Undauntable - Excelsior Class
2370 to 2372 - Conn Officer / Pilot
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS Ursa Major - Excelsior Class
2372 to 2373 - Conn Officer / Pilot

USS Dauntless - Galaxy Class
2373 to 2374 - CAG / Pilot
Lt Commander

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
March 2374 to May 2375 - CAG / Commanding Officer
Lt Commander / Commander then Captain

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2375 to 2385 - Commanding Officer
Captain / Rear Admiral

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2385 to 2390 - Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral / Vice Admiral

USS Song of the East - Pathfinder II Class
2390 to 2391 - Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral

Watchman Station - Celestial Class
June to August 2391 - Commanding Officer of IFO
Vice Admiral

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
August 2391 to December 2391 - Commanding Officer of IFO
Vice Admiral

Watchman Station - Celestial Class
December 2391 to 2392 - Commanding Officer of IFO
Vice Admiral

ASHS Noble - Noble Class
2392 to 2393 - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Detachment

Starbase 47 (Vanguard) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Executive Officer, Starfleet Forces, the Taurus Reach

Time of Promotions and Demotions:
2365 - 2369 - Cadet One - Four
2369 to 2370 - Ensign
2370 to 2371 - Lieutenant JG
2371 to 2373 - Lieutenant
2373 to Mid 2374 - Lt Commander
Mid 2374 to Mid 2374 - Commander (One week long)
Mid 2374 to 2380 - Captain
2380 to 2384 - Commodore
2384 to 2388 - Rear Admiral
2388 to 2392 - Vice Admiral
Military Reorganization Act comes into effect.
2392 to Present - Admiral