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Post Captain Tirothyn R’Shav

Name Tirothyn R’Shav

Position Second Officer

Rank Post Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Molten Copper
Eye Color Light Grey
Physical Description Tirothyn is tall, slender and lightweight in appearance but this woman has a heart of gold, she's easy to get along with and work for.
This Caitian female is of the Cheetah breed.


Spouse None
Children T'Prin - Caitian, Adopted son
Father Merris - Civilian Engineer
Mother Kerris - Civilian Engineer
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lieutenant Selgae - Engineer - USS Pioneer
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview This woman is tall, slender and lightweight in apperance, she gets around but by not talking and letting others coming to her, also she doesn't raise her voice.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: she loves her work

Weaknesses: she is a little too much of a party girl when off duty.
Ambitions She's happy with life.
Hobbies & Interests She'll try anything once

Personal History Captain Tirothyn R’Shav was born in 2352, on the Federation colony world of Estuary, it was a world slightly larger than Earth but it was a little further from its host star, but it made up for its cool summers and cold winters with its three moons which reflected different colors, one was orange, the second was yellow and the third was a reddish brown.

Tirothyn R’Shav was drawn to the medical arts at a young age, greatly enjoying her work as she was one of the small colonies healers while undergoing the usual schooling. One such incident drew prominence to her as she had become involved in an accident at one of the local machine shops. There had been an explosion and a half dozen people had been hurt in the resulting chaos.

It was sheer chance that R’Shav was at the local med-center at all and when the wounded came in, she made herself useful in saving people and when it was all over. The doctor said that she had a gift for medicine and that she knew how to keep cool when the world was falling apart and lives were on the line.

When R’Shav came of age, she applied for and was approved for Starfleet academy so off she went. She went into 2370's fall intake and her time at the academy only improved what she already knew about medical science.

R'Shav graduated with honors and was assigned to the USS Hyperion, her service on this ship was noteworthy but alas she didn't serve here very long before the ship and half of her crew were lost in battle against the Dominion, she was reassigned to the USS Neptune, an older Excelsior class ship and it was here where she would fight the entire Dominion war from first shot to last. In mid-2377 after tiring of war. R'Shav requested a reassignment and it was granted to her.

Her service aboard the USS Commonwealth was noteworthy as were her subsequent assignments, her promotions also lagged slightly behind normal but she was not too worried about it, it wasn't until 2384 until she was assigned to the USS Courageous when she became deputy chief medical officer. She remained here for another four years before becoming Chief Medical Officer after Commander Tienn Ezas transferred to the USS Avalon to follow her husband.

There was one small event that would have a big impact on her life in which she found herself adopting a small Caitian child as her own since he had no kin left and she was the only one present. His name is T'Prin and as a result, both the mother and adopted child are settling in well.

When the Song of the East went in for refitting to Renown class specs. She and the rest of the crew were reassigned to the Renown class USS Infinity. R'Shav's assignment here lasted until after the end of the Klingons war with the Gorn, this was a fight that solidified the Federations alliance with the Gorn but Tirothyn was promoted and reassigned to a Starbase.

R'Shav was reassigned to B Kayor to assist with the massive efforts there to deal with a Caitian slave population that had been liberated as well as millions more refugees that had been screaming across into the Federation, thanks to the ruinous Klingon civil war but this lasted until 2393 when she was offered assignment to Starbase Vanguard, first as their Chief medical officer but due to the burnout she has suffered because of the situation on B Kayor, she has decided to transition out of medical and into command instead. Now she serves as the Starbase second officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2370 to 2374 - Medical Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Hyperion - Akira Class
2374 to 2375 - Medical Officer

USS Neptune - Excelsior Class
2375 to 2377 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Commonwealth - Akira Class
2377 to 2381 - Medical Officer

USS Cassiopeia - Akira Class
2381 to 2384 - Chief Medical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2384 to 2388 - Medical Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Song of the East - Pathfinder II Class
2388 to 2391 - Chief Medical Officer

USS Infinity - Renown Class
2391 to 2392 - Chief Medical Officer

Temp assignment - B Kayor
2392 to 2393 - Medical Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2370 to 2374 - Cadet One - Four
2374 to 2375 - Ensign
2375 to 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2381 - Lieutenant
2381 to 2386 - Lt Commander
2386 to 2393 - Commander
2393 to Present - Captain