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To Conquer Shattered Spirits - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 4:26pm by Captain L'Ruan "Shield" Dragon & Commander Franklin Davis & Commander Vilotanzia "Violet" Bounlutay-Antilles & Lieutenant Commander Aafreen Nayak & Lieutenant Commander Kalesee Montrose & Lieutenant Alynna Forrester & Lieutenant Hriss & Lieutenant Shorin DeMasscho & Lieutenant Paul Dragon & Lieutenant Feris Hingol & Master Chief Petty Officer Goranaar & Lieutenant Selene Dragon & Colonel Anthony "Ironhide" Raynor

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Rawalpindi
Timeline: 0830Hrs - August 237th, 2393

Captain L'Ruan walked onto the bridge of the ship that she called home, her curvy figure tended to draw a lot of attention, both wanted and unwanted from most people who knew her, but that was exactly explained away in the fact that she had just had an infant a year earlier and she had yet to get around to burning off the baby fat that her pregnancy had left on her, looking after a child alone was exhausting for her as one could easily tell with the way she was easily fatigued. She went over to the replicator and ordered herself a rather large mug of coffee as it was clear that she was only half awake.

Commander Franklin Davis, almost, by contrast, seemed wide awake, and cheery-eyed. He regarded his Vulcan commanding officer while he waited next to the replicator for her to finish ordering and then retrieving her coffee. "You okay skipper?" he asked her quietly.,

"I am tired number one, raising a child alone will do that to anyone," L'Ruan answered quietly, not raising her tone or getting emotional in the slightest, she saw no reason to give rancor to such things as she knew her crew was concerned with her and that they cared. "I will adjust number one..." she admitted a moment later after drinking a rather large mouthfull of the coffee in the thermos which she had just replicated before she threw caution to the wind and proceeded to down the entire contents of the mug in her hand, letting out a rather loud satisfied sigh a moment later, getting the attention of most of the bridge crew in the process.

"Wait, isn't that supposed to be hot?" Davis inquired in a rather disbelieving tone of voice.

"Extremely." The lovely-looking Vulcan female answered in a light tone of voice, she turned and ordered herself a second large thermos of Vulcan coffee.

Paul Dragon came over, while he regarded his commanding officer with a measure of concern, written in his brown eyes. "Skipper?. Why don't you bring your son over to my place tonight, Selene and I can watch him for a few days while you get some rest."

"I cannot impose upon you like that Lieutenant," L'Ruan answered automatically but she hesitated. "It would be wrong of me to do so..."

"You're not imposing on me Captain, I'm offering my help and assistance to my friend who will benefit from said assistance." Dragon was going to go on and the look in his eye said as much but he opted to stop here.

L'Ruan regarded him in a new light. "Y'know, they said you were very controlled for a human, that you tended to embrace logic and emotion together." she paused a moment. "I apologize, Lieutenant, as I had not given you enough credit, very well. I will drop my son off tonight... How long will you watch him for me?"

"As long as you require. I have the room available and Selene will not mind one extra child in the house." Dragon explained. "In fact, she mentioned it to me last night after your inspection yesterday," he added. "She is concerned about you, as am I." He nodded to Davis, knowing the other man would understand where he was coming from. "We will assist you as long as required with your burdens."

"I am honored by your efforts Mister Dragon... " L'Ruan answered quietly. "Very well, I will allow you to help with my son. I look forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight."

"Thank you, skipper." Dragon answered before he ordered himself a Boston cream doughnut and a mug of coffee for himself, he then retrieved both before he moved off, heading for his station near the back of the bridge. Davis raised an eyebrow. "You surprise me, skipper, I didn't think you'd do it."

"He didn't argue with me from a standpoint of emotion, he used logic and his request is sound. He wants to assist me with my burdens." The Vulcan explained with a nod of her head. "I see no reason to deny him his request. That would be petty of me to do so Commander and I know better than that. My husband would have agreed. I will rest well knowing my son is in excellent hands."

"Fair enough skipper," Davis answered. "The medical staff is wanting to see you, something about an overdue medical checkup." he regarded the Vulcan before him as he spoke. "Doctor Bounlutay-Antilles mentioned it in passing earlier."

"Very well then. I will go and see the Doctor and then I will see Counselor Forrester afterward, I will attempt to assure them that I am well enough to do my job." the Vulcan female then gently smiled. "I suspect that my efforts will be wasted."

"Possibly. One may never know."

Just then the usual sounds of the bridge were interrupted with the sounds of an incoming distress call, the warbling sound indicated something was going on and it needed attention. "Report?" the Vulcan inquired as she moved to her command chair, before sliding her lithe curvy form into it.

Lieutenant Feris Hingol turned to regard the Vulcan. "Captain, we're picking up a priority one distress call from the USS Solemn Pennance... It's garbled but let me put it up."

The Vulcan nodded her assent to the idea. Suddenly a burst of static softly crackled over the com system before a man's voice came over the speakers. "Mayday, mayday, this is Colonel Anthony Raynor, Our ship has been hijacked by Starfleet traitors, we require urgent assistance. Repeat, the Solemn Pennance has been seized by hos-"was as far as he got before a rather loud and intense burst of static cut off what he was saying.

Commander Franklin Davis raised an eyebrow. "Helm, can you locate them?"

"The distress call is on a broadband carrier wave..." Came the voice of Lieutenant Selene Dragon, from her post on the port side of the bridge, in what was joking referred to as the 'science nest.' due to the design of the bridge, it was a semi-circle of three stations, marked as science one, science two and science three with Dragon presently sitting at science one. She regarded the display before her.

Lieutenant Hriss, the snow leopard Catiain female presently seated at the helm worked her panel. Her fur was long and very fluffy which was great at keeping her warm and she was also able to not worry about wearing a uniform as she wasn't required to do so. "Commander. I have her. The Solemn Pennance ios alone, heading one two two mark sixty-two, distance is forty light-years." the young Caitian explained.

"Helm lay in an intercept course and be subtle," L'Ruan answered quietly. "There is trouble afoot and we need to be cautious about it. Someone was able to seize one of our carriers and we need to be sure that it doesn't seize us as well."

"The slipstream drive is powered and ready to go," Hriss answered as she nodded to the Vulcan, seated behind and off to her left.

"Take us there." as she rose to her feet. "Number one the bridge is yours as I need to tend to the other issues discussed."

"Very good sir," Davis answered with a smile.


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