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The Great Bear Trap - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant Colonel Athaw "Warlock", son of Tohrnn & Colonel Anthony "Ironhide" Raynor & Chief Sergeant Nadine Jes-Tereth

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Solemn Penance
Timeline: 1330Hrs - August 26th, 2393

Had anyone been expecting what would or could happen in Main Engineering. They would have been surprised to see two Jefferies tube hatches pop off as two people emerged from the hatches, Warlock lifted his rifle as he began opening fire upon the hapless Engineers, nailing the various Engineers and gunning them down, stunned and not slain. Ironhide did not wish to be here, performing what he saw as these illegal and immoral actions but he felt he had not been left a choice in this matter as he stunned the engineers left and right.

Warlock noted several engineers attempting to gather, as one of them, produced a phaser which they used to shoot at Ironhide with, missing him as he dove for cover. Warlock smiled as he lifted his sidearm, gunning down three of the five Engineers before they turned their attention over to him, shooting at him and likewise missing, as he likewise dove for cover.

Jes-Tereth emerged from another access hatch in silence, she smiled as she noticed the gunfight happening below where she was standing, as she lifted his sidearm and proceeded to stun all of the attackers, presently shooting at Ironhide and Warlock. Jes-Tereth moved down into the main Engineering area. "The second level is clear.," she commented.

"All right, let's go lock this ship down," Ironhide answered bluntly.

Warlock nodded as he moved towards the main entrance to Main Engineering.

Ironhide moved to the master control system at the heart of the engineering complex as he let his fingers roam over the displays, he quickly tapped the display before sending out a priority one distress signal. "Mayday, mayday, this is Colonel Anthony Raynor, Our ship has been hijacked by Starfleet traitors, we require urgent assistance. Repeat, the USS Solemn Pennance has been seized by hos-"was as far as he got before a rather loud and intense burst of static cut off what he was saying, he turned to Warlock. "Did any of that get through?"

"The first dozen or so words did at least, it should be enough..." Warlock answered with a smile on his lips.

Suddenly the conversation was interrupted with the voice of Skherli as it came over the com system. "Bridge to Engineering. In case it missed your notice, the enemy just pulled our undies up over our heads and tied them in a knot, you WILL get this ship under control or I'll come down there and skin the hides off of every last one of you!" Shkreli sounded well and truly angry as Ironhide snorted in laughter.

Jes-Tereth likewise moved through Main Engineering as she moved over to the master control system. She began tapping at the display, quickly calling up the menu for the master control shutoff, before the primed the system and then proceeded to activate the cutoff. Suddenly the lights of the hallways, crawlspaces and various rooms all over the ship were plunged into blackness, the soul of the USS Solemn Pennance seemed to die, moments later the emergency power engaged, making it look like the ship was almost haunted.

Jes-Tereth smiled. "Now what?" the black-haired female inquired of the gathering before her.

"We retake the ship," Ironhide answered as there was a sudden clunk from the main door, as the door slowly began to slide apart, Warlock moved in silence to cover the entrance as a figure appeared. "Hold your fire!" the male figure suddenly called.

"Dammit John, I nearly shot you," Ironhide commented quietly as he found himself looking at John Watseka. "Come on and help me secure these downed Engineers."

"Right," Watseka answered evenly as the foursome went about managing that very feat.


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