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Colonel Anthony "Ironhide" Raynor

Name Anthony "Ironhide" Raynor

Position 105th Wing Commander

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 34
Birthdate November 29th, 2359

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 230lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Large, well rounded and intelligent are what best describes this walking tank


Spouse None - Dating Master Chief Petty Officer Nadine Jes-Tereth
Children None yet
Father Mike Raynor - Civilian
Mother Karol Raynor - Civilian
Brother(s) Matthew Raynor - Civilian
Captain James Raynor - CO, Raynor's Raiders
Pirate / Mercenary Captain
Sister(s) Jessica Raynor - Civilian
Other Family Several others

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anthony is a relatively decent pilot, a fair tactician but his real skills are in leadership and people management. He was assigned to the Roanoke to help whip her air wings into shape.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He's laid back and easy going, a decent pilot and a good man.
He's able to organize people rather effectively.

Weaknesses: he has no tolerance for anyone not up to his level and will not hesitate to fail slackers or none hackers as he calls them.
Ambitions He doesn't really care anymore.
Hobbies & Interests Generally likes his peace and quiet when off duty, generally has his face in a book or he's on the holodeck visiting home.

Personal History Tony Raynor was born the youngest of the three brothers, James, Anthony and Matthew, the three of them grew up and worked alongside their parents on the family farm on as colony world called Shiloh, the world was known for having a larger than average temperate zone.

James and Tony loved the scent of the good tilled earth whereas Matthew hated it, when the three men came of age they all enlisted in Starfleet, Matthew hated the conformity and the rules and returned home to a life on the family farm which he decided he preferred.

Anthony went into Starfighters as he loved to fly, all he wanted to do was reach out and touch the sky so he ended up at the starfighter facilities on Titan.

He graduated from the academy in 2380 and was posted to the USS Bill of Rights, which was a newly commissioned Galaxy Class starship, where he served as one of their conn officers and shuttle pilots. Here he served for three years before being promoted and sent to his next posting, an Akira Class starship

Ironhide as he was now known, spent the next ten years or so being assigned to Akira class ships earning his wings and earning several kills, in the end, he would end up with eleven kills and a dozen or so assists from successful missions.

His downfall was being assigned to Starbase 400 and was demoted from Lt Commander to Lieutenant. All of his work and effort into his next promotion went out the airlock and he had to start all over again. All of which really strained his enthusiasm for a career in Starfleet as he thought he was demoted for something he did not do. In the end, however. Ironhide was proved right in that he did nothing wrong and violated no regs but this end result was years away and Ironhide didn't last that long before his desire to have a career in Starfleet very nearly died.

Ironhide was asked to transfer to the USS Roanoke to help clean up her starfighter wings, he accepted and was assigned to first wings first squadron.

Since being assigned to the USS Roanoke, he found himself greatly relishing the assignment, minus the Gonad incident and what happened to the Exec's youngest daughter which he took very personally.

Firebird had earned Raynor's respect in more ways than one when she showed she had the makings of a crack pilot, he made sure she knew it too.

Ironhide was one of the few who spent time visiting Wukari when she was crippled by Gonad, he also visited Rachael as well, since then he was part of the search and rescue details after the Runabout Tolkien went missing but he also was involved with both Klingon hooch incidents, the first time he ended up bedding one of the maintenance techs and the second he bedded a fellow pilot.

Thankfully no pregnancies were involved from either event but he has since found himself missing his wife who was off doing operations for Starfleet Special Operations Command, he asked her to consider transferring to the USS Roanoke to bolster their marine forces.

Sarah Kerrigan said she'd look into it, something which made Raynor quite happy with the situation, knowing it might soon end.

In Late June 2391, he and the wing were present for the wedding between Phoenix and her longtime girlfriend of Siaxx Dvald but he was also present for the beating of Elizabeth Yamaguchi at the hands of Ensign Tienn Iteela. It was something she couldn't explain but it was also that deeply offended Raynor on a very personal level.

Raynor and Five's friendship became stronger when he found out that Elizabeth was pregnant with Five's unborn child, he was able to find out the full story after swearing he'd keep it to himself, now he's waiting for the end result of Tienn's captain's mast.

Raynor remained out of it when Tienn Iteela was acquitted but when the hanger deck fire broke out a few days later, he was on the flight deck and while he helped save lives, he was wounded with shrapnel and burns which demanded his evacuation off to the USS Dreamcrusher.

When Fives was removed to go back into Starfleet. Raynor was promoted to Command First Wing, also he gained a promotion to Flight Major as a result. However this was where the good news ended, he was handed divorce paperwork which caused his mental mindset to implode with ruthless force.

Now he doesn't care anymore and this attitude very nearly destroyed his career. He survived the Klingon-Gorn War and the destruction of the Courageous followed by the loss of the Roanoke before he was assigned to the Tiger's Claw as the commander of their second wing, he was happy to help put the wing together but he was seriously considering tossing in his retirement paperwork at the time.

It wasn't until he was assigned to the USS Solemn Penance as their new CAG that he was contacted by JAG and he was informed that the injustice that had taken place against him years earlier was now being corrected and he would have his proper rank restored to him before he was promoted by Captain Brevik to Captain.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2376 to 2380 - Flight Cadet
Cadet One - Four

USS Bill of Rights - Galaxy Class
2380 to 2383 - Conn Officer / Pilot
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Legends of Old - Akira Class
2383 to 2385 - Conn Officer / Pilot

USS North Point - Akira Class
2385 to 2388 - Executive Officer, 3rd Squadron, Second Wing
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Raptors Wings - Galaxy Class
2388 to 2389 - Commanding Officer, 2nd Squadron, First Wing
Lt Commander

Starbase 400 - 74 Type
2389 to 2390 - Commanding Officer, 4th Squadron, Second Wing
Lt Commander / Lieutenant

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class
2390 to 2392 - Commanding Officer, 1st Squadron, First Wing
Lieutenant - Flight Captain / Flight Major

USS Grey Wolf - Champion Class
2392 to 2393 - Commanding Officer, 2nd Wing
Lt Commander

USS Solemn Penance - Champion Class
CAG - Commander Aerospace Group
Commander / Captain

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet One - Four
2380 to 2381 - Ensign
2381 to 2383 - Lieutenant JG
2383 to 2386 - Lieutenant
2386 to 2389 - Lt Commander
2389 to 2390 - Lieutenant
2390 to 2393 - Lt Commander
2393 to Present - Commander
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service Record:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet One - Four
2380 to 2381 - Ensign
2381 to 2383 - Lieutenant JG
2383 to 2386 - Lieutenant
2386 to 2389 - Lt Commander
2389 to 2392 - Commander
2392 to Present - Captain