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The Long Howl of the Wolf - Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:17am by Division Admiral Sildra Vaxx-Warfield & Commander Tienn Kerris & Commander Anandra Delair & Commander Shireen Stark-Yamaguchi & Lieutenant Commander Marie Hasti & Major Kovark & Lieutenant Commander Mij Gilamar & Lieutenant Commander Megan Halifax & Lieutenant Shomer'eggan 'Show' & Lieutenant James O'Haloran & Lieutenant Masako Anderson & Master Chief Petty Officer Suvek & Chief Petty Officer Ralih sh'Krev'Phov & Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi & Lieutenant Commander Egon "Cutting Edge" Schuller & Major Michael "Slappy" Smith-Carey & Colonel Naota "Anakin" Unal

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard / USS Grey Wolf
Timeline: 1000Hrs - August 1st, 2393

Commander Tienn Kerris emerged from the turbolift, emerging onto the main bridge as she spotted Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi who was wearing her dress uniform standing next to a Bolian female who wore an Admirals uniform. Suvek was at her side, also wearing his own dress uniform while the two moved over to the other two women. "Commander Tienn Kerris, reporting for duty sir." Tienn addressed the Bolian female as she was wearing her dress uniform.

"Welcome aboard Commander." Vaxx-Warfield smiled at the tall Bajoran female before her. "Welcome Master Chief."

The Bajoran smiled. "Thank you, Admiral, we needed time to get our family settled in but we're both ready for duty."

"The Grey Wolf will be tied up at the base for the next few days while she undergoes systems checks to make sure she is ready for duty," Vaxx-Warfield commented. "So you need not rush around at the last minute." the Bolian female explained. "Also before you ship out. I'll be heading back to the Tigers Claw. Javier Morales has permitted me to keep my flag on his ship." the Bolian female explained.

"Okay," Yamaguchi answered. "When is the changeover?"

"In about five minutes," Vaxx-Warfield answered. "Your senior staff are assembled in the forward lounge, that's where the changeover will take place." the tall Bolian explained. "We should go there now." and with that, the tall Bolian turned and went into a turbolift, Yamaguchi, Tienn, and Suvek followed in silence. "Forward Lounge," Vaxx-Warfield commented quietly before the four of them rode the turbolift in silence to their destination. There they found almost the entire senior staff present, as well as a cocktail reception ready to be eaten too.

Vaxx-Warfield went over to the podium that had been set up for this occasion. "Attention on deck," she commented as Torilla moved to take her space before the podium while Vaxx-Warfield made her speech for the occasion, most of it was short and sweet. "So Today. The Grey Wolf gets her official Captain," she commented before she went over to stand before Yamaguchi as she handed the tall female before her a PADD. Yamaguchi accepted the PADD and began to read aloud. "To Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi, you are hereby requested and required to assume command of USS Grey Wolf, effective Stardate Seven Oh Five Eight One point Eight Four," she explained. "Signed Vice Admiral Paul Emerson, Starfleet Command." before she lowered the PADD.

Vaxx-Warfield smiled. "Computer transfer all command codes to Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi. Authorization Vaxx-Warfield One one Nine Juliet Charlie."

The computer's answer was quick. "Command codes transferred. USS Grey Wolf is now under the command of Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi." came the response.

Yamaguchi's smile was telling in of itself. "I relieve you, Admiral."

"I stand relieved," Vaxx-Warfield commented. "She's all yours Torilla. Now go enjoy this fancy feast the messhall staff put together for you." the Bolian commented before she gently shook Yamaguchi's hand despite the fact that neither woman was human, then with that Vaxx-Warfield turned and departed, her work here was completed.

Yamaguchi went straight over to the dessert table, as she regarded the food on offer.

Lieutenant Masako Anderson regarded her new skipper with a measure of trepidation, she was not sure of what to think of the taller female despite the fact that Jiao couldn't shut up about how great Torilla was about this, and how kind she was at that. It had all been exasperating for Anderson to handle and now she was going to meet the legend herself. "Captain, might I recommend the egg rolls, they are quite good." she addressed Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi smiled. "Oh I'll try those too," she answered. "How've you been Masako?" she inquired with a smile.

"How are you settling in skipper?" Anderson answered her question with a question. "I have heard much about you."

"You know of me?" Yamaguchi inquired of the woman who looked almost identical to Jiao Anderson, one of her most trusted friends.

"I do. Jiao can't stop talking about you, she has a very special place in her heart for you. I hope we can work together." Anderson commented before she made her request.

"I have no doubt we'll get along great Masako," Yamaguchi answered with a smile. "Plataea told me much about you. As soon as I mentioned your name she instantly smiled."

"I've missed her, how is she doing these days?" Anderson inquired, a smile on her lips.

"Pregnant and loving it," Yamaguchi answered. "I think she's enjoying the pregnancy itself more than the sex that led to her becoming pregnant," she added evenly.

"Fair enough," Anderson answered as another female came over, this one had long black hair and an ivory white skin tone. "Hello skipper, it's been a long time." Anandra Delair smiled at Yamaguchi who smiled back. "Anan. Yeah, too long." The taller female responded in agreement. "Why did you leave four hundred?" Yamaguchi inquired. Anderson smiled as she slowly moved off as she felt her chat with her new skipper had gone well, better then she had been expecting.

"I was reassigned to the USS Infinity, Captain T'Shammet wanted someone skilled in my area of work, it started out as a consultation. But she offered me the job and I remained there ever since I was helping her when Jackson returned from the dead, so she had to adjust to being married again and I think she did alright."

"Why do you say that?" Yamaguchi inquired.

"Because she is pregnant," Anandra explained with a grin. "I think she's going to enjoy this pregnancy and she's planning at least one more after this one, she wants to spend time in bed with her husband and I do not blame her in the least," she explained.

"Had Jake and I been parted for that long, I suspect our relationship would be going through the same thing." Yamaguchi agreed with a nod.

Anandra smiled before she indicated the soup table. "I'm going to check out the soup. I recommend the pasta but that's me," she added before she turned and moved off.

Yamaguchi smiled as she shifted her attention to look around the room at the various people who would serve as part of her crew interact with each other. She wanted them to be able to get along and work together and so far, it seemed like they were shaping up to be able to do just that.


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