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The Long Howl of the Wolf - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:16am by Admiral Jake Yamaguchi & Division Admiral Sildra Vaxx-Warfield & Commander Tienn Kerris & Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard / USS Grey Wolf
Timeline: 0900Hrs - August 1st, 2393

Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi slowly smiled as she regarded her husband. "It's almost time," she commented with a smile. "It'll be nice to wear the uniform again and have it mean something other than sitting around, maintaining my weight because I live so well," she commented with a nod. "Are you sure you will be alright with the kids?" she was referring to their children, the twins that Phoneix had carried to term and the four Caitian kits they had adopted. She did not wish to leave him again but she knew that this day was coming so she resolved to make the most of it. She had said her goodbyes to her children before they had gone out to school earlier that morning and they knew that when they finished their school day, their mother would be out in the field on her assignment. What they had not been told was that their mother would be aboard her ship but it would remain at the base for a few days while she underwent various checks.

"I know." Jake Yamaguchi regarded his wife with a gentle smile. "We'll manage, somehow," he added in a quiet tone of voice. "Besides, mom is here as part of Tom Lasky's command. Elizabeth and Gabe are here and so is Rachael. I can always spend time with any of them or all of them." he explained. "Besides Elizabeth wants me to go in for a checkup." he reminded his wife.

"Yes. She said she was concerned about the issue you still had with Nalla."

Jake knew what Elizabeth wanted from him and he knew what his eldest child wanted him to deal with. "I know what she's after and why she's after it," Yamaguchi responded to his wife. "She wants to make sure I have no harsh feelings regarding what happened." he sighed. "Nalla fucked me around in ways even mom's death never did. Nalla caused me more problems when anyone else in my entire life.."

"Can you blame her Jake, you and I both know why Elizabeth's asking. She wants to make sure you have the addiction out of your system once and for all." Torilla explained. "I don't blame her for being worried about you, I know a few of our children are too. Gabe is worried and so is Savannah. Lets not even discuss Rachael or Selendis." she added.

"I know," Yamaguchi answered in a quiet tone. "Alright. I'll let the medics poke and prod me but I don't want Elizabeth doing it because of conflict of interest reasons." as he sighed. "How long before you leave?"

"The Grey Wolf entered the system an hour or so ago, I will go aboard when she arrives, then I'll settle in while she gets checked over from bow to stern by the engineers and she'll then depart the base on the fourth on her first assignment. That's all assuming nothing goes wrong." Yamaguchi explained to her husband. "I will apparently be the second ship in order of seniority in Group Four. My next promotion will see me become the Exec of a battlegroup and my promotion after that will see me command my own battlegroup." Yamaguchi slowly smiled. "Who knows, soon I could become the next Admiral Yamaguchi."

"Yeah, you'll make a heck of an Admiral Torilla, you have the experience that I never had, you have the will and the guts to make it work."

Yamaguchi knew what her husband was saying and why he said it. "Don't sell yourself short Jake. You've done a good job with what you have. You know how to inspire your people and you respect them, something many Admirals I find, are lacking." she explained.

The com system beeped at the two of them. "Captain Yamaguchi?. The Grey Wolf has arrived."

The tall female gently tapped her combadge with her right hand. "Understood." she let out a rather deep sigh. "I'm on my way," Yamaguchi added before she tapped her combadge again. "It's time." she regarded her husband as she knew this would be the last time the two would see of each other for many months yet. "I'll have the dogs transported over later on after I get their accommodations set up. Are you sure you'll be alright with Noble Team?"

"Yeah. I'll be fine with the kitties. They are a great help to me on most days." Yamaguchi answered before he gently took his wife bodily into his arms and he kissed her rather passionately on the lips. The two remained lip-locked for about thirty seconds or so before Jake gently released his wife from the prison of his lips. "I am gonna miss you."

"I know. Same as I will miss you." Yamaguchi answered, while a smile appearing on her face. She turned and went over to her bags, before sliding the rucksack onto her back.

Jake smiled at his watched his wife work but he didn't say anything. She knew his wife was a telepath.

Torilla turned her head as she eyed her husband. "You are a pig. Husband of mine."

"I fail to recall you complaining last night or any other time I bedded you," Jake answered, a smile on his face.

"That's beside the point." Yamaguchi suddenly grinned at her husband. "Take care of the kids and look after yourself, Jake."

"I always do." as he gently took one of her packs from her. "I will walk you to the airlock." as he gently took her hand in his own.

The two of them proceeded out of their home on the starbase and reached their destination several minutes later. Jake regarded his wife in silence for one last look before he turned slowly and departed in silence. Yamaguchi watched her husband depart and she knew he hated her leaving, in truth she hated it too but this was the price they both paid for serving in Starfleet and they both knew it. Yamaguchi smiled as she went over to the two guards at the airlock. "Gentlemen, permission to go aboard?"

"Let us check you over ma'am, never can be too careful." the leader of the two men answered as he drew his tricorder. "Do you mind if I see your orders?"

Yamaguchi nodded as she handed him the PADD in her hands. The Lieutenant JG looked at the PADD as he smiled. "Ahh, you're our new skipper." as he handed the PADD back to her. "I apologize for the delay ma'am."

"It's no trouble El-Tee. Thanks for keeping an eye out." Yamaguchi answered as he wanted to see who she was and what she would do when inconvenienced. Word of this encounter would go around the ship as many would only be meeting Torilla for the first time, but many had heard of her.

"Thanks, ma'am. Everything is good." he indicated the airlock. "The Admiral is waiting for you."

"I'd best go see what the Admiral wants. Thanks, El-Tee." Yamaguchi started through the airlock to find herself with a tall Bolian female of average size. "Captain Torilla Yamaguchi, reporting as ordered Admiral."

"Welcome Captain. It's good to see you." Vaxx-Warfield commented. "How was your time on the Starbase?"

"It was productive," Yamaguchi answered with a gentle smile. "It was good being around family. I know my children had missed me," she added. "I will be bringing two dogs over later once I get their accommodations prepared for them," Yamaguchi added.

Vaxx-Warfield nodded her head. "We're expecting your new Exec and Chief of the Boat shortly. Their family will be interesting to deal with so they will be getting family size quarters rather than the usual Executive Officers quarters." Vaxx-Warfield added.

"Makes sense since, for me, it'll be me and two very large dogs," Yamaguchi responded. "Jake is looking after the kids and cats alone."

"That's a lot. Will he have issues?"

"He will, but we have family present so he has plenty of help. I have three of my children here and two more are assigned to the Ninety-second Fleet, plus Jake's mother is here too, assigned to Admiral Lasky's command."

"Mind if I am blunt Captain?" Vaxx-Warfield stated.

"Not at all, Admiral. What's on your mind?" Yamaguchi answered.

"Commander Rachael Yamaguichi is wasting her time and talents here, she really should be an Admiral and doing something worthy of her."

Yamaguchi had been expecting this statement. Others had said as much to her already, even two of her own children had said it as well. "Gabriel and Elizabeth both agree with you and others, many of my family have said likewise," Yamaguchi explained evenly.

"Okay, let's drop by your quarters before we head to the bridge and I can introduce you to your new senior staff," Vaxx-Warfield answered with a smile.

"Sounds good Admiral. Lead on." Yamaguchi answered eagerly.


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