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Commander Shireen Stark-Yamaguchi

Name Shireen Stark-Yamaguchi

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - Colonist
Age 183 (Due to Temporal Displacement) 35 (Actual age)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Black with flecks of silver. (Dyed blonde)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Generally shorter than average but she is extremely good looking.
Shireen keeps herself in shape with running, combat training and
anything that promises sweat.


Spouse None
Children None - All Deceased over a century earlier.
Father Eddard Stark - Deceased
Mother Catelyn Stark - Deceased
Brother(s) None - All Deceased over a century earlier.
Sister(s) None - All Deceased over a century earlier.
Other Family She is a hundred and fifty years away from her home time,
as a result, she's all alone. Surrounded by several dozen descendants.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shireen is generally a well mannered and laid back woman, however, the destruction of her homeworld with the debacle in the Inverness System was telling in that hearing it, almost destroyed her.

Now she wants revenge on the Klingon Empire for a shattered homeworld and a broken people
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She's extremely goal oriented and will do almost anything to get there, she's generally easy to get along with but only to a point.

Weaknesses: she is too focused on the end goal, the destruction of the Klingon Empire.
Ambitions The Destruction of the Klingon Empire.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who will try anything once.

Personal History Shireen Stark was born in twenty-two ten, she was the middle child into a group of six children. House Stark as it was nicknamed had a proud history going back to before Earth's third world war.

Shireen grew up as a happy child, it was helped because of her siblings and her parents were all very close and while she passed her teenage years in school and in books, the darkness of spaces called to her and to her siblings as they all went off to the academy one at a time.

Shireen went into the academy around Twenty two twenty-eight.

It was here in the third year where she met her future husband during a mission on Mars, an endurance trial which quickly became a matter of life or death as she found herself hanging off of a mountain.

Robert Yamaguchi saved her from a very unpleasantness fate so the two spent time together on Mars, out of the experience came the relationship that would ultimately define them both. It was something they carefully cultivated like a fine aged wine rather then rush into it as most did, the first of their five children was a set of twins that came at the end of her third year but she was able to complete her studies without serious issues or complications, despite having to volunteer for the other students so they could use her as a test subject for their own work.

She went into medicine and she graduated in Twenty two thirty-two and was assigned to the USS Ise as a junior medical Officer, she served here for two years as another child arrived, she went across to her next assignment right after her fourth child arrived and the last child was born when she was on the USS Einstein. She and her husband split the children between them but before long the family settled down on a new colony world called Inverness.

For a time their life seemed to be a happy one as mom was off serving in the Federation fleet with dad at home raising the children but the hopes for peace were shattered when the Four Years war began, Robert Yamaguchi managed to escape off-world, leading several ships and Shireen had no way to know about him or her children for weeks afterward.

Not knowing almost destroyed her but what was worse was the knowledge that two of her children had been slain by the Klingons. Robert was granted command of a Federation starship, one of the newer ships to recently come off the lines, called the USS Mogami and off to war the Yamaguchi's and Starks went.

After the Debacle in the Inverness System, a world that Shireen herself had come to identify as her home raged around her, she was transferred from the USS Von Braun to the USS Aella. a New Hermes Class frigate.

Her time on the Aella was productive and while she saw a great deal of combat assigned to the Aella, like many of the major battles like Operation: Pegasus and the liberation of Nausicaa from the Klingons. Shireen ended up getting promoted to Commander and her own command of the USS Mohawk.

She participated in the battle of Axanar however she was reassigned to border patrol as her ship was not badly damaged to present the Klingons from coming back and starting more issues with the Federation when she disappeared on patrol, her loss was sorted out in the treaty of Axanar in which the Klingons agreed to pay reparations of a sort.

Shireen was not killed in action and neither was her crew as they ended up in a different reality where other powers were in charge and now she had to figure out where she and her crew fit in in this new reality.

Eventually, she and her remaining crew made their way home to their original timeline but a century and a half into their future. Shireen was the only one who elected to go home again, the rest of her crew opted to remain in the Akurian Confederation as their homes were well and truly gone.

Shireen was assigned to the USS Grey Wolf after taking some time to find out what she had missed, what she had lost and what she had gained in the process. She found herself in a world more alien then the one she had left behind and while many of the players and faces were the same, some things had really changed and Shireen opted to make the best of it as she could.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2228 to 2232 - Medical Student
Cadet One / Four

USS Ise - Mayflower Class Frigate
2232 to 2234 - Medical Officer

USS Einstein - Kelvin Class Light Cruiser
2234 to 2237 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Von Braun - Kovolev Class Escort Carrier
2237 to 2242 - Medical Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Aella - Hermes Class Frigate
2242 to 2243 - Chief Medical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Aella - Ares Class Heavy Destroyer
2243 to 2244 - Chief Medical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Mohawk - Geronimo Class
2244 to 2391 (Extreme Time Dilation effects) - Commanding Officer

No Assignment - Ankurian Civilian Corps
2392 to 2392 - Medical Officer
No Rank

USS Grey Wolf - Champion Class
2392 to Present - Chief Medical Officer

Ranks and Promotions:
2228 to 2232 - Cadet One / Four
2232 to 2234 - Ensign
2234 to 2336 - Lieutenant JG
2236 to 2239 - Lieutenant
2240 to 2244 - Lt Commander
2244 to Present - Commander (Status Grandfathered)