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Commander Tienn Kerris

Name Tienn Kerris

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Generally taller and larger than average, she gets around it by being approachable and knowledgeable. Her real power is in her mind.


Spouse Master Chief Petty Officer Suvek - Chief of the Boat, USS Grey Wolf
Children Tienn Jaina - Girl - Named for Tienn Kerris's lost mother (15 years old)
Tienn Theris - Girl (14 and three-quarters years old)
Tienn Suvek - Boy (14 and one-quarter years old)
Tienn Leila - Girl - Named for Leila Reeves - Twins (13 years old)
Tienn Traci - Girl - Named for Captain Traci MacIntosh - Twins (13 years old)
Father Tienn Kenris - Schoolteacher - Bajor
Mother Tienn Jaina - Civilian Farmer, Tuanko Colony
Brother(s) Tienn Koll - Vedek in the Vedek Assembly - Bajor
Tienn Leran - Schoolteacher - Bajor
Tienn Jeric - Civilian Doctor - Bajor
Corat Tienn - Boy, 15 years old
Lonar Tienn - Boy, 11 Years old
Neban Tienn - Boy, 9 years old
Ian Yamaguchi - Chesna's Husband
Commodore Neban Hular - Ezas's Husband
Commander K'taro - Nerra's Husband
Sister(s) Tienn Ezas
Tienn Nerra
Tienn Iteela
Ulani Tienn - Girl, 13 years old
Gilora Tienn - Girl, 9 years old
Tienn Marja - Koll's Wife
Tienn Prinu - Jeric's Wife
Tienn Moi - Leran's Wife
Other Family See the Tienn family entry in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Practical and Pragmatic, She's also analytical and she comes across as cold in her approach. Tienn is cool, calm and collected at all times, its almost a mask that she wears because when she gets angry, it gets ugly. That said she does get along with most as she prefers to be friendly with those working for her rather than against them.

Why fight them when you can make them your allies and get them to fight for you.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Tienn's work ethic is second to none, she has no problems with working long hours and skipping meals as her ultimate goal is to run her enemies to ground and destroying them

Everyone around her is under her protection... anyone who harms others will face Tienn's indomitable wrath.

Weaknesses: can sometimes get distracted by the details.
She can also be too eager to prosecute.
Ambitions To be a good mother to her children and to be a good wife to her husband. Her main goal is to clean up the ship she is assigned to and also she considers those around her to be under her protection.

Mess with her at your peril.
Hobbies & Interests Flight, history of exploration with holodeck program, cooking. paleontology and reading engineering tech manuals. Spending time with her husband, indulging in his interests which doesn't say much considering she'll try anything once.

Tienn often goes places with two sidearms, a tricorder as well as a utility belt, also she wears padded gloves on both hands as well, often she carries a PADD on her belt to document evidence.

The PADD in question has been highly customized for her goals.

Personal History Tienn Kerris was born third eldest of the Tienn family children, she was born in 2352, a year behind Tienn Koll and three years behind her eldest sibling. Tienn Ezas. She generally assisted with looking after her younger siblings, same with her younger brothers when they came along but they had to deal with the endless fear of the Cardassians. The good times didn't last long and they ended with her twin getting raped by a Cardassian guard while both young women were on their way to their Itanu ceremony.

Kerris helped Ezas with the issue, however Ezas had already been raped by a Cardassian and it was Iteela who had grabbed the second guards phaser, he assumed it was Kerris and his punch had her seeing stars, she would later learn that she had a concussion from the force of the punch. All four of these sisters had been deeply traumatized by the event in question. after hearing that both were dead, the family had little choice but to go underground and join the resistance.

Kerris was able to follow her twin Ezas off-world and from there she fled to the Federation. What she did not know however their mother was picked up and made to serve as a comfort woman for the Cardassians. What she did know was that her mother went missing. Kerris assumed that she was either dead or worse, and this one action really defined her actions from that point onwards.

Kerris was able to make her way to Earth after having served on a couple of freighters, looking for work and once on Earth, she proceeded to join Starfleet, making her way to the Boot Camp was easier than child's play as she had developed the ability to sleep anywhere at any time. She enlisted in 2369.

Her time here was highly educational for her as it was exactly what she needed. She learned a very serious amount of things in a very short time and upon graduation, she was assigned to Starbase 375, a Regula Three starbase near the Cardassian Border.

It was here that she got dragged into the mess regarding Admiral Robert Leyton's conspiracy, she was offered the chance to do the right thing as Starfleet hunted for answers regarding the event in question and who was involved.

Kerris refused and applied to transfer off of Starbase 375 but she was more or less refused. It wasn't until 2374 when she finally was approved to leave but that was after a rather deep review of everyone on the base because of Commander T. Ishmael Snowden who was later convicted of treason.

Tienn was acquitted then her reassignment was granted. She went over to the USS El Dorado and it was where she remained until the run-up to the Dominion War. Her ship was damaged during the Second Borg attack and she was reassigned to the USS Fe'garren for the first year of the war with the Dominion.

She fought the Dominion assigned to the USS Fe'garren until the battle of Benzar when the ship was towed back to a Federation starbase for repairs, she was temporarily reassigned to the USS Thunderchild, an Akira class ships where she remained for two months then she went back to the Fe'garren where she finished out the war and remained until 2377.

Her next posting was the USS Nath'qu, A Steamrunner class ship which also had quite a war record with over forty Jem'Hadar ships killed in six major battles. Kerris considered it a privilege to serve on this ship and the chief of security took her under his wing and he taught her a great deal about how security worked. It was also here where Kerris began to flourish and see what Starfleet was really about, other than shady dealings and treason.

It was here that she met her future husband, a Vulcan male named Suvek. The two of them hit it off rather slowly as they both took the time to build up their relationship but six months into it, he suddenly went into the pon-far several years early thanks to an encounter with several dozen Orion slaves and Kerris helped him with matters. It was not something she wished to do but she knew the consequences if she did nothing so she offered herself to him. The sex was highly enjoyable as she had several years of anger and frustration to get out of her system and he needed to deal with the pon-far and hormonal imbalances.

Suvek realized that here stood someone who was worthy of getting to know as she did not need to offer herself to him but she did, saving his life in the process. Their relationship quickly deepened as a result of this, him seeing into her mind and her seeing his as they both realized that their feelings were shared by the other in the relationship.

Kerris realized that Suvek was not the average Vulcan and she wasn't the average Bajoran so the two ended up getting married and along came their first child who was conceived as a result of the pon far. Over the next few years, several more children would come along as Suvek followed his wife from assignment to assignment. From the Nath'qu to the Pel-Gaash to the Koral. A Steamrunner to a Galaxy and then back to the Steamrunner class a second time.

It was her assignment to the Nevsky which she greatly relished and she would miss it after being posted to the Argonne as their new Chief of Security.

She was asked to report to April Yamaguchi and was told rather bluntly "Clean this ship up. use whatever methods are needed but I want this ship cleaned out of malcontents, imbeciles and idiots."

Her marching orders clear. Kerris began to settle into life on the Argonne as their new Chief of Security, A year later she was offered a posting she simply couldn't refuse, that was to become the Executive officer of the USS Grey Wolf, she made only one condition and that was that her husband came with her. Torilla agreed and assigned him as Chief of the Boat.
Service Record Starfleet ROTC - Boot Camp - Earth, SOL
March to May 2369 - Security / Tactical Student
Cadet Recruit.

Starbase 375 - Regula Three Class
2369 to 2374 - Security and Tactical Enlisted
Crewman Recruit / Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS El Dorado - Nebula Class
2374 to 2375 - Security and Tactical Enlisted
Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Fe'garran - Galaxy Class
2375 to 2377 - Security and Tactical Enlisted / Officer
Petty Officer 2nd Class / Ensign

USS Nath'qu - Steamrunner-class
2377 to 2379 - Security and Tactical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Pel-Gaash - Galaxy Class
2379 to 2385 - Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lt Commander

USS Koral - Steamrunner-class
2385 to 2387 - Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Nevsky - Galaxy-class
2387 to 2391 - Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Argonne - Wasp Class
2391 to 2392 - Chief Security Officer
Lt Commander

USS Grey Wolf - Champion Class
2392 to Present - Executive Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
March to May 2369 - Cadet Recruit.
May 2369 to November 2369 - Crewman Recruit
November 2369 to May 2370 - Crewman Apprentice
May 2370 to December 2370 - Crewman
2371 to 2374 - Petty Officer 3rd Class
2374 to 2377 - Petty Officer 2nd Class
2377 to 2379 - Ensign
2379 to 2382 - Lieutenant JG
2382 to 2385 - Lieutenant
2385 to 2392 - Lt Commander
2392 to Present - Commander