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We Set Sail on this New Sea - Part Two

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 2:01am by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Division Admiral Sildra Vaxx-Warfield & Division Admiral Maraad Skyshatter & Commander Vrenn Chan & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Tirothyn R’Shav & Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD & Post Captain Bardan Jusik

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0810Hrs - July 1st, 2393

Captain Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs smiled as she ran her fingers ever so gently across the smooth marble-like finish of the desk she was soon to have as her own, she was standing in the base commanding officers office, she had a gentle smile on her lips as Heather Duval looked on, a bemused look on her face. "Enjoying yourself?" Duval inquired.

"You have no idea Admiral," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered, a gentle tone in her voice and with an elegant smile on her lips.

Duval chuckled softly. "Mmmm, I think you'll find that I know exactly whereof you speak, Celeste. Commanding a Starship is one thing but commanding a Starbase is entirely something else," she commented. "I read your file, even the parts that were covered in blank ink. A Fleet Admirals clearance trumps almost everyone else." Duval then smiled. "I think you'll fit in well here," she added.

"Thank you, Admiral," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered evenly. "Captain McKnight stuck me in for the assignment here because he felt I needed somewhere stable to raise my children."

"That was nice of him, that request came across my desk and I approved it," Duval answered. "I got lucky when I was raising my children and I didn't wish to see you get screwed out of promotions and better assignments down the road." the older woman explained. "You should not have to sacrifice your career for the sake of your family."

"I appreciate that Admiral," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered with a smile.

"You ready for the command changeover?"

Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded as she squared her shoulders, while she banished her worries and doubts from her mind as this was not the time for fear, as Celeste knew that would come later. "Aye Admiral."

"I prefer to be on a first-name basis with all my senior personnel, whether assigned to me or not," Duval answered with a smile. "That's alright as we didn't interact much, but that will be changing now that you are commanding the base." she paused as she reached into her uniform pocket and produced a black box. Duval opened it and produced a single golden pip. "I'm also promoting you to the rank of Commodore, I realize its unusual but with Siaxx being a Fleet Captain, you need to be one rank higher then she is."

"I wonder if she should have taken command of the base." Yamaguchi-Hobbs sighed softly. "She has the rank whereas I don't."

"Siaxx said she wasn't ready for such a posting, I can respect that choice and I do respect it, it took guts for her to tell us that the way she did, you should respect her choice as well."

"I do. I am sure Siaxx and I will get along great as we're both former medical officers with similar backgrounds. It's also the same with Tirothyn R'Shav, she's the new second officer and is also a doctor too." she chuckled softly. "This is going to be something new."

"You three will do fine," Duval answered. "If you didn't then I wouldn't have let you assume the command of the base so easily." the older female added. "So, shall we?"

"Yes. Let's do this." and with that, the two women went back out into the Operations Center. Where the majority of the command personnel assigned to the base were waiting patiently. Duval stopped near the turbolift as this did not involve her but she was a part of the command nonetheless.

Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx nodded to Heather Duval who was standing nearby as the small Bolian kicked things off with the traditional start to the traditional command changeover "All personnel gathered presently. Attention to orders."

Vaxx-Warfield raised the PADD she was holding in her hands up so it was level with her upper chest, it was so she could read what text was displayed there. "To: Division Admiral Sildra Vaxx-Warfield. Commanding Officer, Starbase Vanguard, stardate seven oh four nine six point six-eight. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your base to Captain... Err Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs, Executive Officer Starbase Vanguard, as of this date. Signed, Fleet Admiral Heather Duval, Starfleet Command. Computer, transfer all command codes to Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs. Voice authorization, Vaxx-Warfield Two Two Eight Charle One."

The Computers response was prompt "Transfer complete. Starbase Vanguard is now under command of Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs smiled warmly at the Bolian female across from her. "I relieve you, sir."

Vaxx-Warfield nodded back solemnly "I stand relieved. "

Yamaguchi-Hobbs finished the quick ceremony with the last part "Dismissed everyone."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs knew what was coming so she stood still and waited, for the wellwishers and the flood of congratulations and I wish you all the bests came her way, she shook hands with everyone present and accepted a few hugs from the same, for Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx it was more of the same. Once everything was finished. Yamaguchi-Hobbs sent her senior personnel home to change into their normal uniforms and out of the dress uniforms that many of them hated.

Meanwhile, Yamaguchi-Hobbs then saw off Division Admiral Maraad Skyshatter as he departed for his new command and then it was Sildra Vaxx-Warfield's turn. Celeste walked beside the tall Bolian female as they went towards the airlock. "So, any last bits of advice for me?"

"Don't make my mistakes with your first officer," Vaxx-Warfield answered quietly. "I doubt Siaxx and I will ever be able to resolve our issues but maybe some distance between us will help."

"Or maybe you were too rash and made a mistake where a member of your family was concerned."

"You sound like Maraad," Vaxx-Warfield answered.

"Maraad was a good teacher." Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodded her head.

"Sildra!" a voice shouted from down the hallway as Dvald-Vaxx moved to catch up with the two women before her. "I wanted to say goodbye."

"Siaxx. You'll forgive me if I say I am somewhat surprised to see you."

"Yeah, well." In response, Siaxx gently hugged the taller woman. "Take care of yourself out there."

"You too Siaxx. Look after my brother and take care of your kids. Okay?"

"I'll do that," Dvald-Vaxx answered before released the taller woman from her embrace. "Give my regards to your husband."

"I will... I'm sorry Siaxx. For what I did to you. I had others I could enforce the rules, even on my own family."

"I know. Same as I had to face this trial with Phoenix, partly that's what destroyed our relationship." Dvald-Vaxx admitted.

"I had wondered what went wrong between you two," Vaxx-Warfield answered. "I'm sorry about that too."

"What happened between Phoenix and me, was not your fault Sildra," Dvald-Vaxx answered. "She and I were simply too different." the small female sighed. "What did not help was that I was acting like an abuse victim half the time."

"That would explain a great many things." Yamaguchi-Hobbs took that moment to re-enter the conversation.

Dvald-Vaxx nodded. "I'm going to seek therapy for it. Maybe Elizabeth can help me."

Vaxx-Warfield smiled. "We can hope, and we can help too. We're still family Siaxx, even though we've had our problems and our issues. Don't be afraid to ask us for help okay.?"

"I'll do that," Dvald-Vaxx responded with a nod.

Vaxx-Warfield nodded. "I'd better get going, my ship will be leaving and I do not wish to anger her Captain," she explained.

"Take care Sildra. I'll see you the next time you drop in this way." Yamaguchi-Hobbs gently exchanged a hug with the Bolian female before she took her leave. Dvald-Vaxx smiled. "Goodbye Sildra. Take care." and with that, the two shared a hug and Vaxx-Warfield turned and went through the airlock to her command before Dvald-Vax turned and departed in silence.


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