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Commander Vrenn Chan

Name Vrenn Chan

Position Ambassador - Federation

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Small and thin, he doesn't stand out in any dramatic way other then his eyes.


Spouse Calliope Chan - Civilian, Deneva
Children Benjamin Chan - 15 years old
Octavia Chan - 14 years old
Galson Chan - 12 years old - Adopted
Agoth Chan - 13 years old - Adopted
Frassin Chan - 13 years old - Adopted
Father John Chan - Civilian Combat Instructor, Deneva
Mother Jeannette Chan - Civilian, Deneva
Brother(s) Biological: None

Jason Chan
Martin Chan

Lei Shen - Combat Instructor, Deneva
Sister(s) Biological: None

Beverly Chan
Megan Chan
Other Family Biological: None - Nobody cares about Orphans born out of wedlock.
Biological Mother: B'Kor - Died from Infection due to overly excited client
Biological Father: Unknown - Presumed Deceased

Adopted: Several Others around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vrenn is generally laid back and is happy with what he has out of life, considering he's been shafted since the moment of his birth by the empire that he has come to outright detest.

He defines life by the depth of his hatred for the empire and love of the Federation who took in a lost child and made a man out of him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Extremely patriotic to the Federation will do anything for them. He despises the empire, he has an excellent work ethic

Weaknesses: he hates all things Klingon.
Ambitions To see the Klingon Empire fall and burn.
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who will anything once.

Personal History Vrenn was born in 2337 in a Klingon brothel in the Kentha Lowlands. Without any prospects he was used and generally abused by just about everyone in his life.

He grew to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open while he learned his the streets worked, he grew up quickly as a semi feral child as his mother died of an infection brought on by a client who wanted an abusive night of sex which was more then she could handle, breaking multiple bones in the process.

Her son came in and robbed her client blind while all of this was going on so he was caught at the scene where her body was discovered since he could not leave.

Vrenn used the proceeds after he sold everyone to the local street dealers to buy his way off world. He ended up on a tramp freighter off of Kronos where he ended up working as the ships cook.

During one evening meal, the ship was boarded and he learned quickly how to use a disruptor, helping the crew fight off the pirates and earning the respect of the crew.

Alas all things ended and so did Vrenn's time on the Freighter as he got off at Sherman's Planet and he made his way into the Federation.

Friendless and soon he was penniless on Deneva. He ended up getting into trouble as he was caught pick pocketing a Federation officer so he ended up heading with Jason Issacs to the Highland Mountains.

Here he received a decent childhood along with something of a martial upbringing and one of the local families took him in, formally adopting Vrenn as one of their own a year later.

He finished his childhood here in the Highlands of Deneva as a Klingon child who was fortunate to find somewhere where he felt he belonged, from the street urchin emerged a man who'm one could be proud to call friend. He displayed a talent for learning, using this he began to relax and excel at his studies.

He would go into the martial arts with a zest not seen in many years as he learned all he could before he decided he needed to repay the Federation for taking him in so off he went to the local starfleet base which was three days walk, so Vrenn took only what he needed to life and off he went.

He sought to sign on and the base commander sent his application in. The academy accepted and off he went to Earth. A world that was almost alien to him. He went in as a security officer and he excelled at his studies, almost from the moment he joined but it was here that he collided with another Klingon cadet named Worf who was from a noble house.

Needless to say the two men did not get along on any level whatsoever as Worf regarded Vrenn as an honorless dog who ran from the empire and Vrenn considered Worf an egotistical hothead who liked to fight for the wrong cause and the right price.

Vrenn decided that in order to succeed at his studies, he would not provoke the arrogant hothead and would thus avoid Worf in future. Vrenn graduated with honors and was assigned to Starbase Nineteen. He would remain here for five years, earning much respect from his peers and two promotions before going over to the USS Galaxy where he would remain for another four years.

He went into the second Borg attack on the USS Prague, Norway class
and he was he Exec assigned to her, he found he hated the Borg, almost as much as he hated the Empire and while he watched as many of his fellow Starfleet officers died, he came out the other end with victory.

Vrenn decided to submit his retirement paperwork around this time as well, he went home to Deneva where he found a craving for the peaceful life. It was around this time he met his future wife but their relationship was a slow and careful thing, that was what he had planned until he got her pregnant a few months later then their relationship got kicked into high gear.

Ultimately someone in Starfleet reactivated him and then he was reassigned to the Roanoke and her battlegroup. He decided not to fight the reactivation as he was curious about this assignment so he packed a bag and off he went.

His assignment here was short but violent as he was sent to the Gorn front along with the rest of the Roanoke and her fleet. He was assigned to assist with diplomatic efforts on Gornar while the Starfleet forces fought to liberate the Gorn from the Klingons.

His assignment here ended with the destruction of the USS Roanoke. He was reassigned to the USS Lyons which lasted a year and then he was sent to Starbase Vanguard as he was seen as a useful asset for the base and her people.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2357 to 2361 - Security Student
Cadet One - Four

Starbase 19 - Ournal I Class
2362 to 2367 - Security Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant

USS Galaxy - Galaxy Class
2367 to 2371 - Security Officer / Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Prague - Norway Class
2371 to 2373 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Monsoon - Defiant Class
2373 to 2376 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain
Commanding Officer - Task Force 16.6

Retired - Deneva
2376 to 2391

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2391 to 2392 - Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lt Commander

USS Lyons - Guardian Class
2392 to 2393 - Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lt Commander

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Chief Diplomatic Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
First Career:
2357 to 2361 - Cadet One - Four
2362 to 2364 - Ensign
2364 to 2366 - Lieutenant JG
2366 to 2371 - Lieutenant
2371 to 2373 - Lt Commander
2373 to 2376 - Commander
2376 to 2376 - Captain
Retired - 2376 to 2391

Second Career:
Returned to Starfleet - 2391
2391 to 2393 - Lt Commander
2393 to Present - Commander