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We Set Sail on this New Sea - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 1:57am by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Division Admiral Sildra Vaxx-Warfield & Division Admiral Maraad Skyshatter & Commander Vrenn Chan & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD & Post Captain Bardan Jusik

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0800Hrs - July 1st, 2393

Division Admiral Sildra Vaxxx-Warfield walked out into the operations center, her former office had been emptied off any of her things which she had taken home, now she was fully packed and ready to depart the starbase, one of the doors to her left opened and out emerged her former Executive officer, who was likewise departing the station, his mate and their children were going along as well. Vaxx-Warfield knew she was taking over as commander of Battlegroup Fur, the carrier group as part of the ninety-second fleet, whereas Maraad was going to take over as commander of group seven in the same fleet.

"So, this is goodbye Sildra." Maraad addressed her in a quiet tone of voice. "It is regrettable we did not get to serve longer together," Skyshatter commented.

"We did the best we could big man, the Seventh is lucky to have you," Vaxx-Warfield answered with a smile. "Considering the Starbase is still brand new and is still under construction in some places and under refit in others." the tall Bolian female explained with a smile.

Skyshatter nodded his head. "Aye, Celeste will do fine as the base commander, besides. we got several Admirals around to look after things should it become needed."

The Bolian giggled softly for a moment. "Yes, they do," she answered. "When do you leave?"

"In about thirty minutes or so," Skyshatter answered with a smile. "My new rank took effective thirty minutes ago and I turned over my office and post to Siaxx at that time. She moved in with only one item. I've heard of minimalist but Siaxx takes it to a level I've never seen before, she had one picture in her hands."

Vaxx-Warfield nodded. "It was of the man she loved before she met Chen. It was the first year of the Dominion War and she was right out of the academy. A man named Heraxx Shon." Vaxx-Warfield let out a soft sigh. "She tried to save him but she failed when he was trapped by fallen debris. From what I have heard, Siaxx never fully got over it."

"Could you?" Skyshatter inquired of her. "Could I?" he asked himself and her. "Had that been Se'yal. I would never have gotten over it and I would have made an effort to slaughter any Jem'Hadar I could find," he explained. "I would expect no less of her but Sildra, do you think you are being unfair of her?"

"How so?" Vaxx-Warfield inquired but she had a suspicion that she knew what he was about to say to her.

"What does your brother see in her?" Skyshatter inquired. "He must see something as he has five children with her so that tells me a fair bit. But that's me," he commented. "Now I'm not going to stand here and tell you what you can and can't do, but maybe you should apologize to Siaxx for whatever it was that you said that upset her." he then paused. "Maybe she needs to apologize to you as well."

"You don't know what she said to me," Vaxx-Warfield answered quietly.

"Is that what all of this was about?." Skyshatter answered. "Just harsh words, spoken at a poor choice of timing?"

"In a nutshell, yes."

"Sildra." Skyshatter paused as he had something of a eureka moment. "You had to prove you could enforce the rules and regs on a family member, so you slapped her with a removal from her command, not for her sake, but for yours. You needed to show everyone that you could do your job against a member of your own family." he sighed softly. "You were stuck in an impossible position, it wasn't fair to you or to her, with your brother caught in the middle." he sighed softly. "I am sorry Sildra."

"For what?" The Bolian woman regarded him in a confused manner.

"For what you must deal with for what you will continue to deal with, long after we both leave this room," Skyshatter commented in a quiet tone of voice.

Meanwhile, in the diplomatic offices, Fleet Captain Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx sighed softly as she gently held a small cube in her delicate-looking hands. "Well Bardan, you'll find your new home to be a nice place, I cleaned up after myself so you shouldn't find any trace of Bolian female anywhere." she looked up at the tall human male before her.

"I was never worried about that Siaxx. You sure you're okay with all this?" he inquired of her.

"My life has been in a state of flux for the last year and a half. Its been ever changing and never stopping, my fling with Phoenix, the Rend of my time on Roanoke, my command of the USS Tranquility and then Starbase 12, then coming here as their Colonial Liason officer and now as the Base Exec. I'm in demand it seems." the small Boilian female smiled up at the tall human but then everyone was taller then she was.

"Yeah, sounds like you've had quite the adventure. Hows Chen and your sons?" Jusik inquired of her.

Dvald-Vaxx smiled as she never ceased to enjoy talking of her family. "They are well, settling into life on the base, but I gotta tell ya, they were not happy with the rumor that I was leaving, only to find that it was actually their aunt who was departing." Dvald-Vaxx. "My eldest was quite... Loud on the matter," she added with a soft sigh.

"You'll do fine as the Executive Officer of the base Siaxx," Jusik responded, a smile on his lips. "Besides, It could be worse. I could be in Vrenn's shoes with those four Klingon teenagers he took in from the battle of Goranar."

"I forgot about those guys," Dvald-Vaxx admitted. "Hopefully they are settling in alright."

"Vrenn says they are. I have no cause to question him."

"Works for me," Dvald-Vaxx answered with a nod. "I'm going to head up to Operations and go check out my new den of sin." the small Bolian suddenly grinned at Jusik.

"You have such a dirty mind Siaxx. How does your husband tolerate you?" Jusik inquired.

"Well, he is a Bolian, same as I am and he prefers only one mate, me. I respect his choice with only one mate of my own, him." Dvald-Vaxx explained evenly. "Our arrangement is much the same as my sibling, Heris and I recommend not asking her that question. It can be taken as an insult."

"No insult was intended," Jusik answered quickly.

"I know. But Heris doesn't have my tolerance so I think a word of caution is warranted. For your sake I mean." Dvald-Vaxx answered. "Anyway, I am off to check out my new den of sin. Bye-bye." and with that, she turned and walked off, as she did so, the small Bolian began to gently sashay her hips from side to side ever so slightly.

Jusik sighed softly as he went into his new office in silence.


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