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The Long Way Home - Part Six

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 2:47am by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Commander Tienn Iteela & Commander William Sherman & Commander Pyre Sh'shritress & Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi & Lieutenant Cefa Alka & Master Chief Petty Officer James 'The Grey Ghost' Hunt & Master Chief Petty Officer Bernadette Williams & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Fleet Captain Coral 'Icecrown' Yamaguchi-Antilles & Post Captain Tirion Fordring

Mission: Mission 101: The Restless Shades of the Past
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1115Hrs - July 6th, 2393

Captain Coral Antilles regarded the two people who had come with her to the ship's main airlock. "Well, we're home, just a few years late." Captain Antilles commented as the three entered the airlock, the doors parted before them with a loud hissing sound. The computer beeped. "Starbase maintenance team approaching airlock five."

Captain Antilles nodded as the doors opened and in came three people, one of which she thought looked familiar to her but she couldn't be sure. She did not know the other two. "Commodore Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs, requesting permission to come aboard?"

"Granted, welcome." Coral Antilles smiled as she regarded Celeste Yamaguchui-Hobbs. "It has been a long time Coral, we never thought you were dead, just lost."

"Yeah, the trip and the battle almost killed us," Coral responded with a soft sigh as Celeste introduced the other two people with her. "This is Captain Tirion Fordring, my Chief of Engineering, he will assist your people with what needs looking after."

"Its good to meet you, Captain, Welcome home." Fordring smiled down as he regarded the smaller female before him.

Coral Antilles smiled as she looked up at the massive male before her, he wasn't human and she didn't know what species he was as she nodded to the Bajoran. Celeste then introduced him. "This is Master Chief James Hunt. He will assist your personal with their issues and concerns."

Hunt smiled. "Its good to see you Captain, welcome home."

"Thanks." Coral Antilles then handled the various introductions on her side. "This is Commander William Sherman, my first officer and Master Chief Petty Officer Bernadette Williams, my Chief of the Boat," she commented when suddenly the com system beeped. "Engineering to the Captain?"

"Go ahead Pyre. What's up?"

There was a sigh of resignation. "Captain. Could you come down here please, we have a serious problem."

"I'm on my way." Coral Antilles answered as Fordring followed her. "I'll go with you."

Sherman regarded Yamaguchi-Hobbs. "I'm sorry, we've been dealing with emergencies all morning."

"No, that's perfectly understandable. Maybe we'd best start evacuating your crew to the Starbase and seeing to the needs of your people."

"Sounds reasonable, let's do it," Sherman answered before he tapped his combadge. "Sherman to bridge. Start evacuating our people to the Starbase, let's save what we can," he said in a gentle tone of voice.

"Aye Commander, we're on it." came the response.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs raised an eyebrow. "You seem to think that this ship is a write off.?"

"Pegasus will never fly again, especially under her own power," Sherman answered. "Everyone else present knows it, we took too much damage and we're missing a good chunk of our armor plus one nacelle and most of the pylon," he added.

It was then that Hunt interrupted. "Skipper. I'm going to head on back to the starbase and make sure the accommodations and such are prepared and ready for the crew of the Pegasus." at Yamaguchi-Hobbs nodding her head, he turned and proceeded back into the starbase.

Meanwhile, in Engineering, the place looked like a war zone with debris and wreckage strewn everywhere as Pyre was standing at the master system display. "Ahh skipper," she said to Coral who introduced Fordring to Pyre. "What's going on?"

"Pegasus is bleeding to death skipper and I can't stop it." came the half-expected statement from her Chief Engineer.

"What's the prognosis?" Coral inquired.

"I have about two hours before the system fails, and the safeties go, after that, the ship basically looses all power, it's fortunate that we lost our warp core and all of the antimatter containment pods in the battle, otherwise Pegasus would turn herself into a massive fireball in two hours... As it stands, I can't stop the power drain as there is simply too much damage. Even if I could restore Pegasus's main power systems, the ship's superstructure is cracked in places, bent and warped in others." the Andorian Shen sighed softly. "Im sorry skipper, Pegasus gave her all saving us."

"I figured as much, try and hold things together for a little longer as we're evacuating to the Starbase. Tell your people to take everything of value."

"Yessir," Pyre responded as Fordring smiled. "I will stay and assist you as needed Commander. My guys will take over from your people and we'll handle things for you." the massive human-looking male explained.

"You are too kind but this is my ship and I won't just turn her over to anyone."

"Nor would I, or anyone else, demand it of you," Fordring answered in what he hoped was a placating tone of voice.

Pyre nodded her head. "Okay, then let's try to keep the old girl going a little longer." the Andorian added.

Coral Antilles turned and departed engineering, her next stop was the bridge as the hallways were covered in debris and wreckage, as well as the remnants of firefights with discarded armor and weapons strewn around. She tapped her combadge. "Antilles to bridge, status?"

"We're offloading our people onto the base now." came the response from Cefa Alka, the Bajoran operations officer among her bridge crew. "It'll be another hour or so before we finish relocating everyone, we're also using what's left of our shuttle loadout and the civilians are also being moved as well sir, they went first," she added.

"Very good. I'm on my way to the bridge now." Captain Antilles responded as she gently tapped her combadge before she pulled the cover off of a Jefferies tube, she climbed in and then pulled the cover back on afterward. Meanwhile on the Starbase. Hunt turned to the medical officer standing next to him. "How are things proceeding?"

"Things are going well, mostly stress and malnutrition, in addition to some blunt force trauma wounds, all in all, it's about what you'd expect from an event like this." Commander Tienn Iteela explained with a smile. "We have a lot of wounded but nothing major so far and so far, they are all who they say they are. From the USS Pegasus, lost in action six years ago."

Hunt smiled. "Good, we don't need any more of that insanity," he commented in a light tone of voice, the Bajoran female nodded her head in agreement. "Tell me about it. Besides. It's good to see this case finally wrapped up."

"Yes indeed Commander, it is good to see these people again," Hunt responded with a smile on his lips as another female approached, this one looked vaguely Vulcanoid and was younger. "Master Chief, you asked for this?" the young woman addressed him as she held out a PADD for his review.

"Hmmm Oh, what do you have for me, Lieutenant?" Hunt addressed McKnight-Yamaguchi.

"I have one thousand sets of crew quarters ready for your lost crew," she responded. "Mostly they are just the standard sets but I have one set of VIP family quarters and ten sets of senior officer level crew quarters, all ready to go. My people just checked them over and they are ready."

"Fine work Lieutenant, thank you." Hunt smiled as he reviewed the information on the PADD in his hands, he took his time giving it the once over, he didn't wish for any screwups or issues to arise from the work the people around him had done. Once he was finished, he sighed the PADD and handed it back to her. "Thank you for your patience Lieutenant."

"No worries Master Chief. Thanks." and with that, the younger female withdrew in silence.

Yamaguchi-Hobbs approached. "Status update Commander and Master Chief.?"

Tienn smiled. "We have over three hundred and fifty cases of wounded, several seriously but no fatalities so far, they are all who they appear to be sir, from the USS Pegasus that was lost six years ago."

"That's good to know. We can clear them for release into the general population then?" Yamaguchi-Hobbs inquired.

"No, not yet. I still have another five hundred cases to review first, my guys have been busy and its been none stop but the numbers to review are coming down slowly." Tienn Iteela explained with a smile. "Fortunately we have the medical staff from the Coral Sea, the Infinity and the Starbase ourselves so we are more than prepared for it." the tall Bajoran female then smiled.

"Good, keep me informed," Yamaguchi-Hpbb answered. "Can I tell Jake that he's allowed to come and visit his sister?"

"No. As I've not yet cleared her." Tienn answered, it was a bold statement and one she was sure would attract attention from both Yamaguchi-Hobbs and from Yamaguchi himself. "I'm sorry Commodore but the protocol is protocol. Otherwise, the rules have no meaning."

"You are quite right, of course, Doctor. I'll pass it along to Jake." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered. "He will understand."

"Alright. I'll try and move Captain Antilles and her husband to the front of the lineup if I can but I suspect she will actually be the last on my list, no Captain ever likes leaving the ship before anyone else."

"I know.. If you can, that's fine but if you can't then don't worry about it." Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered with a gentle smile on her lips. "It'll be good to see them again."

"Aye Commodore, it is good to have the Pegasus and her crew home again," Tienn said in agreement.


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