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Protection from Protons - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 5:15pm by Captain Alex Yamaguchi & Captain L'Ruan "Shield" Dragon & Captain Tolian Brevik & Commander Derris Feraan & Commander Malcolm Walters & Commander Gaggeva Stark & Commander T'Shamsu & Lieutenant Riycal Shonan & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 103: The Rumblings of Discontent
Location: Various Locations - USS Solemn Penance / USS Manticore / USS Rawalpindi and USS Ulysses
Timeline: 1000Hrs - September 1st, 2393

Captain Tolian Brevik regarded the PADD in his hands. "Lovely, so Starfleet Command will want us close at hand and we've been reassigned from the Fleet to Admiral Laskyt's command, that's because they will want us on hand to answer questions and the like," he commented evenly. "They will want to ensure the stain of this dishonor is expunged, I intend to see it done."

"But they could dismember our crew... Divide us up among a thousand ships..." Walters commented in a quiet tone of voice.

Brevik nodded his head in agreement. "That's at best Commander. Many of us will not be wanted on other assignments, they will see us as cursed, bad luck charms..." Brevik commented quietly. "Even myself... and I've been in the service for one and a half centuries." Brevik shrugged his shoulders, which indicated many things. "Malcolm, I have no idea of what Command will do with us... I suspect it will be somewhat stupid. Swift and decisive," he added.

"I wonder how bad this will be?" Walters paused before he huffed a soft sigh.

"Do not worry about the details," Brevik answered. "Let the investigators handle it, we will deal with the aftermath... I expect several dozen reassignments... To most of the crew being reassigned... My best advice would be to approve them all... and maybe we can salvage something from this wreckage of recent events." Brevik sighed softy.

Walters regarded his skipper. "Sir. Ironhide and his crew saved us from who knows what fate," he commented quietly.

"I know. I intend to stick them in for medals for bravery. I intend to recommend all involved for the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour." Brevik explained with a soft sigh, their conversation was interrupted when the Vulcan female presently seated at Operations turned her head. "Captain, we're approaching Starbase Vanguard," T'Shamsu reported,m in her clear and concise style of conversation.

"Understood," Brevik commented as the USS Fall of Berlin suddenly dropped from warp. The com system beeped at the bridge crew as T'Shamsu regarded the message that was coming in. "Captain. The Fall of Berlin is inquiring if we have engines online as yet?"

Brevik raised an eyebrow as he tapped the display on his right armrest. "Brevik to Stark... Chief. Do we have any engines yet?" he asked of his Chief engineer.

"I have limited impulse only." came the answer from the large Orion female. "It'll be enough to let us dock wherever needed."

Brevik nodded. "T'Shamsu. Inform the Fall of Berlin that we have limited engines... But we can get to where we need to go."

The USS Fall of Berlin brought the two ships out of warp near the Starbase as the various other Federation ships emerged from warp speed as they began moving towards various docking scaffolds, Solemn Pennance meanwhile slowly engaged her engines but held her position.

Brevik regarded T'Shamsu. "Hail Vanguard for me, please..."

"Docking tower reading sir," T'Shamsu answered in a flat, even tone of voice.

Brevik nodded as he spoke. "Approach control, this is Solemn Pennance, ready for docking maneuver."

"The answer was quick and simple. "Solemn Pennance is cleared to dock."

Brevik smiled as he nodded his head. "Lock on."

Shonan worked his pannel as he smiled. "Systems locked."

The lights around the bridge seemed to dim while turning from their usual color to a deep blue tone.

Walters grinned softly to himself. "Vanguard, you have control."

The answer from the Starbase was clear and quick. "Affirmative Solemn Penance, enjoy the ride and welcome home."

Brevik answered this time as he shifted his position in his chair. "Solemn Penance confirms."

The Solemn Pennance slowly moved into a large docking scaffold, Shonan smiled as he watched the displays on his pannel. "Vanguard is moving us into position."

"Stand by to Dock," Walters commented from where he was seated.

"Ready to dock sir," T'Shamsu answered in her usual crisp tones.

Walters watched the display on his own pannel as he nodded. "Engage mooring beams and lock off..."

Shonan nodded. "Aye Commander." he slowly smiled as several new sounds could be heard throughout the massive ship as she came into position.

"And... Docking complete." Shonan reported as a loud series of booming sounds could be heard as the Solemn Penance physically connected with the Starbase.

"Thank you, number one." Brevik smiled as she rose to her feet. "Well done everyone. I know this has been a trying mission, we've all suffered losses but we came through when the time came and others are alive because we acted. It's been my privilege to serve as your Captain and when you get to The Heavens Devil's Bar, the first round.. is on me." The El-Aurian paused. "I am sorry this mission ended how it did," he added in a quiet tone of voice.


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