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Captain Alex Yamaguchi

Name Alex Yamaguchi

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean and wry are what best describe this person. Alex is transgender rather than female so she isn't as curvy as her twin. Talon Yeager.
It's important to note that she has a female body but male genitalia, which do work so Alex can impregnate another woman.


Spouse Lt Commander Duran Syal - Deceased
Children None
Father Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi - Deceased
Mother Captain Rachael Yamaguchi - Executive Officer, Vanguard Defense Squadron
Brother(s) Jake Yamaguchi
Lee Yamaguchi
Ian Yamaguchi
Franklin Armstrong - April's Husband
Lee Antilles - Deceased - Coral's Husband
Steven Johnson - Heather's Husband
Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager - Talon's Husband
Sister(s) April Yamaguchi
Coral Yamaguchi
Heather Yamaguchi
Talon Yeager
Torilla Yamaguchi - Jake's wife
Julia Yamaguchi - Lee's Wife
Tienn-Yamaguchi Chesna - Ian's Wife
Other Family See the Yamaguchi Entry in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alex Yamaguchi is an extremely patient person, she is the quiet type and will spend time observing in silence everything around her. She is a member of Starfleet Mensa. Her IQ reads at the genius level and she almost never loses control of her temper.

Now in this new reality, she can reconnect with her new, massive family and hopefully, they can help Alex slay her demons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Alex is Pragmatic, cunning, exceptionally intelligent and stable. Astrid is highly practical in terms of not just weapons but also everything else around her.

Weaknesses: She has no idea of what she wants in life.
Ambitions To settle into her new life.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who will try anything once, including sex with any number of people. Astrid is not subtle, much like Talon.