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Sea of Tranquility - Part Seven

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 9:13am by Lieutenant Rachael "Ripcord" Yamaguchi-Cullen & Master Chief Petty Officer Ranav Dvald-Grenix & Fleet Captain Siaxx "Bluemoon" Dvald-Vaxx MD & Post Captain Heris Dvald & Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen & Jennifer Coulson

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Near the Plaza - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1200Hrs - May 20th, 2393

Duran Dvald regarded the display before him. "Computer, locate Commander Siaxx Dvald," he commented as his brother was standing with a PADD in his hands, he was trying to access the Federations comnet without any real success. That's because of the fact that he didn't know how to access it without a combadge and he also had never tried before either. "This isn't working," Dorin said to his twin.

"Then we'll try something else," Duran commented evenly. "Wait wasn't Aunt Siaxx close to a human woman. She married one... right. Phoenix something... Err I forgot. Dammit." the teenager responded. "Any ideas?" Duran inquired of his brother who simply shrugged. Clearly, he didn't know either.

The two boys sighed together as they both looked around. "Let's try one of the lounges. The Starbase Plaza isn't far from here." Dorin commented

"We're not allowed in there," Duran added.

"Yeah, well that's just stupid. We're not asking for booze, we're asking for help." Dorin commented with a sigh. "Let's go." and with that, the two brothers moved off down the hallway towards their new destination.

The lounge doors parted a moment later as the boys entered, they went over to the lounge. "Hey, we're looking for information." Duran inquired when the bartender came over to them.

"Umm how old are you son?" the man inquired as of the two young Bolian's before him.

"Too young. We don't want any trouble, we're just looking for information then we'll be gone." Duran explained himself.

"Okay. Let me go get the manager for you, she can assist you as I have others I must serve." and with that, the man withdrew, he returned a moment later with a middle-aged human female. "What's up, guys?. I'm Jen Coulson and I manage the Green Dragon. I'm told you need help."

"We're looking for some information and the computer is being less than helpful in regards to us," Dorin explained.

"I figured as much. So what can I do for you boys?" Coulson inquired.

"We're trying to find Commander Siaxx Dvald but the computer won't tell us where she is," Duran commented. "It said something about access being restricted for computer maintenance."

Coulson nodded. "The computer not working right would explain much.." she paused a moment. "Is she related to you two?"

"Yes, she is our aunt," Duran responded.

"Ahh," Coulson responded. "Computer. Locate Commander Siaxx Dvald?"

"Captain Dvald-Vaxx is located in Roanoke's hospital." the computer responded.

The two Bolian teenagers both shared a look. "It'll answer you but not us," Dorin commented in a suspicious tone of voice.

"You probably aren't in the system yet son," Coulson responded with a smile. "Don't worry so much," she added.

Meanwhile in Starbase Vanguard's hospital. newly promoted Staff Warrant officer Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen walked through the door, she was feeling a little out of sorts and she wanted a quick checkup.

The young female ambled over to the front desk. "Hello. No, I don't have an appointment. I'm here for Captain Dvald."

"Oh." the young officer behind the desk regarded Yamaguchi-Cullen, he clearly liked what he saw, Yamaguchi-Cullen cleared her throat as she frowned. "Stop undressing me with your eyes," she said quietly as she sighed softly while she gave the man a rather evil glare.

"Mm.. right." he paused. "What can I do for you?" he asked as he looked at her face, something for which Rachael was grateful, she was not a fan of being mentally undressed and she also didn't like it when people told her as much.

Yamaguchi-Cullen breathed in. "Yes. I am here for Captain Dvald."

"We have two Captain Dvalds." the man answered. "Which one?"

Yamaguchi-Cullen paused as she mentally facepalmed. "Right. Yes." Rachael answered in clipped, angry tones. "I'd forgotten about that. Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx, she is expecting me."

"She is huh?" the man gave her a dubious look as if to say that he didn't believe her.

"Yes, she is," Yamaguchi-Cullen answered quietly. "Why not go and ask her yourself." Yamaguchi-Cullen was getting angry, it was showing by the look on her face and the tone in her voice.

"I will." and with that, he turned as he tapped the console before him. "Doctor Dvald, you have someone here to see you. She's at the front desk."

"Copy, on my way." came a female voice.

Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx smiled as she rose to her feet, she was still wearing command red as she had refused to switch back to medical teal, she had slipped off her jacket so she could work easier, she simply lifted it as she went out the door. Meanwhile, Heris Dvald turned after hearing the summons, she too went to the front desk without answering. Heris suspected that this house call was for her sibling and not for herself.

Moments later Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx approached the front desk. "Hey, guys what's going on... Rachael. You're early." the smaller of the two Bolain females to appear, addressed her co-daughter.

"Yeah, well Engineering got a little tired of seeing my pretty face so they booted me out. I'm feeling a little weird, could you give me the once over?" Yamaguchi-Cullen inquired. "Besides, the twins are demanding."

"Lovely. How are things with them?" Dvald-Vaxx inquired.

Yamaguchi-Cullen grimaced. "They are demanding." she informed Siaxx, my next checkup is next week and you are welcome to attend, but then, could I stop you?" Yamaguchi-Cullen smiled.

"No," Dvald-Vaxx answered. "Your husband accommodates my requests because he knows I worry about you," While Dvald-Vaxx frowned, while she opened her medkit. "Let me see." as she tapped the tricorder, she gave her co-daughter the once over. "Yep. You're hungry. Come on." Dvald-Vaxx answered as the two went out of the hospital complex and into the main hallway, heading towards the starbase plaza which was over two thousand meters away, the location they were going for lunch was quite a ways away too.

"Yes. Ennis still speaks of the incident between you two," Yamaguchi-Cullen added in a dry tone of voice. "Apparently you were magnificent, quite a stallion in bed and he learned a few things from you." Yamaguchi-Cullen suddenly grinned. "Things he's shared with me and." Rachael's smile widened into a grin. "Well, let's just say that he makes me a very happy woman."

"I'm glad he remembers me fondly, I did not mean to cause issues between you two," Siaxx answered with a smile before she let out a soft sigh.

"You didn't. Siaxx, it wasn't your fault, do not worry about the misdeeds of others." Yamaguchi-Cullen responded. "Besides. I ended up with Taffy and she was enjoyable."

"I just realized something, the vast majority of your time in bed with others has been with other women," Dvald-Vaxx commented as she regarded her co-daughter.

"Yep, yet I married a guy and we have a family together," Yamaguchi-Cullen responded as she looked at Dvald-Vaxx. "How are things between you and your husband?"

"Things are good. Our sons are settling in. I feel so outnumbered, what with all the testosterone in my house." Dvald-Vaxx responded in a derisive tone of voice. "Also Chen wants more children."

"Wait, he does?" Yamaguchi-Cullen inquired. "Oh. I had no idea."

"Rachael. I never talk about these things because I know you just had two of your own less than two months ago." Dvald-Vaxx regarded her co-daughter. "Besides, Saki spends more evenings at my place then she does at yours, she has been a great help to me with the kids," she added.

"I'll make sure to tell Saki she's a good girl, next time I see her," Yamaguchi-Cullen answered. "I didn't know, she doesn't talk much about how she spends her time with you."

"I look after her and she spends more time my sons then I do," Dvald-Vaxx added, a gentle smile on her lips.

Just then the two women came around the corner as two young Bolian men were approaching them. Duran Dvald and Dorin Dvald both cheered instantly at the sight of their aunt. "Aunt Siaxx!" they both greeted her.

Dvald-Vaxx blinked as she found herself having a deer in the headlights moment. "Duran?. Dorin?." Dvald-Vaxx addressed her two eldest nephews at the same time. "Guys. What?. What are you doing here!" the small female stammered as she struggled to speak.

"Ambushing you," he responded as he picked her up in a big hug. Dvald-Vaxx's eyes opened wide as she felt her feet leave the deck, first one of them greeted her and then the second, who was more restrained, likewise greeted her. "Hello, Auntie Siaxx."

"Boys, why. How?" Siaxx struggled to say. "What are you both doing here?" the small female settled on these words.

"Well. We live here now." Duran answered. "Oh hello ma'am." he addressed Yamaguchi-Cullen whom he had only just noticed. The human female had taken a step back to give the three Bolians a little space. "Hello, gentlemen," Yamaguchi-Cullen responded with a smile.

"Hello," Duran responded as Dvald-Vaxx handled the introductions. "Rachael. These are my sisters two eldest teenagers. This is Duran and that one is Dorin."

"Its good to meet you two," Yamaguchi-Cullen responded as she lifted her arm in the Bolian style of greeting, both boys returned it. "Ahh, one who knows our ways," Dorin commented.

"You were expecting a handshake?" Yamaguchi-Cullen inquired.

"Actually. yeah." Duran answered as Dvald-Vaxx added. "Well Rachael and I were going for lunch, you two wanna join us?"

"We'd love to," Dorin commented. "We don't wanna get in the way," Duran added a moment later, clearly, the two had not discussed it.

Dvald-Vaxx gave the two boys a smile. "That's fine, you can give us a break from talking and you two can talk while we listen. We're good at that." she turned. "Rachael. Weren't you saying that you were feeling stressed and you found male Bolian's to be soothing?"

Yamaguchi-Cullen nodded, not missing a beat. "Yes, I did. I recall telling you that, two days ago mom. Over dinner."

"Mom?" Duran answered. "Wait..?"

"It's complicated, my friend," Yamaguchi-Cullen responded. "Our relationship is complex and our story is a long and strange one." when suddenly as if on command from the wave of a magicians wand. Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen appeared, the child brightened considerably. "Hey, mom, aunt Siaxx. Oh." she found herself being admired from up close and afar by two Bolian teenagers that she didn't know. "Hey boys." Saki greeted them.

Duran smiled. "Hello," he responded as he looked to Yamaguchi-Cullen. "She is your daughter, I presume?"

"Indeed. Duran and Dorin. Meet Saki." Yamaguchi-Cullen responded as she indicated her daughter who smiled. "Hey guys, whats going on?" the small child inquired.

Duran regarded her. "Hello Saki," he commented whereas Dorin simply nodded to her. "We're just arriving and we thought to bother our aunt."

"Oh nice," Saki responded in a cheery tone of voice.

Dvald-Vaxx smiled. "We were just heading for lunch."

"Sweet," Saki commented. "All of us then?" the child inquired.

"Yes," Yamaguchi-Cullen answered with a smile. "These two can tell us about themselves and we get a break."

"Okay." Saki fell into step with the other people gathered before they all began moving off towards the lounge again, Just then Captain Heris Dvald came around the corner, she regarded Siaxx and her co-daughter with a gentle smile. "Hey, Siaxx." Heris greeted her sibling, her accent was slightly different from Siaxx's and the larger woman regarded the people present. "Am I interrupting something?"

Dvald-Vaxx grinned suddenly before she went over and leaped into her sibling's embrace. "Heris!" the smaller Bolian greeted the larger one. "Heris. You got promoted. This is Rachael Yamaguchi-Cullen. She's my co-daughter."

Heris smiled brightly at the younger female. "Yeah. I'm now the Chief Medical Officer for this oversized bullet-magnet." she grinned at her smaller sibling and then over at Rachael. "Ahh, the legend herself. I had wondered if you were even real, Siaxx speaks of you in such lovely terms that I must confess. I wasn't sure." as she lifted her hand and held it out in the Bolian style of greeting.

Yamaguchi-Cullen smiled as she did likewise with her own hand. "Heris. I had heard of you too," she commented with a gentle grin. "What has Siaxx been telling you about me?" Yamaguchi-Cullen regarded Siaxx who wore an innocent look on her face.

"Probably the same thing as she's been telling you about me," Heris answered with a smile.

"Well, that's great but we can all catch up over lunch," Siaxx responded with a smile. "Heris, meet my co-granddaughter. Saki."

"Hello Saki, I have heard a great many things about you too." Heris smiled at the young child.

"Lies. I tell you milady." Saki turned to Siaxx, a smile on her face. "The lady doth slander me too much, I fear."

"Yes, I can tell," Heris responded, in agreement with Saki. "Well Saki, you can tell me about yourself at lunch. I don't think your mother would mind too much."

Oh no, Saki. Please feel free." Yamaguchi-Cullen responded. "Tell Heris about yourself," she added, a rather evil smile on her lips.

Saki smiled, taking her mother's hint as she walked beside the tall Bolian female. "Well you see Heris, it goes like this." and with that, she launched into her explanation, one that Yamaguchi-Cullen and Dvald-Vaxx both knew was going to take quite a while.

Dvald-Vaxx smiled as she turned to Yamaguchi-Cullen. "You did that on purpose."

"Maybe." Yamaguchi-Cullen suddenly smiled.


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