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Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen

Name Saki Rachael Jillian Yamaguchi-Cullen

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hallian - Human
Age 10

Physical Appearance

Height 4'2
Weight 65lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Saki looks like the average ten-year-old except she's slightly shorter and smaller then the average, she's also comfortable wearing little to no clothing whatsoever.


Spouse None - Too Young
Children None - Too Young

Sandstorm - Savannah House cat - Male
Perdicus - Savannah House cat - Male
Father Lt Commander Ennis Cullen - Chief Medical Officer, USS Heart of the Tiger
Mother 1st Lieutenant Rachael Yamaguchi - Starfighters
Brother(s) Daniel Cullen - (Adopted)
Anthony Yamaguchi-Cullen
Sister(s) Sarah Cullen - (Adopted)
Olivia Yamaguchi-Cullen
Other Family See the Yamaguchi Family entry in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saki is a generally happy and well adjusted child as she generally gets along with most people she meets so long as they don't start treating her like crap, while growing up she picked up a lot of Bolian, Halanan and Kurokuri customs and habits, meaning she won't wear a lot of clothing if she's warm. Saki has also developed a friendship with Ma'haat Dvald-Vaxx which she knows will develop to something more when the time comes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Saki is skilled with bladed weapons, she has considerable skill with bows and the like, her hand-eye coordination is outstanding for a child her age. She's also able to hunt and track, in almost any environment she's familiar with from deserts to the mountain, from arctic to jungle.
She's also a practical joker but only with family and friends. Also, she's able to sit quietly, doing nothing for extended periods of time which for a child of any age is impossible.

Her sense of humor, which can be way over the top at times. She also has a rather potent fear of heights. It's something she is working on.
Ambitions Saki wanted to make the best of her situation. She misses Ma'haat Dvald-Vaxx
To get to know Ennis Cullen and his children. Sarah and Daniel.
Hobbies & Interests Hunting and Tracking. Exploring interesting places, this is a child who will try anything once.

Personal History Saki was born during the first winter of the exile of Commander Teval and his company on an unnamed planet which became nicknamed Yeneer G8. Her date of birth is listed as March 21st on the Terran calendar. The year of her birth is 2391 but she lost eight years because of the temporal anomaly.

The lands which she grew up in were places which were varied in temperature and environment from desert to mountainous, the only environment she did not see was arctic or tundra.

Saki learned tracking and hunting from Teval and Hakaya, she also learned how to read and write from Siaxx and her mother, she also learned how to use a bow with arrows in her time at home.

Over time she learned how to fight from her mother who was also teaching Siaxx at the same time. Also, she learned many customs including Bolian, Kurokuri, and Halanan as well as human.

She grew to love the wild spaces of the world she knew as 'Auir', when there were a breeze and noise from the wildlife, all was well but she grew to listen to everything and when things went quiet, she would stop as well as it usually indicated that a predator was nearby.

Since coming aboard the Roanoke with her mother, she has has some serious issues integrating into life on the ship as its quiet so she is in a state of near constant fear, adding to that she has issues meeting new people and new place where she is being told that she can't go anywhere or do anything. She has found herself missing the place she called home.

Calling Saki Yamaguchi, a fish out of water is a very serious understatement.

She ended up being scared out of her mind due to an accident with a Brikar named Varkon, she fled through the ships Jeffrey's tubes before getting lost and ending up in the skipper ready room, this incident put her square on Zara Tane's radar.

Unfortunately, Saki has become something of a thief, being able to lift other people's replicator rations and knives without their looking, all of her efforts was to simply get through a day in the local cesspool of a school which her efforts of course came to naught as Ensign Elizabeth Yamaguchi along with Colonel Jillian Sullivan uncovered the real story and in the ensuing melee, Elizabeth was assaulted by one of the kids who hit her with a baseball bat.

Saki went over and strangled the boy to within an inch of his life, she also beat the ever living daylights out of three others who were beating on her friend, Sarah Cullen.

Lieutenant Bernice Gyce pulled Saki out of school with her mother's blessing and now Saki along with a few others are being homeschooled.

To add to Saki's misery, most of her family is displeased with her for various reasons but mostly because she didn't tell them outright what was going on. Saki also misses her mother whom she was very close to as Rachael is off with her boot camp work.

Saki has since grown close to Ennis Cullen and Bernice Gyce as a result of this. It also helped that she developed a friendship with Sarah Cullen separately to her mother's own relationship with Ennis. Since her mother left for warrant school, Saki had been settling into life aboard the Tranquility and had become a much happier child as a result.

However more recently, both of Saki's parents went off to war and her home was lost in the battle over Goranar, now Saki has had to adjust to more changes and now she's living with both her parents on the Ournal III Class Starbase designated as Vanguard, however, she and her family live on the planet Utgarde Four, rather than on the base itself.

Ennis Cullen was offered an assignment as Chief medical officer of the USS Heart of the Tiger and Saki, along with all of the other children in her household went with him, her other was forced to remain behind, due to the demands of her assignment and work, there was simply no posting for her to go to, so Saki is now learning to live life without her mother present, she's also missing her friend. Ma'haat Dvald-Vaxx too. Its been challenging for her to process all of this in one go but she's trying her best.
Service Record None as yet