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Lieutenant Rachael "Ripcord" Yamaguchi-Cullen

Name Rachael "Ripcord" Yamaguchi-Cullen

Position Chief Conn Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Halanan/Human
Age 25
Birthdate September 15th, 2376

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Black with chestnut highlights, Just over shoulder length
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rachael has a slender but muscular build, she's rather dark skin from a great deal of sunlight she received while being isolated on Yeneer G's surface for eight years, she doesn't have an ounce of fat on her as she's never been able to put the weight on. This has garnered her a great deal of attention from others, some wanted but a great deal of it is unwanted.


Spouse Lt Commander Ennis Cullen - Chief Medical Officer, USS Heart of the Tiger
Children Sarah Yamaguchi-Cullen - (Adopted) - Female
Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen - Female
Daniel Yamaguchi-Cullen - (Adopted) - Male
Olivia Yamaguchi-Cullen - Female
Anthony Yamaguchi-Cullen - Male
Father Admiral Jacob Lee Yamaguchi - XO, Starfleet Forces, The Taurus Reach
Mother Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer, USS Grey Wolf
Brother(s) Gabriel Yamaguchi
Paul 'Nix' Yamaguchi
Kameron Yamaguchi - Brother in law - Married to: Elizabeth
Atin Temeti - Brother in Law - Married to: Selendis
Sister(s) Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar
Ouros Yamaguchi
Selendis "Ratchet" Yamaguchi
Lasarra Yamaguchi
Diamond Yamaguchi
Tressa Yamaguchi
Savannah Yamaguchi - Sister in Law - Married to: Gabriel
Other Family Many Others scattered around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rachael is pleasant to deal with and talk to, she has some telepathic abilities and some telekinetic capabilities, she can pick up large objects and hurl them considerable distances with a minimum of effort. However this doesn't mean she wants to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She has a profound sense of right and wrong, she also has an excellent regard for patience, also she has no trouble being told what to do.

She also has no problems helping others or using her abilities and skills to protect the weak or the innocent from those who would harm them, she is capable of extended periods of work without rest.

Weaknesses: She has a temper like everyone else in her family, however, she's working on it.
Ambitions To be a good mother to her children, Saki as well as Sarah and Daniel. Plus whatever other children she decides to have with Ennis

Also to develop her new skills in hunting, tracking as well as archery which she finds relaxing.

She now seeks to gain a commission so she can go into Starfleet rather then remain with Starfleet Starfighter Command. While she loves flying, she wants her family more and she's looking into other options for her career.
Hobbies & Interests Many and considerable, flying, history in various forms, archaeology in various forms, combat training and archery. This is a woman who will try anything once.

Honing her new skills on the holodeck with her children by her side has become her new hobby of choice. Spending time with her husband and children is something she greatly enjoyed and now that silence fills the empty house, nbow that they are gone, she found her mind was not at rest as questions lingered on.

Personal History Rachael Yamaguchi was born on the USS Courageous to Lieutenant Torilla Yamaguchi and her father Captain Jake Yamaguchi, on the 15th of September in 2376.

Rachael was the youngest of the then three children as she was regarded as the Captain's Daughter. Now because of the time dilation effects, she's the middle of all of Torilla and Jake's children but she is much older than earlier.

Gabriel and Elizabeth welcomed this new addition to their family as they were both involved with their mother's pregnancy so neither felt they were being replaced but then Torilla and Jake were always close with their children.

Torilla sensed right away that Rachael would be something different and she knew she needed to not make the same mistakes with her that she had made with her eldest two children.

Elizabeth had introduced Rachael to her various hobbies and so did Gabriel and as Rachael grew older, she displayed maturity beyond her years because of an incident in which she faced her own death at the hands or rather the gravity well of a Neutron Star.

Torilla and her children could 'hear' the gravity well singing to them because it warped local space-time with the power of the gravity it generated, it was something Elizabeth considered painful but Gabriel considered interesting, Torilla liked it but Rachael hated it. It wasn't until much later that she came to understand what exactly she had faced.

Jake and Torilla had taught their children to face their fears and never ever run from them, 'fear is meant to be respected for it teaches us patience and respect, but it is also to be conquered lest it conquers us. Sometimes fear is the greatest enemy we will ever face.' he taught all of his children this.

Jake and Torilla were both were gentle with their children, never once did they ever have to raise their hand to them as they considered that to be beneath them and theirs so he set goals for them to meet and exceed, everyone else set the bar high as these three were the Captain's children.

As a result, they were driven to excel and they did. Rachael meanwhile received a training program from the CAG - Commander Air Group for her ninth birthday after she got to see the inside of a Peregrine class starfighter.

Since then she's been training in the program, using it on almost a daily basis for at least two hours at a time but sometimes that could go as high as five hours in one sitting so she's racked up over a thousand hours in Peregrines and another several hundred in Valkyries.

Her time of bloom came to an end almost a year after she underwent the process of starting it and now her powers will diminish over time to about the same level as her older sisters.

In about October of 2390, Rachael had become pregnant by accident with Paul Harrison's baby, Paul Harrison has since refused to acknowledge the baby as his so Rachael was left to raise the child as her own which she is set on doing.

Her flight skills and combat skills had improved to the point where she was able to not only participate in a series of exercises for the Squadron Commanders but excel in that she was able to down several of them and one of them several times.

Trouble was, the pilot in question left the simulators, got drunk and came back with the intention to kill both Lt Commander Wukari 'Desert Fox' Kalina and Rachael herself, she sustained serious wounds as she sustained broken arms and a broken leg, she almost lost her baby but she wasn't told about that little detail. However, her mother was informed and Rachael found out later about the matter anyway.

Rachael also got to pilot the USS Roanoke herself out of spacedock which impressed everyone involved as Torilla realized that her baby had become a woman within her own right and when second wing's fighters were delivered, she obtained two of the cats, a mother and child pairing as Wukari claimed the second child.

Rachael slowly came to terms with recent events as she was unaffected by the hooch incident and as luck would have it, she was off the ship when the outbreak happened aboard the USS Roanoke.

When she returned with the small task force of Runabouts with their fresh supplies, she was placed into medical quarantine along with everyone else, she took the time to catch up on homework and paperwork after finding out what happened to her mother and sister.

She took nearly losing her mother rather hard, the choices her mother made and Rachael coming to terms only hardened her.

She decided to go and finish her education in Starfleet and earn her Marine commission and earn her status as a Starfighter Pilot.

Due to recent events aboard USS Roanoke, Rachael wanted to go and spend some time with her father aboard the USS Song of the East but Siaxx talked her into going to a medical conference on Deneva, Rachael needed time to process recent events which were quite trying for her.

She never made it as she ended up in a subspace sinkhole with several others, also she gave birth to her daughter while inside the sinkhole.

She named her daughter Saki instead of Jill which was her first choice. that happened after she was attacked by an Ambush Predator.

It was a very sobering moment for Rachael who had come face to face with death, Rachael was not present when Siaxx finished her friends suffering with a merciful death, it was an act that Saki had requested of them both, then Rachael and Siaxx both shared the responsibility of burning their comrades body, they then captured as much of her ashes as they could and they stored it in a rather large urn, they later returned this urn to Kishimoto's family.

Rachael was the second of her group to spend time with Greywolf but this only happened after Saki became ill and very nearly died from complications, Greywolf saved her from losing her daughter with homemade milk which Rachael nicknamed 'Cocobread' Milk. Something that Saki would come to prefer over all other kinds of drinks.

Rachael would also come to learn the language of Greywolf's clan as she was present when Siaxx was offered membership in Greywolf's clan, the invitation extended to Rachael herself and to Saki as well, all three of them accepted the honor.

Rachael also learned about Greywolf's people as she was impressed by how Siaxx had taken to the Wulgarish culture, history, and sense of purpose as well as their honor.

Rachael would later lose Greywolf to old age as she watched Siaxx almost lose herself to a broken heart, her work on the matter was not in vain as both women would be reunited with Phoenix less than six months later.

Rachael was present for Phoenix delivering her siblings later that year, she would also help Phoenix in looking after then until rescue came late the following year for everyone involved.

When Rachael was rescued, she was a semi-feral woman raising a semi-feral child and now she needed to adjust to wearing real clothing again, as well as teaching Saki a lot of things in a short time.

Two weeks into the colony relief mission to Tarod Nine, Rachael was getting ready for a training flight when she found herself going into combat for the first time, she ended up snagging three kills while in combat but she very nearly landed a half dozen people in jail and after departing, she found herself questioning her chosen career path.

It wasn't until later, she was spending time with Saki on the beach, just the two of them when Phoenix who had heard what had happened, came to console her student.

Rachael ended up meeting someone during would later become known as 'The Peeves Incident." Where everyone on the ship got laid due to hormone overload, thanks to Commander Torilla Yamaguchi and Lieutenant Furban.

Rachael ended up with a Doctor from the USS Tranquility and the two happily enough bonded quickly over an early dinner and time at Rachael's quarters, thankfully the ships crew's children were down on the planet so they were unaffected, their minders were also unaffected as was the CAP from Roanoke, none of the other ships were affected either.

The Doctor's name was Ennis Cullen, he had a daughter named Sarah who was a year or so older then Saki and a toddler named Daniel who was eighteen months old, Rachael makes an effort to get along with his children, same as he makes an effort to get along with Saki.

Rachael recently has gone off to boot camp to further her education and one month into the colony relief assignment, she went planetside to learn what it meant to be in the military.

Rachael would get very little time off during the next two and a half months of the boot camp but in the end she would graduate and end up Roanoke for a week, she would end up getting hurt during the hanger deck fire but she would suffer some minor burns and some spinal cord damage but nothing serious.

Once Roanoke got back to the Spacedock, she would go off to warrant school so she was going to be gone for another three months. Except for this time, she will leave her daughter in the care of someone who can actually care for her.

Upon her return from warrant school, she went in for hours of flight training where she earned her first callsign of 'BUGS' which means 'Boobs Under G-Suit'.

Rachael honestly didn't mind it though many of her squadron and wingmates could say otherwise. Her wartime experience was one of constant work and fear, she was assigned to assist with damage control efforts which ultimately proved futile in saving the Roanoke but Cullen was able to assist with other ships being able to save themselves from Klingon ships battle damage.

Once the war ended, Yamaguchi-Cullen found herself being reassigned to the dockyards on Starbase 12 and here, she and her family got to serve alongside her aunt April. Rachael then floated between various assignments while there were hundreds of ships that needed repairs.

A year later, Rachael finally stuck in for reassignment and she was sent to join the rest of her family on Starbase 47. She had no idea of the horror that was waiting for her on her journey or the joys of the same. While assigned there, she would have an illegal reprimand removed from her file and she would be granted her commission and the bronze star she had earned while fighting over Gorannar. What she did not know was that she was that the Bronze star would be upgraded to a Christopher Pike Medal of Valor several months later.
Service Record USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
2390 to 2391 - Trainee
Flight cadet

Exile in the Woods - Yeneer G
February 2391 to March 2391 - Time dilation Effect
This effect was ninety-six times faster inside the anomaly the outside. She was actually gone for a month in real time, however, she aged eight years physically as a result.

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
March 2391 to April 2391 - Trainee
Flight Cadet

Starfleet ROTC - April 2391 to June 2391
Flight Tech Trainee - Trainee

Warrant Officer / Flight School - New Holland, 32 BETA RIGEL
July 2391 to September 2391 - Trainee
Flight Tech Trainee

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
2391 to 2392 - Fighter Pilot
Warrant Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
2392 to 2392 - Engineer
Warrant Officer

Starbase 12 - Ournal III Class
2392 to 2393 - Engineer
Warrant Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Starfighter Pilot / Squadron Commander
Warrant Officer / Staff Warrant Officer / 1st Lieutenant

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2390 to March 2391 - Trainee Cadet
March 2391 to April 2391 - Flight Cadet
April 2381 to June 2391 - Flight Tech Trainee - Trainee
June 2391 to September 2391 - Flight Tech Trainee
September 2391 to June 2393 - Warrant Officer
June 2393 to July 2393 - Staff Warrant Officer
2393 to Present - 1st Lieutenant