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Just Another Tuesday

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Division Admiral Thomas Lasky & Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Vice Admiral Valerie Dessaix & Division General Donovan Garibaldi & Lieutenant Maurice Crane

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Operations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0800Hrs - August 12th, 2393

The operations center on the starbase was buzzing with activity. Through the chaos, a small and calm crowd of observers made their way through.

"As you can see, Counselor, there is a lot going on here. Star Fleet needs to keep track of the flow of starships, communications, and any notable anomalies." Dessaix told Renkampf.

"But why do you people have to do this here? I'm sure you can build something like this on a larger ship?" Renkampf asked.

Duval chuckled softly. "Sure, if you want half the personnel on the ship being administration personnel.

"Admiral!" Crane spoke up. "Incoming message from Draco Vega III. They are under attack from a force of Klingon ships. The colonists count five warships. They are starting to bombard the colony." Crane relayed to information. "Admiral, the signal was cut off."

Duval nodded her head, ever composed and cool under pressure. Her right hand tapped the combadge affixed to her uniform just above her left breast.
"Admiral Duval to Admiral Lasky?" she inquired calmly.

"Go ahead, Admiral," Lasky answered evenly. Seated in his office, he had a feeling as to the cause of her call but he wanted her to be specific.

"We've received a distress call from Draco Vega Three, they say they are under attack from several Klingon ships but the message cut out abruptly. Can you send help?" the older female inquired.

"Affirmative Admiral... I have four ships preparing to answer it as we speak," he added. "The Khyzon, the Peerless, the Derilyn, and the Pembo will be answering the distress call shortly," he added.

"Very well. Duval out." and she tapped her combadge lightly a second time, her movement was careful and composed before she turned to her visitors.

"Admiral, the marine QRF can catch a ride on one of those ships. If the Klingons start to land on the colony, it may be the best way to wrinkle them out without our ships blasting the colony." Garibaldi informed Duval.

Duval nodded. "A good idea General." as she gently tapped her right forefinger over her jawline, clearly in thought. "I'd recommend either the Khyzon or the Peerless but I leave that up to you. " the older female added.

"I'm not familiar with either ship or their captains," Garibaldi admitted.

Duval nodded. "That's alright. Neither am I." she answered evenly. "That's Admiral Lasky's domain and I do not need to interfere with things."

"Admiral!" Crane spoke up again. "I'm getting a distress call from the SS Caravan. She is a colony ship. She just came through a solar storm. They have damage to their ship's systems and multiple casualties."

Duval tapped her combadge. "Admiral Duval to Admiral Lasky."

"Yes Admiral?" came the expected answer.

"We've received a distress call from a colony ship, it's the SS Caravan. She's reporting damage and casualties, could you deploy someone to aide her?"

"Willdo," Lasky answered. "I have the Kala'din ready for her patrol, I'll send her and I'll have the Ayalam replace her on her patrol run."

"Thank you," Duval answered sweetly. "I will leave you to it. Duval out." as she turned back to her visitors. "Had this Starbase not been here, both the colony ship and the colony would be waiting for weeks for help... The help that would come far too late."

"Not if a small flotilla of ships were patrolling out here," Renkampf replied. "They could have done the same job."

"Oh, give it up Harmony," Sternwald interjected. "You know damn good and well the ships fighting the Klingons are going to need to be repaired. A ship tender this far out just won't cut it. The brave crews are going to need a place to rest and have some fun so they don't go insane this far out. Not to mention the astral beacons that will need maintenance. No, Starbase 47 is needed and you have just seen why."

Sternwald turned to Duval. "Well done, Admiral. You and your people are an asset to the Federation."

Duval nodded her head. "Thank you," she answered, considering she was unsure of exactly what to say on the subject.

The door to the base Commanders office opened and out walked a tall, slender looking female. "I apologize, my meeting took longer then I expected," Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented as she greeted the gathering before her.

"We were just witnessing the efficiency of your crew, Commodore," Sternwald told her.

"Ahh, sounds like the average Thursday." the tall female smiled while she answered him. "Colonial rescues, Freighters needing a hand. Sick people needing healing... Yeah, the average day." Yamaguchi-Hobbs commented with a rather wise smile.

Dessaix nodded at Yamaguchi-Hobbs but said nothing. She knew that command and crew had proven themselves.

"Admiral," Crane spoke up again. "The colony has its comms working again. The Klingons have landed in force. They request help."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs raised an eyebrow. "General. Do you got some troops ready?"

"Yes, I do," Garibaldi replied. He contacted the base. "Major Rohr, is your battalion ready?"

"The battalion is mobilizing now. Ouros and her company are ready and awaiting a ride to the colony."

"Alright, tell Ouros shuttles are on the way. Garibaldi out." He turned to Yamaguchi-Hobbs. "Yeah, within a few minutes a company of marines will be embarked. Within an hour a battalion of marines will be embarked ready to help the colony."

"Thank you, General," Yamaguchi-Hobbs answered with a smile.

"I for one have seen enough." Sternwald loudly announced. "My staff and I are off to..." Sternwald then turned to the young man on his staff to hear something before returning to the crew. "We are off to Triton's Harvest. All food and drinks at this establishment will be on my tab."

Yamaguchi-Hobbs regarded him, her smile did not waver. "Thank you for visiting Operations."


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