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Vice Admiral Valerie Dessaix

Name Valerie Dessaix

Position Second Officer, Starfleet Forces, the Taurus Reach

Rank Vice Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 54
Birthdate May 26th, 2339

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 175
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Thin build, she is an active person. Valerie keeps her hair back and well trimmed. Has a dour expression on her face.


Father Betrand Dessaix
Mother Pauline Dessaix
Sister(s) Aimee Dessaix-Brunn
Bridgette Dessaix-Motte

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dessaix is a consummate professional. She has put duty before everything else.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very meticulous and thorough. She keeps up with her profession and is very skilled at her work.

Dessaix can be cold and abrupt with subordinates. Often seen by them as aloof.
Hobbies & Interests Valerie is still into sports. She plays racket ball and soccer. She also enjoys scuba diving. She still reads up on oceanography. She does have a tendency to drink to much.

Personal History Valerie was born the first of daughters to a family in 2338 near Rouen France. She was an avid athlete and had an interest in oceanography when she was growing up. When she was sixteen her father's business collapsed and he family fell on hard times. Her family lacking any finances, she applied for and entered the Star Fleet Academy.

At the academy she joined the women's soccer team. She also studied oceanography. She did well and made a few friends. Valerie was hoping to be assigned as a Science Officer. She was, to her disappointment, assigned to Operations.
Service Record 2355-2358 Star Fleet Academy. Graduated and assigned to Operations branch.

2358-2360 Assigned to USS Tyne, Centaur Class. Assigned to Operations. Ensign and promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

2360-2364 Assigned to USS Nashville, Freedom Class. Assigned to Operations. Lieutenant, junior grade and promoted to Lieutenant.

2364-2368 Assigned to USS Punjab, Cheyenne Class. Assigned to Operations and later as department head. Lieutenant and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2368-2370 Assigned to Santiago Station, Regula Class. Assigned as Head of Operations. Lieutenant Commander.

2370-2375 Assigned to USS San Marco, Norway Class. Assigned as Ship's First Officer. Lieutenant Commander and promoted to Commander. The ship was crippled during the Dominion War and later scuttled.

2375-2380 Assigned to USS Hippolyta, Centaur Class. Assigned as Commanding Officer. Commander.

2380-2384 Assigned to USS Io, Luna Class. Assigned as Destroyer Captain of the 17th Destroyer Squadron. Commander promoted to Captain.

2384-2388 Assigned to Star Fleet War College as Cadre. Captain promoted to Commodore.

2388-2392 Assigned

2392 Assigned to 1st Independent Battlegroup, 4th Division. Commanding Officer. Division Admiral.