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Burnt, then Frozen - Part Three

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:26am by Division Admiral Talon Yeager & Captain Iason McKnight & Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager & Department Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen "Orthos" McKnight & Major Daisy Rohr-McKnight

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Rohr-McKnight's Home - Utgarde Colony
Timeline: 1820Hrs - August 5th, 2393

Orthos stepped outside as he found Melody standing there, staring off into the distance. "You okay?" He regarded her with an expectant eye, she had just watched her mother being assaulted by another member of the family no less and what was worse was that it was all within his family.

Melody turned. "I could ask you the same question Dad. I've never seen you lose it like that..." she commented as if commenting on the sports highlights. "I always wondered if you had feelings for mom. Considering you gave her Marie."

"Marie was an accident," Orthos answered quietly. "Talon wanted her so I supported her as best as I could. She was going through that divorce at the time and she needed some time to herself. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed together." he let out a soft sigh.

"Don't worry dad. It happens." Melody answered. "You and mom have always had a complicated relationship," she added.

"Yeah. I loved your mother. A part of me still does." Orthos admitted

"I know Dad, you and mom both made an effort... " Melody regarded him with her dark eyes. "Its a shame your son had to actively sabotage your efforts the way he did."

"I'm sorry Melody," Orthos answered. "Losing my temper was... beneath me."

"But he was the cause... Why you and mom, never got together..." Melody answered. "Iason let me believe that it was my fault," she added in an angry tone. "All these years. I thought it was me."

"No," Orthos answered as he regarded her, he gently took her hands in his. "It was not you, ever... Iason had issues with the passing of his mother. He saw your mother as a threat to me while forgetting I had to move on, past Vanessa and get on with my life."

"But what would you have done if things had not gotten so out of hand.?"

"More than likely. I'd be married to your mother with maybe one or two more children..." Orthos commented lightly. "Our lives would have been different in unusual and fascinating ways," Orthos answered.

"Yeah... But that'll never come to pass now."

"I'm sorry Melody." Orthos sighed. "But you were not and nor were you ever the cause of what happened.." Orthos explained as he heard the second set of footsteps approaching from behind. He turned his head as he regarded his present wife. "Daisy. Has Iason left yet?"

"The MPs took him to the station. He'll be processed then released unless Talon wants to press charges." Daisy informed Orthos.

"I'm going to leave that one with Talon to sort out for herself," Orthos growled at his wife. Melody regarded her father. "Dad, calm down... Iason is gone and we can move on without him."

"Melody. This entire chain of events is my fault, just as much as Iason being an ass... I left it alone for twenty-five years too long." Orthos answered evenly, fighting to calm down.

Melody regarded her father. "You wanted mom and Iason to work it out as adults should. He's twice my age and yet, he behaves worse then Edward throwing a tantrum and that guy can throw tennis balls really hard... I mean have you ever been on the receiving end of that boy's arm?" she regarded Daisy as she asked the question.

"Yes, he can throw a mean fastball." Daisy laughed. "Why don't you go back inside and get yourself a drink?"

Orthos regarded his wife as he shook his head. "I'm... poor company right now."

Melody regarded her father for a moment. "Dad, what happened was not your fault. It was Iason being unable to let go of his mom, it was him being unable to process the fact that you and mom had a connection, in the shape of two children and you still have a special place in your heart for her, otherwise you wouldn't try to include mom in various events." she indicated Daisy. "Daisy, what do you think of my mother... Honestly?. Don't you resent her being around at times... I know I would..." she asked.

"Why would I be resentful? I have a wonderful husband and two children. Orthos may have a flame for Talon but it is something that will never be. The two of them are just incompatible." Daisy answered.

Orthos regarded his wife with surprise as he clearly was not expecting her to say that but it was Melody who answered instead. "Wait. How so?." she asked. "Mom and Dad have plenty in common. Otherwise, they wouldn't be bouncing around the issues that unite them, and divide them."

"I didn't say they had nothing in common. I said they are incompatible. Their lives are always at different stages from each other." Daisy smiled at Melody. "One or the other would have to reorient their lives but neither wants to do that to the other."

Orthos regarded his daughter and his spouse in turn, he could see the dispute brewing. "Melody," he said simply. "She's right, Talon was a young adult when she had you and I am old enough to be her father."

Melody regarded her father. "That didn't stop you from-"

"Stop, Melody," Orthos commented. "Do not finish that sentence young lady." He added with a soft growl. "You were not born yet and you could not know your mothers mind on the subject. Talon made the best of several rather ugly choices and that was only because I said I'd help her, otherwise, you would have been raised by someone else and that's even assuming Talon didn't abort." he reminded her. "She has told you the long tale of what happened after My Pon Far decided to fuck us both over. I know she has told you that story... Because I insisted that she be the one to tell you."

"Why her?" Melody demanded.

"Because it's possible to make no mistakes and still lose. Talon didn't want to become pregnant and she didn't plan on having sex with me in a cave on Mars. Sometimes stupid things do happen, sometimes the truest test of character is in how we deal with these stupid events. Talon has more guts and balls then most men I know."

"Mom really is something," Melody admitted.

"I admired the courage your mother showed in carrying you to term and I fell for her. But I didn't force her to do anything, I said that I would respect whatever choice she made, and she decided to carry you to term, knowing I'd be there... But do keep in mind that I was still more than twice her age at that point." Orthos sighed softly. "Iason is six years older then she is." he regarded Melody. "Talon is as young as my youngest child I had with Vanessa." and then he indicated Daisy. "Daisy here is over ten years younger then Talon... One wonders how she feels about that."

"It doesn't bother me in the least. Love isn't tied to a chronometer." Daisy replied then looked to Melody. "I love Orthos because he is Orthos."

"Had Iason been more accepting of Talon in the first place, maybe things would have been different but I can't say that. I can only deal with what's in front of me, Melody." Orthos answered. "I will speak with Iason and I will unfuck his attitude and one way or another, he will fucking learn."

Melody shook her head. "Let it be Dad. He'll never change and he'll resent you for getting involved." she sounded dismissive on the matter. "He is an idiot and he's shown that he's an idiot." she paused. "When I get done with him, he will wish it was you dealing with him..."

"Melody, it may be better to give Iason some distance. Iason has dug a hole for himself and now decided to shit in it. Don't get that smell on you." Daisy advised Melody.

Melody softly growled. "No. He's mine," she answered Daisy. "I love the hypocrisy here and I will make him suffer for it."

"Melody. Leave it be." Orthos answered. "It's not worth losing your temper over."

"Tell that to my mother who just had her face smashed in." Melody snapped back. "I'm gonna fucking make him pay for that."

Orthos regarded his daughter, he sighed softly. "Alright. If you wanna go beat the shit out of your brother. I am not going to stop you." he explained.

"Melody, you do know that Iason is in custody? You'll have to go through the MPs to get to him. If you do take your vengeance, General Garibaldi won't have any mercy to anyone that trashes his provost." Daisy told Melody.

Melody gave Daisy a rather evil glare. "I don't give a fat rats hairy ass about General Whats-his-name. I will deal with him in my own way. Stay out of it." and with that, she turned and walked back inside. Orthos sighed. "Let her go clear her head. In this state, she's useless to anyone," he explained.

Daisy looked over at Orthos. "We need to keep track of her. Neither of us wants her to get herself or one of the MPs hurt."

Orthos nodded. "Yeah. Good idea," he commented quietly. "But the best thing we can do is leave it be and hope she doesn't do anything stupid."

Daisy nodded. "Your right."


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