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Division Admiral Talon Yeager

Name Talon Yeager

Position Group Executive Officer

Second Position Second Officer - 92nd Fleet

Rank Division Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Willowy and muscular are what best describes this woman


Spouse Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager - Fleet Chief of Staff, USS Shinano
Children Natural Born:
Lieutenant Melody Yamaguchi-McKnight - Child from a one night stand with Orthos McKnight.
Perea Yeager
Othello Yeager
Marie Yeager
Edward Yeager
Syal Yeager

Noel Yeager - Talon's adopted child.
Lieutenant JG Samantha 'Sammy' Yeager - Child from Davijaan's first marriage
Lieutenant Monique Deepshadow - Child from Davijaan's previous relationship.
Father Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi - Deceased
Mother Captain Rachael Yamaguchi - Executive Officer, Vanguard Defense Squadron
Brother(s) Jake Yamaguchi
Lee Yamaguchi
Ian Yamaguchi
Franklin Armstrong - April's Husband
Lee Antilles - Coral's Husband
Steven Johnson - Heather's Husband
Sister(s) April Yamaguchi
Coral Yamaguchi-Antilles
Heather Yamaguchi- Johnson
Alex Yamaguchi
Torilla Yamaguchi - Jake's Wife
Julia Yamaguchi - Lee's Wife
Tienn-Yamaguchi Chesna - Ian's wife
Other Family Many Others scattered around
See Yamaguchi Family tree in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally laid back and easygoing. Talon enjoys the company of her new husband far more then she thought she would as he isn't an asshole to her or to her children, he also brings two adult children of his own to the table. Sammy Yeager and Monique Deepshadow.

Talon has an excellent sense of humor that she sometimes uses as a shield.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: she's very detail oriented and very much a team player. she's easy to get along with, both mentally and physically. she's also very highly trained in the martial arts.

Talon is a professional through and through so she has a good degree of knowledge on how to do her job, she won't loose her cool easily, also she is the quiet one, always sitting and evaluating in the background, she's always watching and this makes her twice as dangerous as the average Joe, also she listens and pays attention to everything.

Talon has a good, robust sense of humor that's easily applied to any situation and can be used to break the ice in any situation, she sometimes uses humor as a shield but she is usually quite a cheerful person.

Weaknesses: The fact that she was just recently divorced from her husband can be something of a distraction for her.
Ambitions To be a good mother to her children, first and foremost, the second is to be a good Captain to her crew.
Hobbies & Interests Talon is generally a happy woman, she will try anything once.

Personal History Talon Yamaguchi was born in 2348, the fourth of five children of Dr Rachel Yamaguchi and then Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi on a cold December Morning, when Talon first saw the sky, it was dark with the stars scattered across the ferment of the cosmos, she would develop the love for the stars seen in all members of the Yamaguchi family.

She grew up on Earth Spacedock, orbiting Earth with the rest of her family as her father was assigned as the bases command master chief while their mother was assigned out with the fleet. This suited Talon and her sizable family just fine as she grew up, a happy child with two loving parents that adored her and her siblings, it seemed like nothing could go wrong until that fateful day in 2366 when her mother died.

For the family, it was a very bitter blow and for Talon, it forced her to confront the realities that sometimes came with being a Starfleet Officer, inspired by her mother's courage in facing the Borg, she was able to draw strength from that rather then slowly self-destruct as two of her sisters did, Coral and April, also set her focus on her main career in life. Starfleet as a Tactical Officer, partly to protect others and to also avenge the death of her mother.

Talon graduated high school in early 2366 and applied right away for Starfleet Academy, following all her sisters and her brother, she was accepted into that years fall semester as a student so she packed up her life and moved to San Francisco, she moved in with a couple of her high school friends until early December 2367 when she moved onto the campus full time, partly because she wanted to apply herself and also because she couldn’t handle the loss of her mother who died at Wolf 359. It was a very painful and would take her many years to truly get past. Also she began learning martial arts and this was something that would sustain her through many dark days and nights that lay ahead for her in her career.

During a cadet exercise on Mars in her second year, she ended up sleeping with a fellow student who was going through the Pon Farr, the student in question was old enough to be her father but neither of them spoke of the event or what happened afterward when Talon became pregnant with her first child, a daughter she named Melody.

Talon and Orthos shared raising this child after Orthos reminded Talon that he was going to be a responsible father, citing his considerable experience on the subject. Talon also got to meet Orthos's other children, many of them were older then Talon herself was, they also regarded Talon with interest.
Talon found interacting with them to be somewhat intimidating but it was Iason who really made sure Talon knew where she stood with him, and everyone else, as a result, telling her that in no uncertain terms that she was not welcome in his family. He made the mistake of threatening her to her face and she quite literally smashed his face in for his troubles.

Talon knew that her chances of a relationship with Orthos had been fried to ashes and then melted down to nothing, she decided she was going to share Melody with her father but she was not interested in any kind of relationship with Orthos's other children as she hated them all.

Talon graduated the academy in early 2370 and with the threat of wartime hanging over the heads of everyone in the Federation, whether or not they were in Starfleet began to gnaw at Talon as she was assigned to the USS Hornet, a brand new Akira class carriers, she was here for the better part of a year before she went over to the Lexington, one of the newest Galaxy class ships and it was here where she would face the first year of the war with the Dominion.

The other two ships she served on was the USS Essex which was a Sovereign Class and the USS Dauntless, another Galaxy Class ship. By the time the war ended, Talon had gone from a green recruit to a seasoned veteran with a half dozen medals to her credit and a department head posting along with a great deal of respect and acclaim to her name.

Yamaguchi requested a posting with something other than a warlike feeling so she ended up going over to the USS Hood where she served as Chief Security and Tactical for the better part of three years, then she went over to the Defiance where she helped shake that ship down, Talon was requested to stay and she decided it would help her later. She stuck around on the Defiance for another three years, it was here where her command skills that she had acquired over her time in Starfleet began to manifest themselves as she was made the second officer and later first officer.

Yamaguchi was offered a promotion to Commander and a posting to the USS Pathfinder, newly refitted to 'Two' Specifications, she accepted and so Talon test the new mark two upgrades to the class leader, she was the executive officer at the time and for her it was one of the most challenging assignments she would yet have as something was always happening, also something always broke at the worst times. What helped her was that Rear Admiral Paul Antilles had taken notice of her. Talon quickly found herself becoming one of his most prized Exec's and he's had more than a few, it was he who recommended Talon for her own command.

Sadly, however, fate intervened as someone transferred her off of the USS Pathfinder onto an assignment that needed a serious dose of cleaning up. The USS Kersaint was a real festering shit pile. The senior staff was rank with corruption and crime, it took her the better part of a year but she was able to clean up the ship with a flamethrower and an old style nuclear warhead. In the end, most of the ships crew and her senior staff all ended up in jail for quite the pile of offenses from prostitution to running drug rings.

Needless to say, Talon despised the assignment and so she was offered another assignment, one which was a major surprise for her. Commanding Officer of the USS Praetorian, it was here where she would meet the best and worst man in her life. Captain Jerome Hunt

Needless their relationship progressed quickly, almost too quickly and it soon became apparent that there were problems between them, by this point they were married and Talon was struggling with her second pregnancy. The first child Melody was also affected by her relationship with Jerome Hunt and when Melody turned eighteen, she left home to escape a man she considered the greatest threat to her since the end of the war with the Dominion. Melody made her mother very aware of what was bugging her about Jerome and Talon did take her daughter seriously.

Jerome was not prepared to have a family so he withdrew from Talon, leaving her to raise the kids almost by herself, a fact which did not go unnoticed by Paul Antilles who told Jerome Hunt exactly what he thought of the matter, Jerome didn't take it well and both men came to blows. Jerome was a desk jockey and Paul Antilles was a seasoned combat veteran. Needless to say, Jerome lost very very badly.

Talon remained out of it and a few months later she was offered a promotion to Commodore and command of Starbase 45, an Ournal II Class Starbase which would be a massive job and it was one she accepted with relish. At first, she had two frigates and a light cruiser assigned to her base but it was a few months later the USS Fe'garren would reinforce her. Jerome followed her to the Starbase which only made things worse as he should have remained on the Praetorian. However, her crew disliked Jerome as he was a rules person and not a people person.

Talon also was informed that she was being divorced as her husband wanted to make his career a priority and rather than sort things out with her, he decided it was best to simply cut the excess baggage loose, that being the children and her as he decided he wanted not to do with any of them. This led to a punishing divorce as Noel was taken from her into foster care and it was a very near thing that she didn't lose her other three children either but then Jerome wanted rid of Noel only.

Talon decided to simply let him go rather than fight with him as she was sick of walking on eggshells all the time around him. Her avoidance turned into loathing which turned into outright hatred of him, citing that he is a eunuch and not a man. Her hated of Hunt dragged all the other members of her family on the subject, even her student hated him. It was about this time that she became pregnant with child number four, after a one night encounter with her old flame, Orthos. She did not mind in the least and neither did him. Except this was the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Jerome Hunt.

Commander Tom Lasky and Commodore Jerome Hunt came to blows with Hunt accusing Lasky of bedding his wife behind Hunt's back. Lasky knew that talk was a waste of effort so the two men squared off in a bout that saw Lasky walk away and Hunt didn't. Lasky didn't know that him having a relationship with his sensai was even an option but he was attracted to Talon in various ways.

Talon's remaining children, Othello and Perea with Marie are all quite young but while they are a handful, Talon herself was more than up to the challenge, she is also a tenth level black belt in several martial arts and is considered by many to be more dangerous than a squad of Special Operations Personnel. Her students tended to agree with this statement as Yamaguchi was hard with them but she was also fair.

Talon also teaches her family how to defend themselves, however, her main student is Torilla Yamaguchi, among others and the two women train together quite often but considering the nature of their assignments, not as often as they would have had Torilla remained on Starbase 45 before her student went over to command the USS America.

In mid-2390, Talon requested a grade reduction in rank so she could take command of a mission into the Gamma Quadrant to get away from the issues swirling around her and her badly handled divorce, her request was approved but her grade reduction in rank was not and so off she went to command the USS Fe'garren and its small battlegroup into the Gamma Quadrant. The mission continued for over a year before the Fe'garren was crippled by an attack by an unknown species, the crew was rescued by her battlegroup but the Fe'garren, while she was recovered, she was a total loss.

Talon was cleared of any wrongdoing in the events that lead up to the encounter before she was assigned back to Starbase 45 as the base commanding officer.

During the Starfleet Military Reorganization Act of 2391. Talon's rank remained the same as she was not due for a promotion. Upon her next promotion, she will go to Division Admiral rather then Rear Admiral as Starfleet decided to add a new flag rank here.

She would remain here with her family, she was reunited with Noel after fighting for her in court and she also became pregnant with twins as a result of the Pineapple Incident in November 2391. Now she has Noel in her life, alongside two new children in addition to the four she already has. Talon won't be getting a break from the demands of children for many years to come. Her entire family, along with her husband and his eldest from his first marriage were all assigned to the USS Shinano as Talon Yeager begins to flex her skills and abilities in showing just what a Vishal class starship is capable of doing.

The USS Shinano fought well during the Federation's response to the Klingons invading the Gorn in mid-2392 and Talon, after discussing it with her second husband, decided to go back to using a hyphenated name rather than just Yeager.
Service Record Education:
2354 - 2360 - Elementary School - Earth Spacedock - Earth, SOL
2360 - 2366 - Junior High School - Earth Spacedock - Earth, SOL

Starfleet Academy - Earth
2366 - 2370 - Tactical Operations
Cadet One - Four

USS Hornet - Akira Class
2370 to 2372 - Tactical Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Lexington - Galaxy II Class
2372 to 2374 - Tactical Officer

USS Essex - Sovereign Class
2374 - 2376 - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

USS Hood - Excelsior Class
2376 - 2379 - Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer
Lt Commander

USS Defiance - Akira class
2379 - 2382 - Executive Officer

USS Pathfinder - Pathfinder II class
2382 - 2383 - Executive Officer

USS Kersaint - Sovereign Class
2383 - 2383 - Chief Security Officer

USS Praetorian - Pathfinder II Class
2383 to 2388 - Commanding Officer

Starbase 45 - Ournal III Class
2388 to August 2390 - Commanding Officer

USS Fe'garren - Galaxy Class
August 2390 to November 2391 - Commanding Officer

Starbase 45 - Ournal III Class
November 2391 to 2392 - Commanding Officer
Commodore / Division Admiral

USS Shinano - Vishal Class
2392 to Present - Commanding Officer, Shinano Battlegroup
2393 to Present - Second Officer, the 92nd Fleet
Division Admiral

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2366 - 2370 - Cadet One - Four
2370 - 2371 - Ensign
2371 - 2372 - Lieutenant JG
2372 - 2375 - Lieutenant
2375 - 2379 - Lt Commander
2379 - 2383 - Commander
2383 - 2388 - Captain
2388 - 2392 - Commodore
2392 - Present - Division Admiral