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Post Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager

Name Davijaan Ryan "Oddball" Yeager

Position Flag Officers Chief of Staff

Rank Post Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 275lbs
Hair Color None - Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Large and massive are what best describes this walking powerhouse.
He can handle almost any environment known to man or beast from arctic like conditions to extreme heat.


Spouse Division Admiral Talon Yeager - Commanding Officer, Shinano Squadron
Children Lieutenant Melody Yamaguchi - Talon's child with Orthos McKnight
Lieutenant Monique Deepshadow - Result of one night stand with Leah Deepshadow
Lieutenant JG Samantha 'Sammy' Yeager - Child from First Marriage

Noel Yamaguchi - Talon's adopted child, adopted by him.

Perea Yeager - Talon's child from her previous marriage, Adopted
Othello Yeager - Talon's child from her previous marriage, Adopted
Marie Yeager - Talon's child from her previous marriage, Adopted

Edward Yeager
Syal Yeager
Father Captain Edward Yeager - Deceased
Mother Admiral Nicole Yeager, Starfleet Medical
Brother(s) Edward 'Shield' Yeager - Marines
Sister(s) Angela Yeager, Deceased - Climbing Accident in 2368
Captain 2nd Grade Shando Yeager - Chief Conn, USS Shinano
Commander Heather Yeager - Starfleet
Other Family A couple others scattered around.
Ja'nette Yeager - Deceased - First Wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview War does funny things to people. Similarly, some people do funny things with war. Davijaan was the resident wiseass on his various postings, often tossing in a world weary joke into the stew which is his daily routine.

A excellent pilot, engineer, marksman and an excellent explosives technician, Davijaan has an overdeveloped sense of irony that could be mistaken for fatalism. "Oddball" earned his nickname after an ordnance accident that left him and Ensign Walon Vau without eyebrows for a short time. He could double for an officer in almost any department without a problem.

Davijaan has never had any reservations about helping someone in need, they have only to ask him and he'll go aid them with whatever needs fixing, breaking or anything in between.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He'll do whatever needs to be done to ensure his people come back alive, whether or not command likes it. He's very reasonable and laid back, almost to the point of coming across like he doesn't care, even when on duty.

Weaknesses: He wants to find a wife so he can start a family, finding someone who can fill the role is demanding. He's worried he isn't being a good father to his children.
Ambitions To become an Admiral. Also to find a mate and start a family of his own.
Also to be a good father to Sammy and all of his other children that he inherited with Talon.
Hobbies & Interests Special Notes: Several Battle Scars from the Dominion War, also he has a rather large series of Maori tribal patterns, mostly lines and swirls, a dark red in color. stretching across both arms, his entire chest, stomach and his entire back down to his waistline. Several years later he decided to extend the mass of maori tribal patterns down to his feet.

2368: Arrested for Conduct unbecoming an Officer when a bar brawl got ugly. Spent a week in the Brig.
2379: Formal Reprimand entered when Davijaan struck a fellow officer during a heated argument, was not charged.
2383: Written reprimand entered into his record when he failed to follow proper protocol regarding combat training and weapons, was not charged.

Hobbies: Fixing broken things. Flying. fencing and general combat training, Explosives, Keeping up with the
newest Starship and Technical designs, Cooking, Singing

Languages Standard, Klingon, Cardassian, Limited Andorian and Vulcan.

Personal History Davijaan Ryan Yeager was born in the Early Hours of April Eleventh in the Year 2347, in the capital city of New Seattle on Vega Colony. His father cared more about Starfleet then he did about his new family and so Edward Yeager went back to his Command and he forgot about his family. His wife divorced him 2 months later and they split their separate ways. David to this day will not speak of him, citing that the 'seed donar' was less then worthless.

His Mother was a Medical Officer Stationed on Starbase Three at the time and so she requested a transfer to Starfleet Medical so she could teach new students as well as keep an eye on her family that now numbered just three. Her eldest daughter Angela who as 2 years old at this point and her new infant children, Davijaan and his twin, Shando.

Nicole tried to raise her family as best as she could without their father being around and she tries to tell herself that she did a good job but when Davijaan was 16, Tragedy struck the small family when Angela Yeager was killed in a freak climbing accident, this almost broke Davijaan as he was very close to his older sister but it did break their mother's heart, It greatly angered him as he had nobody to take his rage out on but it also hurt his twin sister too.

His gym instructor knew of his issues at home and in school so he decided to help David attain some peace, he taught him the basics of Klingon Mokbara, partly to see if Davijaan wanted more and also to see if he had the mental discipline for it. However all the gym teacher did was whet David's appetite for more so over the course of the next two years with the consent of Davijaan's mother, Davijaan learned various styles of martial arts, how to defend oneself and others with his mind, hand to hand and with various weapons.

Meanwhile the death of his sister only pushed Davijaan even harder to the point where he was burning out in school, it didn't help that he was getting into more and more fights with the local school bullies, he used his martial arts training to deal with them one at a time, this earned him much scorn from the other students and even some of the teachers, finally the issue was settled when the gym instructor asked Davijaan point blank if he wished to continue his martial arts training.

Davijaan was confused and said that he did, the gym teacher then asked him to remember what he had learned and then he asked Davijaan to recite the very first thing that he had been taught "the true ninja is a master of himself and his environment, he uses his skills for peace and defense, never for attack." it was meant as a life lesson, one that Yeager would take to heart.

Davijaan realized now how he had made his error, he had let his ambitions and ego overwhelm what he had been taught, worse still was the fact that he had used his skills for aggression.

He graduated near the top of his Class in the final exams and then he took the summer off as he applied for Starfleet Academy. During his summer off, he spent time traveling to various locations and he stopped in central Africa to learn about the cultures he found there, he returned in early August with a rather extensive Maori tribal pattern of swirls and lines, starting on his upper chest and like the tribal pattern sported by Chakotays people, his stretched across his chest and stomach as well as both arms, neck and his entire back, the ink was a dark red, almost a maroon in color as some said he was stupid while others thought he was crazy. Yeager however did not care as he did not listen to the words of idiots as Yeager called many others around him.

He was accepted in the fall of 2363 at Starfleet Academy, on Earth as an Engineer with an appetite for destruction. Some said that he was a throwback to Earth's World War Three because sometimes he liked nothing better then to set a charge and watch it blast something apart and others liked having him around because he could get things done.

What Yeager did not know was that he had gotten a fellow cadet named Leah Deepshadow pregnant after the two ended up going back to her place for a night of passionate sex, something they both enjoyed.

It was here where he met his first wife, a Klingon woman named Ja'nette, Daughter of Kla'targ. She however was one of the most unusual Klingon's Yeager had ever encountered simply because she was a Starfleet security officer and she didn't beat on the drums about honor. The two hit it off almost instantly but little did Yeager realize that he had impregnated her.

She might not have been big on honor but he was and for her to keep hers in the eyes of her people, he had to wed her. so he did his duty and he did indeed wed her, she accepted but over time, the two developed a strong relationship after the fact.

Upon graduation, their first and last assignment together was on the USS Obsidian, an old Excelsior Class that was approaching her 4th Major refit where several months later, their first, last and only child was born. However it wasn't to last. Two months after Sammy was born. Ja'nette was raped, then mutilated and then left to die slowly as Davijaan found her several hours later as she lay in a pool of her own blood and body parts.

She died in his arms, this ignited a fuse in Yeager's soul as he proceeded to hunt down her killer. He caught him several days later and his manner of death was most graphic as he toss him out the airlock over a planet while wearing an envirosuit. Yeager put a hole in the suit in one place so it would slowly leak air, then he spaced his mates killer. The man floated long enough to fall into the planets atmosphere, the fall burned him to ashes which for Yeager was enough.

in Early 2370. Yeager was assigned to the USS Peerless, it was here where he served in the years leading up to the Dominion War and he earned a lot of respect here because of his skills in the engine room but he won even more respect because he was a single father, raising a child alone.

Yeager served the entire Dominion War on one of the few major ships to see the fighting and every major battle from beginning to end.
Davijaan ended the war with more personality then when he started it as he had wound up seeing a lot more combat then he had expected, honestly he was sick and tired of the entire thing so he requested a transfer over to another assignment, something that would give him a change of pace. Yeager found himself in demand and he was assigned as the Chief Engineer of because he was one of the more experienced officers.

The Gateways crisis followed by the Trill terror attacks reminded David that just because the Dominion War was over, people could still die so he expressed an interest in attaining his sniper certification, partly because he wanted it in case he was called on to defend himself and others but also in case he was ever asked to serve in other roles. Also around this time he began expanding his skill sets, so he took an online course for Warp Drive Mechanics. Two years later he had a masters degree on the subject.

Yeager was promoted to Commander in 2378 after being reassigned tot he USS Relentless as he was sought after by the skipper of said vessel, however due to the Relentless being destroyed later that year because someone had attacked a convoy as bait to draw the Relentless into a trap. Paul Antilles ordered his crew to abandon ship before her auto-destructed the ship, destroying the ambushing force in the process.

Yeager transferred out of Engineering and moved into command as he was offered the Executive Officer slot on the USS Tiberius, it was an Akira class vessel but here he gained a great deal of experience and was well prepared when he was offered command of the Hyperion in late 2381.

Yeager's assignment commanding the USS Hyperion lasted four years before Rear Admiral Joshua Mitchell requested Yeager and assigned him to command the USS Miranda-B, replacing Captain Christopher Summers who decided to submit his retirement papers simply because he knew Starfleet JAG were going to crucify him for gross negligence which almost got a third of his crew killed in a skirmish against four Klingon ships, all because Summers fired first.

Davijaan Yeager decided to take his time settling into the center seat as he was permitted to select his crew, he then kept the ones he knew could handle it and got rid of the majority of the lackeys that Summers promoted over the good people.

He remained in command of the USS Miranda for six years before she went in for refitting up to Renown class specifications, he was reassigned to the Roanoke's battlegroup as their Chief of Strategic Operations, based aboard USS Dreamcrusher, he welcomed the change of pace but he knew he'd miss the Miranda. Sammy who was now newly graduated from the academy and assigned to her fathers command, against his better judgment, simply went alongside her father without protest.

It was ironic in that while assigned to the Roanoke's battlegroup, Davijaan would meet the woman who would later become his second wife. Commodore Talon Hunt. Neither of them were looking for a relationship but they ended up in one together as a result of the Pineapple incident. She was curious and so they began spending time together and as the next year progressed, they began dating and soon they got married when it became obvious that she was pregnant with his child.

Talon did not object to this, if anything she welcomed his attention with her and her existing children who if anything were happy to have a father figure in their lives once again.
Service Record Education: 2351 - 2357 - Primary School - New Seattle, Vega Colony
2357 - 2363 - Secondary School - New Seattle, Vega Colony
2363 - 2367 - Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2363 to 2367 - Engineering Cadet
Cadet One - Four

USS Obsidian - Excelsior Class
2367 to 2370 - Engineer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Peerless - Galaxy Class
2370 to 2373 - Engineer

USS Dauntless - Galaxy Class
2373 to 2377 - Chief Engineer
Lt Commander

USS Relentless - Galaxy Class
2377 to 2378 - Chief Engineer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Tiberius - Akira Class
2378 to 2381 - Executive Officer

USS Hyperion - Galaxy Class
2381 to 2385 - Commanding Officer

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2385 to 2391 - Commanding Officer

USS Dreamcrusher - Guardian Class
2391 to 2392 - Fleet Chief Strategic Operations Officer

USS Shinano - Vishal Class
2392 to Present - Flag Officers Chief of Staff

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2363 to 2367 - Cadet One - Four
2367 to 2368 - Ensign
2368 to 2370 - Lieutenant JG
2370 to 2373 - Lieutenant
2373 to 2378 - Lt Commander
2378 to 2381 - Commander
2381 to Present - Captain