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Major Daisy Rohr-McKnight

Name Daisy Rohr-McKnight

Position 1/37th Marine Battalion Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Her Klingon heritage is very evident. Tall with an athletic build. Long hair that is kept up.


Spouse Department Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen "Orthos" McKnight - Command Chief of the Taurus Reach
Children Edward McKnight
T'Sara McKnight
Father Conrad Rohr
Mother Zydu Rohr
Brother(s) Dr. Ajax Rohr
Dr. Titus Rohr
Sister(s) Dr. Ambrosia Rohr
Lieutenant Penthesilea "Ilea" Rohr
Other Family Several others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally a quiet person and keeps to herself. Does have a dry sense of humor that shows through occasionally. Doesn't like people who are bombastic.

Very professional and takes her position seriously. She has no respect for social or political climbers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Gifted athlete. Her partial Klingon physiology makes her very sturdy. Daisy has an uncanny ability to understand a tactical situation.

Studies tactics and techniques constantly. Keeps up with intelligence reports. Trains herself and Marines under her very hard.

Daisy suffers from a sense of inadequacy. She was raised to be an academic in a family of academics. Daisy's family is not pleased with her decision to join Star Fleet. Is considered an underachiever by her family.
Ambitions To perform well in her job and try to keep her Marines alive.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys listening to classical music.

Personal History Grew up on Korcyria III, a research world. Her parents are both academics. Daisy's mother, Zydu, is Klingon. She fled the Empire after her house lost in a feud. To protect her children Zydu didn't teach them anything about Klingon ways, customs, or language.

Daisy and her siblings were groomed by their parents to be either an engineer or scientist. Daisy was also a good student and had a choice of where she could continue her education. They were not happy with Daisy's decision to enter Star Fleet. At the academy, Daisy decided not to apply for Science or Engineering and instead applied for Marines.

Daisy was a good student and her time at the academy would have uneventful if not for her cadet cruise. During the cruise, an enlisted Marine was being insubordinate. Daisy lost her temper and crushed the marines ribs. She was given a severe reprimand and was almost dismissed from Star Fleet.

Daisy's first assignment was on the USS Golconda, a merchant freighter. The freighter hauled weapons and special components so a small Marine force was there for security. Normally such an assigment would be mind numbing bored. On Daisy's watch things were different.

The Golconda was attacked by a group of terrorists known as the Scions of the Blood Raven. The assault was beaten off. They did destroy a lot of freight and there were several casualties. the ship was so badly mauled it had to return to docks for a refit.

Daisy was reassigned to the 11th Special Service Marines. the 11th was composed of Federation Marines and Romulan security personnel. The dual command allowed the unit to act on both sides of the border. Thsi was needed as the Scions were made up from both Vulcan and Romulan zealots.

While the duty was unpopular, it was largely successful. Many of the Scions were killed or captured. After almost two years the group was almost exterminated. The Scions last stronghold was on Rasna Secundus.

The Scions captured several hostages from a Federation-Romulan transport. The 11th was tasked with their rescue from Rasna Secundus. The rescue turned into a debacle. The Scions had three Scimitar class warships that decimated the combined Federation-Romulan task force. The Scions also had, unknown to Federation intelligence, several units of Remian shock troops.

The rescue party was quickly cut apart. Most of the hostages were killed. The team did just barely hold out until a relief force arrived. Daisy was the only officer left alive, the rest were killed.

The operation was an embarrassment to the Federation and Romulan empire. Several hostages were killed along with hundreds of military personnel. Both navies lost several ships. Daisy was made the scapegoat of the disastrous operation to save face on both sides.

On her last assignment, a diplomatic posting, Daisy left under a dark cloud. During an arms control summit she phasered and stunned several high ranking diplomats. She was quickly reassigned to the Roanoke.

Daisy has so far proven herself on the Roanoke. She has also become involved with another Star Fleet officer, Orthos McKnight. The two are expecting a child and plan on marriage.
Service Record 23- Entered Star Fleet Academy.

23- Merchant Marine security detail. Most duty on USS Golconda. Re-assigned after Golconda sent back to shipyards.

23- 11th Star Fleet Special Service Marines.

23- USS Shiloh

23- Detached to Star Fleet Diplomatic Corp on SB 179

2388- USS