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No Prisoners, Only Trophies - Part One

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 2:13am by Division Admiral Talon Yeager & Post Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager & Captain Iason McKnight & Lieutenant Melody McKnight-Yamaguchi & Department Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen "Orthos" McKnight & Major Daisy Rohr-McKnight

Mission: Building Our New Home
Location: Rohr-McKnight's Home - Utgarde Colony
Timeline: 1800Hrs - August 5th, 2393

Captain Davijaan Yeager regarded his wife, he was wearing a pair of jeans, hiking boots, and a sweatshirt, it was cold on this particular afternoon and he was not liking the cold. Talon's clothing attire was mostly the same as her husband, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. "I can hear you thinking, wife of mine." Davijaan regarded Talon with a look that could have meant many things.

"I'm worried that this is going to be stupid," Talon admitted. "Orthos never dealt with Iason before," she added as she followed her husband down the street towards their destination, her footsteps were short and quick whereas her husbands were longer and slower, the two spent the walk in silence, letting the cold air washing over both of them, they reached their destination before Talon hesitated, she then gently tapped the doorbell.

The door opened and Orthos smiled as he regarded the mother of two of his children. "Hey guys, come on in," he commented in a soft tone. "Daisy is in the kitchen."

Talon smiled as she gently gave Orthos a hug. "Hey, its good to see you."

"Its good to be seen. Come on in, out of this cold." Orthos turned and allowed his friends into his home. Melody was busy playing with her newest siblings as she kept them out from underfoot, the kitten dozed as she lay on the sofa and Daisy was in the kitchen. Julia McKnight and Mary McKnight were present too and both greeted Talon and Dvijaan as if they were long lost, friends. "Talon, it's so great to see you. Dad said you were coming and I didn't believe him."

"I almost didn't come," Talon admitted.

"I'm glad you decided to join us." Daisy smiled at Talon. "We enjoy your company."

"Its good to be here. We didn't know what dessert to bring so we figured a simple chocolate sponge cake." the older woman explained, a gentle smile on her lips

Julia grinned as she regarded Talon. "Aww, you should have... All for me!." as she was almost drooling over the chocolate cake. "I will love you forever."

Melody sighed as she regarded her sibling who was about as old as her mother. "Did you not eat lunch or something?" yet she could not repress a smile.

"Nope, Dad's cooking more then makes up for the garbage I eat from replicators," Julia answered in a breezy tone of voice.

Yeager sat down in one of the chairs as he gently petted the kitten, who got up and promptly curled up and went to sleep while lying on his sweatshirt. "Hey, Daisy... What name did you give to their kitty?" he inquired as he regarded the kitty before him.

"We haven't really decided yet. Right now she is just called kitty." Daisy replied.

Melody noticed and smiled, suddenly the doorbell beeped at the gathering, she went to get the door and found herself looking into the eyes of two Vulcan-looking females. "Aunt Jessica, Aunt Heather!. Please come in!" she smiled.

Mary regarded Talon with an odd look while Julia was fawning over the cake. "Mmmm... Mine... all mine." she muttered to herself. "why didn't you wanna come Talon...?" she asked of her friend, she had a sneaking suspicion as to why but she wanted to be sure.

"I don't want to make a scene between myself and... Him." Talon explained. "He's never accepted me."

Mary growled. "If he starts, I will kick his ass clear across this fucking house," she responded in a low tone of voice.

Orthos regarded Talon as he sighed softly, he lowered his head and looked down. He sighed softly. "He never did resolve things with you... did he?"

Suddenly the doorbell beeped a second time as Talon blinked, she turned her head. "He's here."

Orthos nodded. "Let me get the door," he commented before he went to see if it was Iason. Much to his dismay, it was. "Hey, dad."

"Hey, Iason," Orthos commented. "You will behave. Talon is here..." he said evenly.

"I always do." Iason followed his father into the house, he nodded to Daisy and he noticed Talon, giving her a rather dark glare.

"Iason, it was good of you to join us." Daisy greeted the man.

"Its good to be here, how've you been Daisy?" he greeted his father's young wife. "Hows Edward and T'Sara doing?"

"They're doing well. Thanks." She replied.

Melody regarded Iason in silence as Edward clung to his elder sibling who was old enough to be his mother. He noted her unease as he tried to comfort her.
Kitty noticed before she looked over at Iason, she let out an angry hiss as she did so. "Hey, easy girl... You smell something?" Yeager inquired of the small kitty in his arms as she let out an angry snarl for the second time, it was clear she didn't like Iason at all.

Iason regarded Yeager. "Why'd you-" he started.

"The cat isn't his, its mine." Orthos interrupted. "Why she doesn't seem to like you, is anyone's guess," he added a moment later, clearly not missing the subtle hints between kitty and Iason.

"The kitten is just a silly creature. I wouldn't read anything into it." Daisy explained to Iason, in a friendly tone of voice.

Yeager gently rubbed Kitty's neck and ears in silence for a moment as Talon regarded the cat and then Iason. "Or maybe she's trying to tell you something."

"What, what you're not welcome" Iason commented, referring to Talon directly. "Thanks for noticing Talon. Why are you here?" he demanded of her.

"Relax, Iason." Daisy tried to intervene. "We are here to support each other and Talon was asked to come here. She didn't decide to come here on her own. We're trying to welcome everyone."

The chatter seemed to die away as Heather McKnight turned to watch the issue that was brewing in silence as Jessica regarded her bother. "Iason, when will you learn to stop being a text-book shithead. Leave her alone." her tone brooked no argument, neither did the look on her face.

Talon growled. "Why I am here would normally be none of your fucking concern..." she answered. "You have made it clear you hate me from the moment you met me but you have carried this shit on for over twenty years and it stops now. I have had it with your shit..." she stated evenly.

Yeager gently placed the small cat onto the sofa next to him. "I think... you don't wanna be around for this little one. This is gonna get stupid."

The kitten seemed to agree as she hopped off the sofa and disappeared a moment later as Yeager regarded Iason McKnight with a look of almost cold hatred. "Hey, how about you knock this shit off and at least pretend you are being civil," he growled as if he was in command and giving orders to a first-year cadet. "You can do that or you can leave, I care little either way," he added, his temper was showing.

Iason regarded Yeager. "This doesn't concern you," he commented in a dismissive tone of voice, he had no idea who Yeager was, it showed too.

"It does now," Yeager answered with an easy smile, a breezy tone of voice as he regarded the other man with interest. Talon got up as she went over to the table. "What is your deal Iason, where does this hatred of me come from?" Talon demanded of him.

Iason regarded Talon as she approached him. "You were an intruder," he growled at her. "My mother had just died and Dad was bedding you, a woman younger than Julia." he regarded her.

Melody regarded this development as she gently handed her brother off to his father. "You asshole." she snarled as she suddenly threw a small child's toy at Iason, it hit Iason in the chest right before he smashed his fist into Talon's face, blood sprouted on her face as she went down, letting out a loud and angry scream as she did so. Yeager shot to his feet but Orthos was the one who was there first. He grabbed Iason by his shirtfront. "You... Disappoint me.." he growled softly before he pushed him backward, away from Talon. Orthos glared darkly at his son as Iason began to worry, he had never seen this father utterly lose it. "Woah, Dad, relax."

"You dare come into MY house and you assault the mother of my children and you tell me to relax.." Orthos screamed as he shoved Iason against the wall. "How dare you!"

Melody gently held Edward in her arms. "Come on little guy, you don't need to see or hear this.." she commented as she felt her insides turn to liquid, she'd never seen her father lose it like this before as she gently carried her brother out of the room. "Let's go for a walk, I don't think your ma would object," she added.


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