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I See Through a Glass, Darkly - Part Six

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:25am by Commander Tienn Iteela & Lieutenant JG Tienn Durin & Tienn Jaina & Lieutenant Colonel Tienn Nerra

Mission: Mission 102: Sic Transit Tienn
Location: Various Locations - Bajor
Timeline: 1700Hrs - August 5th, 2393

Tienn Jaina moved into the large kitchen where the rest of the family had gathered to help prepare the last details of the evening meal when suddenly, the door opened and in walked Tienn Koll, the one last remaining member of the family, the ambiance changed suddenly as Koll made his presence known, he didn't greet anyone and he did not seem happy to be present. Jaina regarded her eldest child and she found that she did not recognize who or what he was.

Marja did not move to his side either, that by itself was noticeable, she turned and slipped out of the room whereas Nerra gave her brother a rather evil glare before she crossed her arms over her chest before she turned her back on him, her hatred of her brother, made clear for all to see. "What are you doing here?" Koll demanded of Nerra. "Answer me woman." as he grabbed Nerra's arm and spun her around, only to meet her fist with his nose, his face instantly came apart as she smashed his nose flat.

Iteela sighed softly. "Lovely." she picked up the old family medkit and she forcibly separated the two siblings. Nerra looked like she wanted to murder her brother. "You haven't changed..." she commented, almost as if she was ordering lunch in the mess hall. "A shame really."

Jerric sighed as he gently took Nerra's hand in his own before he pulled her away from Koll who was lying on the ground, blooding like a stuck Qwirking. "Come on over here Nerra. No need to keep making your point... I think you made it already." Jerric commented evenly as he gently let his sister's hand go.

"I think it speaks for itself. I don't need to help matters further." Nerra sighed softly "I'm sorry..."

"Koll was going to open his mouth, it was inevitable," Jerric commented. "I'm glad you silenced him here and not at the dinner table."

Iteela knelt down as she went to work on Koll. "When was the last-" she began asking questions as she began working on his wounds. "Stop touching me woman, you were attainted.."

"Oh dear prophets," Iteela commented in a dry tone of voice. "Let me work on your issues so people don't think that someone smashed your face in."

Koll growled something at her that Iteela chose to ignore, while she treated her wounds. Meanwhile, Jerric did not ignore what was said. "Koll, you are such a jackass, I mean you had to provoke someone, your own sibling who has not been home in way-too-prophet-dammed long. Will she ever come home after this. I doubt it and if you cost me, my siblings, then I will personally fucking murder you." Jerric gently grasped Iteela's arm before he gently pulled her away from Koll. "Leave him be, he needs a reminder of pain."

"That statement is illogical," Iteela answered flatly. "He is injured."

"He had it coming, let him be Iteela. He will never appreciate your work." Jerric answered quietly.

"It's still illogical but alright," Iteela answered quietly as she began slipping her items away as Koll growled. "You are fucking nuts!" he yelled at Iteela.

"So are you," Iteela answered in the same flat tone she had been using since the altercation started. "I find out lack of emotional maturity to be really quite bothersome and I find your lack of control to be really quite disturbing." she snarled back at Koll. The statement had the effect of silencing him as Jerric turned back to Nerra who looked downright enraged. "Y'know, I should have brought K'taro after all," she commented. "But then I'd be minus a family member. That would grieve me but I think I could manage it," she added in a tone that had neither pity or any measure of respect whatsoever.

"You mentioned Iteela had been through something and that she would sound different. I did not take you at your word," he admitted.

"Why not Jerric?" Nerra answered evenly. "Did you think I was making it up or something?"

"No," Jerric answered with a sigh. "I actually had forgotten and I didn't expect Iteela to actually show up at the event in question," he commented. "Same as I didn't expect you or Durin to come home either," Jerric explained. "None of us did. We didn't expect mom either... I mean we'd written mom off years ago has having disappeared, thanks to some Cardassian shithead." as he got annoyed. "Then I get to find out that I was right all along!" he growled. "Some Cardassian did kidnap mom and turn her into his fucktoy." as he glared darkly at Nerra.

"That's not how it happened," Nerra commented but she knew it sounded weak, even to her ears as she was having her own issues with the tale that had been told.

"So, then. What happened?" Jerric demanded of his sibling.

"Why don't you ask me directly.?" Tienn Jaina answered. "Nerra was not there, she doesn't know everything and neither does Iteela."

"Okay, so what happened," Jerric demanded. "For over twenty years, no word, no nothing and we all mourned your passing, we assumed you were dead. Then we found out you were living on a farming colony with a Cardassian. Oh, Nerra and Ezas did tell us you were alive but what I wanted to know was why you never came home."

"What was there to come home to?" Jaina answered evenly. "I had been told that my family were all dead, Almar quietly looked at the records without telling me and even he came up with nothing other than the official record that said you all died in the massacre of six villages in Eastern Lonar province after the murder of two Cardassian guards who were arresting two Bajoran children," Jaina explained as she indicated Nerra and Iteela. "These two, to be specific."

"There's more to the story mom-" was as far as Jerric got before Koll opened his mouth. "Why in Prophets name are we listening to this shit anyway."

Jaina turned her head as she sighed softly. "Koll, you will be silent or you will leave. I grow tired of your lack of manners, so be re4spectfull of your relatives or be gone from my house. I care little for which you choose save that you decide now.!" she snarled in an angry tone of voice.

Koll turned and departed in silence, he tugged on his boots and jacket and was gone before anyone could really attempt to stop him. Nobody was in any mood to do so either.


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