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Searching For The Viper

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:45pm by Fleet Admiral Heather Duval & Commander Miko Dauntless & Vice Admiral Valerie Dessaix & Master Sergeant Gunthar Werner

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0800Hrs - August 15th, 2393

Admiral Valerie Dessaix sat behind her desk as Commander Miko Dauntless entered.

"Hello, Commander. I assume your investigation into the explosion of the shuttle is complete? I would like to see it before it is passed up to Admiral Duval." She told the woman.

Dauntless regarded the other woman in silence for a moment. "Yes Admiral, our investigation is complete." the tall female explained as she presented a PADD for the Admiral. "You will not like the findings... It was a Marine issue explosive, designed for hard vacuum environments," she explained. "We're still trying to determine if there were any modifications done to the warhead but thus far, we can't seem to find any."

"Your right, I don't like those findings," Valerie admitted. "Any idea who could access the device?"

Dauntless let out a soft sigh as she remained standing. "Well, I created a preliminary list of suspects... Almost one thousand people could have acquired the device at any time and placed it at any time if we add the dock personnel and the maintenance personnel that the number goes up to fivefold." the tall female gently shook her head. "All in all, about sixty-eight hundred people..."

"You have your work cut out for you. I want you to also gather all the sensor data that tracked the shuttle, including video from the hangar the shuttle was docked at." Valerie advised. "And just a heads up, San Francisco is sending an investigation team."

"That part is already done. The video wasn't hard to find and I have forty people working on this case as we speak." Dauntless answered with a gentle smile. "Command is welcome to send whoever they like but with all due respect Admiral, I have a bad feeling they will either try and brush this under the rug or blame the obvious." the tall female explained evenly.

"I would very much like to demonstrate how wrong you are, Commander. Sadly, I think you are giving a safe prediction." Valerie admitted.

"I appreciate your comment Admiral. Nevertheless, even if I find who did it, they'll still question everything and cause more chaos then we need...
What's worse is that the guy who did it might even get away with it because of this..." Dauntless sighed. "Do you require anything further of me ma'am?" she asked the older woman before her.

"No, I do not. Thank..." Valerie was cut off by a signal prompt fro operations.

Valerie politely put her hand up for Miko to wait."Go ahead Operations."

"Admiral," It was the voice of Crane. "There is a message from Camp Osteia. They are reporting they have found bombs in the quarters of one of their marines."

"Really? To whom are the quarters assigned?" Valerie asked.

"The report states on Private Harrak," Crane replied.

"Thank you, Mr. Crane." Valerie turned to Miko. "It looks like you have a suspect."

Dauntless nodded her head. "Indeed ma'am. I will go tend to matters." and with that, she turned and departed as she had already been dismissed.

Miko's combadge beeped. "Commander Dauntless, this is General Garibaldi, Private Harrak is not planetside. She is with Ouros' unit clearing Klingons on the Draco Vega colony."

"Lovely," Dauntless answered in a rather dry tone of voice. "I'd like to come down and look things over in any case General if that's alright?" she inquired.

"Alright, I'll be in my office. Garibaldi out."

Dauntless nodded her head. "Yessir." and with that, she moved down the hallway towards the security offices.


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