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Commander Miko Dauntless

Name Miko Kuni Dauntless

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human, mixed Korean/Japanese/Scottish ancestry
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Cybernetic Blue
Physical Description Though only of an average height and bearing gentle skin along with a face which shows her experience, she carries a scar on her face under her left eye which she had never removed, its a reminder of what she almost lost, Miko is a fairly attractive woman with a slim build and cybernetic eyes that yearn with a hunger few people could ever hope to satisfy. Her consistently firm chest is fairly well-endowed given her short stature, and her legs stand out as her most valuable asset, so to speak. Her dark hair is long and soft to the touch, kept fairly rich simply by luck of genetics, and stands in a rather lovely contrast to the ethereally beautiful glow of her ocular implants.


Spouse Lieutenant Karen Dauntless - Medical Officer,
Children Meridia Dauntless
Gabriel Dauntless
Father Unknown
Mother Yuri Hayakawa - Almoctt III Coloney Sheriff
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miko is a gentle placid soul who doesn't like raising a hand to anyone, she is a sharp-witted professional. cool, calm and collected at all times as she'll try her best to resolve any and all issues that pop up, she takes her nickname is the town sheriff extremely seriously. She wears her heart on her sleeve as she prefers to sit back in her office while on duty and do paperwork not tend to the housecalls and domestic issues that are the steady diet of her life. While off duty, she prefers to indulge her wife's interests and spend time with her two children, she does like spending time in the gym and the holodeck.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is a classic country girl who keeps law and order with her own unique style. An Asian girl wearing a cowboy hat.

Weaknesses: She can be intimidating when she gets angry or annoyed.
Ambitions To be a good spouse to her wife, a good mother to her children and a good officer to her ship and crew, all in that order.
Hobbies & Interests This is a woman who's hobbies are many and varied, she indulges her wife and children often.

Personal History "My wife once said, the peace is like a dream. Beautiful, ephemeral, unobtainable. I didn't listen, no one listened. we've made kindling from our suffering, stirred the embers of resentment, just waiting for a single spark to set the whole world aflame."

To really get an idea of why it isn’t a happy story, one has to go back to her ‘birth’, in mid-2361. Miko Kuni Hayakawa started life out as an unwanted accident on the volcanic world Almoctt III, a miserable backwater colony whose mines had long ago dried up, leaving nothing but a bitter and blazing hot spaceport where the poorest inhabitants of the Federation’s border territories milled about lifelessly. Miko’s mother Yuri was a Starfleet dropout who’d made the mistake of bearing her instructor’s child and been booted from the Academy for it. Yuri, however, decided to do something better with herself so she resolved to clean up this festering, stinking pile of garbage that one laughingly called a colony. She started small but over time her efforts resulted in success as the colony turned from a poor dump into a successful colony but it would consume Yuri's entire life.

Miko's childhood was a hard one but her mother never took out her resentment against Starfleet on her daughter, it was only further soothed when Miko introduced her mother to a friend of hers, a local pirate named James Raynor, things seemed to settle down for the three of them which soothed Miko to no end.

Once Miko reached age eighteen, she bid goodbye to her family as she decided she needed to go and do her own thing, her parents tearfully bade goodbye as they watched Miko depart, she let aboard a Starfleet frigate that had been patrolling the sector against the usual bandits and pirates.

The crew of the USS New Jersey was curious about Miko then what the young woman had been expecting, she went into sickbay and realised that this was where she wished to work so she requested an assignment from the chief medical officer who was only too happy to take this young woman under his wing and teach her, since she was serious about learning, so too would he be serious about teaching her. Lieutenant Stephen Andrews assigned the ship’s youngest Medical Officer, a fresh-faced Orion woman by the name of Karen Dauntless who recognized that Miko needed quite a bit of help both physically and psychologically if she was going to have any hope of having any chance of making it in New Jersey's sickbay. It was after Miko demonstrated that she was not simply a dump street girl but an absolute mathematical and scientific prodigy with a seemingly genuine interest in medicine that convinced the naysayers that this girl had a future here.

What mattered was that Miko’s intelligence was as bright and fiery as her passion to learn, soaking up everything she could about medical procedures she could, particularly the surgeries that she was gradually allowed to assist with. After two years of serving as an impromptu nurse and Non-Com officer, Miko made official her desire to move beyond just assisting in surgeries and become a Starfleet doctor herself. The long road ahead, filled with an extended Academy stint just to obtain a medical license as well as an officer’s commissions hardly intimidating her given how rough and hot her homeworld and been, she was not about to let work stop her from seeking what she wanted. Miko's only hesitation was in leaving the place she’d come to call home, along with the people, what started as an innocent friendship with Karen had long evolved into a sweet and youthful romance uniting two lonely people who were absolutely positive that they were soulmates.

Yet Karen understood that Miko needed to pursue this career to be happy, and knowing that the love of her life could accept that fact was enough to lock Hayakawa into an unrelenting affection for the woman who had opened her eyes to life itself. It would be among the hardest things either woman would ever endure, but they swore that they’d make their relationship work over the next six years at opposite ends of the Federation, Karen off patrolling the edge of known space while Miko struggled through the Academy. Somehow, it was even more brutal than her childhood, straining the young woman as the urge to abandon an increasingly distant love and just let loose, but she just barely managed to stay true to her personal savior right through to that hard-earned day when she graduated with a medical degree and ensign’s commission. The reward she received graduation night was well worth six years of hell, as one would expect from her first night in years with Karen and an ecstatically accepted marriage proposal.

Life seemed to be pretty damn good for Miko at age 26. She had a career that she genuinely enjoyed, her past had been buried and forgotten, and the love of her life had sworn herself to the once-miserable woman now minted as a shiny new Starfleet Surgeon. And for about eight years or so, life was truly blissful for Miko, as she finally reunited with Karen aboard USS Renaissance and settled into the job she loved alongside the woman she loved. It was the best time of her entire life, a period of simple joy, tender happiness, and the merry welcoming of a child named Meridia, carried by Karen and conceived from the DNA of both women. Their pride and joy of a daughter seemed to just seal their fates to live happily together aboard the ship they loved and raise up their little girl into a woman adored as warmly as Miko and Karen adored each other, a year later their second, carried by Miko this time, a boy the two named Gabriel.

four years into their blissful marriage, three years after bringing Meridia and two after bringing Gabriel into the world, Karen Dauntless very nearly became one of the fifty-eight corpses left in the wake of a Xindi Separatist bombing on Deep Space 4. Karen had been brutally wounded in the explosion. Miko had her eyes disintegrated and were very badly wounded herself, the two women by some miracle had both survived and they both thought the other had been slain. Karen needed a new arm, a new hand and almost her entire left leg replaced by implants and Miko needed a set of new eyes and a new right hand. However, the effects on both women were deep, profound and long-lasting.

Karen knew she had to consider her two children and her spouse but she resolved to remain in Starfleet, rather than simply walk away as she had considered. Miko's reaction was even more extreme as she opted to switch from medical to security, she went back to the academy to learn how it was done. Once she was finished she went back to join her wife on the USS Guardian where Miko and Karen would remain for two more years but both of them were needed on Starbase Vanguard so off both women went.
Service Record USS New Jersey - Intrepid Class
2379 to 2381 - Medical Trainee
No Rank

Starfleet Medical Academy - Earth, SOL
2381 to 2387 - Medical Student
Cadet One / Four / Lieutenant JG

USS Renaissance - Renaissance Class
2387 to 2390 - Medical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Starfleet Security Academy - Deneva, KAPPA FORNACIS
2390 to 2390 - Medical Student
Lt Commander

USS Guardian - Guardian Class
2390 to 2393 - Security Officer
Lt Commander

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Assistant Chief Security Officer