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Captain Enyo

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:16am by Division Admiral Thomas Lasky & Commander Victoria 'Enyo' Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard / USS Peerless
Timeline: 0800Hrs - August 1st, 2393

The time had come and so Victoria Yamaguchi was now wearing her new uniform, with command red and three solid golden pips, all of which made the tall female realize that she no longer recognized herself in the uniform. "I hope this goes well." she mused to herself before she tugged on the new boots that she had replicated specifically for this occasion before she set off for the Admirals office.

The tall female reached her destination, she was permitted entry as she nodded to Lasky. "You ready to go over to your ship Captain?" Lasky inquired of her.

"Yes, Admiral. I am so prepared," she responded with a smile.

Lasky nodded his head. "Alright, lets head on over to your new command." as he came out from behind his desk, then past her and out of his office, Yamaguchi followed in silence.

The two of them stepped into a nearby transporter room and they emerged next to a hanger bay. "Some traditions are best kept around, wouldn't you agree?" Lasky inquired of the tall female beside him.

Yamaguchi nodded her head. "I do." she regarded him as the two entered a shuttle, it was one of the now elderly types eight shuttles that had now seen almost twenty years of service, these new type eights were almost a different design than the originals that had been deployed when he was a fighter pilot on the Courageous. Lasky smiled as he slid his fifty-year-old body into the pilot's chair, he nodded to Yamaguchi who sat down next to him. He sealed the hatch behind them which slammed shut with a gentle clanging sound.

Lasky smiled as he tapped the display. "Hanger eleven tower, this is the shuttle, Red three-three, request permission to launch, the destination is the USS Peerless," he commented.

"Red Thirty-three, confirmed, clearance to depart, granted. smooth sailing Admiral." came the response from the tower. "The skies are clear, you can depart any time you're ready," he added.

Lasky activated the engines as the shuttle left the deck before she moved in silence out of the hanger, the only sound that could be heard was a hissing zapping sound as the shuttle pierced the hanger forcefield. Lasky turned his attention to the female beside him. "Mostly I'm going to have you doing patrol assignments ion this region but Starfleet will, from time to time, assign you to other missions away from the Starbase. Mostly it will be on an as-needed basis. I have consented to this, knowing I will get you back when the assignment is concluded." he explained. "The final say on assignments, however, is yours, as you'll be the woman on the scene Captain. Will your ship and crew be able to handle the task before them?. That is for you and your crew to decide for yourselves."

"Well sir, if you don't mind my saying but that's rather strange," Yamaguchi commented.

"Why do you say that?" Lasky inquired of her.

"I expected you to demand obedience and the like and little else." Yamaguchi inquired.

Lasky raised an eyebrow. "No." he slowly dragged out the No sound in his voice. "I will leave you to decide how to run your command as you deem fit," he responded evenly. "I do not micromanage or interfere unless something really stupid has happened."

Yamaguchi paused before she smiled. "Alright," she commented in a rather soft tone. "Is there anything special I ought to know?" she inquired.

"Yes, the usual stuff. Talk to your senior staff, get to know them and let them trust you," Lasky answered. "Don't be one of those idiots who keep their crew at arm's length and doesn't undervalue them, let them know that you value and appreciate them," he added. "If you can do all of that, then you must remember to respect your crew, your first officer and your senior staff. Not all in that order of course."

Yamaguchi smiled as she listened to him speak, she processed all of what he was saying to her. "Sounds good sir," she answered while the shuttles passed the various docking scaffolds that had been clustered together in high orbit over Utgarde Four as they approached a Century class starship that was floating free from any constraints. "There she is, your new command. Make sure to treat her like a lady and she will always bring you home Captain."

Yamaguchi nodded her head. "Yessir." while Lasky tapped the display. "This is shuttle Red three-three to USS Peerless tower control, requesting permission to land.?"

"Confirmed, decks yours, come on down Admiral." came the unexpected answer.

Lasky smiled while he gently guided the shuttle around the Century class ship before he guided the shuttle to its landing in the main hanger. He then opened the hatch as Yamaguchi exited first, she took in the scene before her with over two hundred souls all standing in rows several layers deep. She smiled as she nodded to them, several of the people gathered nodded back to her, these would be her crew and she was happy to see them.

Lasky went over to the podium that had been set up for this occasion. "Attention on deck," he commented as Yamaguchi moved to take her space before the podium while Lasky rattled off his speech for the occasion, most of it was short and sweet. "So Today. The USS Peerless gets her official Captain," he commented before he went over to stand before Yamaguchi as he handed the tall female before her a PADD. Yamaguchi accepted the PADD and began to read aloud. "To Commander Victoria Yamaguchi, you are hereby requested and required to assume command of USS Peerless, effective Stardate Seven Oh Five Eight One point Eight One," she explained. "Signed Vice Admiral Paul Emerson, Starfleet Command." before she lowered the PADD.

Lasky smiled. "Computer transfer all command codes to Commander Victoria Yamaguchi. Authorization Lasky Nine One Nine November Foxtrot."

The computer's answer was quick. "Command codes transferred. USS Peerless is now under the command of Commander Victoria Yamaguchi." came the response.

Yamaguchi's smile was telling in of itself. "I relieve you, Admiral."

"I stand relieved," Lasky commented. "She's all yours Victoria. Now go enjoy this fancy feast the messhall staff put together for you." the tall human male commented before he gently shook Yamaguchi's hand with his own.

Yamaguchi went to the podium as she decided to address the crew. "Hello everyone, this is the best greeting I've ever had, thank you all for coming out to greet me on this fine morning," she commented. "I'll meet the rest of this crew as time permits. While I will strive to lead you, I will also remember that you guys are the heart and soul of this ship and I am humbled to serve with each and every one of you. Thank you. Dismissed." and with that, the crew turned and departed in order.

Yamaguchi smiled before she turned and went over to her new senior staff, the dozen or so personnel who were clustered together. They all turned to face her in silence as the senior ranking officer nodded. "Welcome aboard Captain."

"Thank you, I'm happy to be here. I hope I can be worthy of you." Yamaguchi smiled at the gathering.

"Worthy?" the female medical officer regarded her. "Not what I was expecting you to say, skipper. It's we who should be worthy of you."

"Well. It'll be educational to serve with each other.." Yamaguchi responded as she smiled. "Where do we stand with the ship's shakedown?" she inquired.
"What about the crew?"

"The paperwork is in your ready room skipper, do you want to go over it now or do you want a tour.?" the exec answered with a smile.

Yamaguchi smiled. "I'll take the tour first and settle in." she paused. "Let's see if we can give the crew the day off, I want them to realize that I am not the average and I am not going to work them to death," Yamaguchi responded.

"Sounds great skipper. I'll see to it." the first officer answered. "Shall we start the tour?" the younger female asked of Enyo.

"Lead on, let's go and see the ship." Yamaguchi grinned like a child when she had gotten that one toy she had been asking for all year.


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