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Past and Present - Part Four

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 5:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Galiaan Fordring & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Post Captain Lenaris Dvald

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1150Hrs - September 2nd, 2393

Yamaguchi-Solusar followed the massive female before her as the two of them went down the hallway towards the front desk, when suddenly around the corner, came a Bolian female who wasn't wearing her lab coat, she looked very female, she also wore the face of Siaxx Dvald-Vaxx but this woman was a lot taller and a lot larger to boot. "Ahh, Doctor, just the person I wanted to see," she commented

Fordring tapped the display for the doctor's master display, her status was marked as 'unavailable' as she reset it so she was marked as 'available' then she turned and went off, back towards her office as Yamaguchi-Solusar regarded Dvald with a smile. "I didn't do it."

"I know... I did. But we must talk about the matter I did... For your name, is all over it." and with that, the tall female turned and led the way back to her office. Yamaguchi-Solusar followed as Dvald turned her head, the rather evil grin on her face said much. "Stop staring at my ass..." she commented in a soft tone of voice.

"But you have a nice ass..." Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a grin of her own. The two entered the Doctors office a moment later. "Alright, take a seat..." Dvald went around to her own chair as she let out a soft sigh. "Alright, I am to tell you that your request to go back to Dreamcrusher's medical staff has been rejected. I am sorry Doctor..." as she handed the PADD for the younger woman to read.

Yamaguchi-Solusar accepted the PADD in silence before she gave the PADD the once over, then she went back and reread it from the top, taking in all of the information displayed. she had long come to accept that this was a forgone conclusion but for now, she was determined to make this assignment work and see what came from it, Comet, Avalanche, and Froststorm all seemed to enjoy the larger accommodations, but at times keeping them in their quarters was actually quite a major chore. Kameron had bonded much more with the cats then she had expected except Froststorm had bonded with Elizabeth more so, she had learned that only one person could really bond with a cat and it was the cat who made the bond work. "I'm only annoyed with one detail... Which is somewhat ironic..." Yamaguchi-Solusar brushed a handful of hair back out of her eyes, she then placed the PADD onto the desk before she reached up and over her head with both hands, this pushed her breasts up as well, before she began to redo her hair, pulling her unruly mane back into a simple ponytail. "I think a haircut might be in order for me," she added.

"Possibly, I've never had that issue... Bolian's generally don't have hair." Dvald smiled in amusement. "So what's the part that bothers you.?"

"Why did it take three months for them to get around to telling me what I already knew?" Yamaguchi-Solusar inquired. "I could have asked my dad and he would have made one or two calls and gotten me an answer in minutes." she sighed softly as Yamaguchi-Solusar finished redoing her hair. "But three months... That's just being unreasonable."

"I was not expecting you to take this so well," Dvald answered evenly. "I'm a little confused... To be honest." she paused as she didn't want to set the younger woman off and create the situation she wished to avoid.

Yamaguchi-Solusar raised an eyebrow. "Well, it's like my mother always said... I must set an example. Nothing will be gained for me or anyone else if I lose my temper, there are times for it and times when its not a good idea. Act your age and be mature." she explained. "In my humble opinion and in my experience, I've found that those are words to live by."

Dvald nodded her head in agreement. "My mother would agree with you, as would I." the tall Bolian explained. "Siaxx would agree too."

"Besides, I'm pregnant so I need to deal with all of those pregnancy hormones... It gets really exhausting at times." Yamaguchi-Solusar let out a soft sigh. "Still... I miss the randomness of the emotional surges I have... Its draining having to concentrate on my emotions, rather than having Admiral Duval burst into tears because of me... or Celeste Yamaguchi-Hobbs crying because I couldn't hold it together."

"It wasn't like this for your first or second... Was it?"

"No, I only had a few hundred minds... Here, its a few hundred thousand, then there is the planet below... More of the same." Yamaguchi-Solusar gently ran her hand over her face. "It's tiring at times... I've considered looking at medical options to help me regulate my issues easier... But I do not need to harm this child because I had issues." she sighed. "I still have issues with that..."

"Ahh, the psionic episode back in July... and the memories from your son as an adult." Dvald paused. "I don't think I could take that news as well as you did... Loing all of what I have... and then waking up to find my sons ten years older than me... and my entire family was broken because of it... No... I know I wouldn't take it well."

Yamaguchi-Solusar nodded. "Well... I should go and see if anyone upfront needs an extra Doctor. All my paperwork is done so I'll go handle a few walk-in's."

"Sounds good to me. Thanks for dropping in." and with that, Yamaguchi-Solusar turned and walked out as Dvald smiled, she was right when she said that Yamaguchi-Solusar had a nice ass but she didn't need to say it, the taller human woman turned her head back as she regarded the tall Bolian with a look before she went around the corner and was gone.


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