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Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar

Name Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Halanan/Human
Age 27
Birthdate August 11th, 2367

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Brunette with Raven highlights
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and Willowy with pleasant looking curves. Elizabeth carries a build, akin to a champion volleyball player, considering her martial arts experience.
Also, she is far larger than the human average.

She is pregnant and is due on February the 19th, 2394


Spouse Lt Commander Kameron Yamaguchi - Science Officer - Starbase Vanguard
Children Robert Yamaguchi - Son
Unnamed child - Unknown Gender (Imogen - Female)
Unnamed child - Unknown Gender (Cody - Male)

Comet - Maine Coon /Tabby Mix Male
Avalanche - Maine Coon /Tabby Mix Female
Froststorm - Maine Coon /Tabby Mix Female
Father Admiral Jacob Lee Yamaguchi - XO, Starfleet Forces, The Taurus Reach
Mother Fleet Captain Torilla Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer, USS Grey Wolf
Brother(s) Gabriel Yamaguchi
Paul 'Nix' Yamaguchi
Ennis Cullen - Brother in Law - Married to: Rachael
Atin Temeti - Brother in Law - Married to: Selendis
Sister(s) Ouros Yamaguchi
Selendis "Ratchet" Yamaguchi
Rachael Yamaguchi
Lasarra Yamaguchi
Diamond Yamaguchi
Tressa Yamaguchi
Savannah Yamaguchi - Sister in Law - Married to: Gabriel
Other Family Many Others scattered around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elizabeth is gently easy to get along with, she has her mother's temper and her father's work ethic, always an unusual mix as her mother is the workaholic of the family. She's extremely well trained in the martial arts, backed up with Parkour.

She is an extremely strong telepath, as a result, she can blend into and disappear into crowds, Starfleet intelligence wants her to come work for them, thus far she has refused.

Elizabeth has a dark side which she has used to help her. The main example would be when a would-be Ex-boyfriend cheated on her, he proceeded to beat the living daylights out of her, landing her in the Medcenter but that was after she plucked a chair and smashed it over him a half dozen times, considering he had his hands around her throat and was attempting to strangle her, she felt it was justified.

Now that her husband is no longer a fighter pilot, she has started to settle into the role she has always wanted, that of being a mother to her children and its simply because her husband isn't going to turn up dead without warning.
Strengths & Weaknesses Elizabeth can be a dedicated worker when she wants to be, she's also extremely punctual and easy to get along with, she can reason creatively with people, more so them her siblings can.

Elizabeth can also be cruel and vindictive when the need calls for it, she can also reach into someone's mind should she wish it, she prefers not to do so, however.

She has some very serious self-esteem issues and when cornered, she wants to cut and run rather than fight, as a result, she's one of the more unusual Yamaguchi's
Ambitions To be a good wife and mother. Also to make a name for herself in the medical field and lastly to gain her own command.
Hobbies & Interests Many and varied, she likes a lot of variety in her life so she never really sticks with one hobby for long. Martial Arts

Due to her self-esteem issues, she sank a lot of time into parkour, something she felt she could enjoy on her own, it was something she started to test herself to her limits but she grew to enjoy it for the stress relief.

Personal History Elizabeth 'Sledgehammer' Yamaguchi was the eldest of the children born to Jacob Lee Yamaguchi and his wife, Torilla Plataea Yamaguchi. Her birthdate was August 11th of twenty-three sixty-seven, she arrived while both were still at Starfleet Academy. She grew up as a happy child with her parents and younger brother after he arrived a year or so later.

It wasn't until the Dominion War came along when she was sent back to Earth to say with her father's grandparents who doted on her, her sibling and all of the other children they were looking after as if she was their children.

Needless to say, the crowded conditions between herself and her various cousins was quite a culture shock for the young child, it was much the same for her cousins, about a half dozen in all but they quickly all learned to co-exist and share what they had as the war raged around them.

Two years after it started, the war ended and Elizabeth who had become close to all of her cousins was sent home with her brother.

She watched the changes of war become quickly apparent in both her mother and her father, she was saddened to see her mother leave to resolve some of her family issues, she grew up as a happy and well-adjusted child with her brother but they welcomed a second sibling when she was thirteen years old, she would quickly take to helping her mother with Rachael, the caring and feeding of the newly arrived infant as well as the other needs a baby needed.

When she turned age seventeen, she applied for Starfleet Academy, to her surprise and joy, she was accepted into that year's fall class and of she went, leaving home for good.

Life at the academy was rough, challenging and grueling for the young woman, what was worse was that she tended to attract the attention of the wrong sort from men and sometimes woman as well, turning down a few offers for sex from others while she focused on her work. Around this time she met a fellow cadet named Kameron Solusar, the two hit it off rather well but she had her work and while things went well, she was unsure about a full-blown relationship at the time and so she broke it off with him after a minor dispute had gotten out of hand. She could only bond with one person and she wished to take her time with this relationship and not rush into it, Kameron thought otherwise, he was unsure of what she wanted and she did a very poor job of explaining herself.

It was around this time that a second cadet who had been watching and waiting, he made his move on Elizabeth. His name was James Sloane and asked her out on a date, one thing led to another and the two had one date, ultimately the good times were not to last as she had caught him in bed that night with another woman but rather than join them as she didn't have the average human's issue with sex. She decided not to as she could only bond with one person, much as her mother had done with Elizabeth's father. Elizabeth had decided to wait and not rush blindly into an issue she could not walk away from.

She decided to wait outside until he was finished but he assumed she was going to report on him or something else, so he quickly followed her, an argument led to a fight and he tried to rape her, he very nearly succeeded in his task of raping Elizabeth. He had her pinned over the dining table and was set to rape her when Kameron Solusar showed up at the last second and hauled him off of her. Sloane then tried to kill the two of them so she had to resort to force and as a result, they both landed in the Medcenter, both ended up being reprimanded for it, that was until an investigation was launched because of what had happened.

Needless to say. Sloane was expelled from the academy and ended up in jail for it. Elizabeth requested the reprimand remain on her file as a reminder of her failings, the academy JAG officer did not argue with her on the matter, he felt that it would help her in that regard so he changed it to a non-punitive letter of caution, that small change would go on to have a drastic effect on her career later on. Had Elizabeth know of what was coming, she would never have bothered. The main casualty was Elizabeth and Kameron's relationship which had almost died over the previous week, that was what had led to this chain of events in the first place.

Elizabeth graduated the academy with honors and consequently, she was permitted to pick her first assignment, Starbase 12 for her residency and here she learned how to be a doctor while being assigned to a Starbase on the line, she found the assignment to be deeply fulfilling.

While here on Starbase 12, Yamaguchi spent a lot of time training to become a full Doctor but also she spent a lot of time training to become a veterinarian, specializing in Terran animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, and fish among others.

Yamaguchi lost touch with Kameron Solusar after they both graduated and it wouldn't be for another two years when they would see each other again.
Once her assignment at Starbase 12 was completed, Yamaguchi was reassigned to the newly commissioned USS Tranquility as one of their junior medical officers.

Yamaguchi was later assigned to the Roanoke as a personal favor to Captain Lil'yanna Olmos, also her study fellow was assigned here, one Lieutenant Nalla Furban.

Elizabeth quickly realized that her family had changed out of all recognition which quickly upset her, she found her mother in bed with another woman and she then attempted to drive away the other woman involved with her mother, thinking she was protecting her parent's marriage, without knowing there was more to the matter then what was readily available. Unfortunately, she was thrown into the brig for it but the next day Captain Tane came to let her out after telling Jacen Saint that she would deal with the younger woman.

Yamaguchi was told she was on probation due to the violence but the threat was not needed as Yamaguchi had been told that she had gone way too far. It was around this time that she was reunited with her old flame. Assigned here as a pilot. Kameron was able to prevent things from escalating further however, with his presence.

Elizabeth was placed on probation but little else was done about it, however, the incident caused an issue to arise between her and her father over the matter, it was something that Elizabeth turned to Kameron Solusar, a former boyfriend as he took her aside and tried to tame the beast within by asking her out again, to everyone's surprise, she accepted.

She felt it was a mistake to break up with him in the first place, he surprised her when he said that it wasn't just her mistake, he had also made mistakes too and their relationship picked up from where they left off from their time at the academy.

During the salvage mission, there was a virus that got loose aboard the USS Roanoke which very nearly cost Elizabeth most dearly, but she had no way to know the cost of her actions until much later when she had to beg Phoenix into letting herself become pregnant with her mother's babies.

Torilla would not look upon Elizabeth kindly for her actions until the rational part of Torilla came to see it but it would lead to a couple of months where Elizabeth's relationship with her mother was strained almost beyond repair. It took intervention by Captain Zara Tane and her father both to convince Torilla to calm down.

It was ironic because later on, Zara Tane and Jacen Saint ended up tying the knot while both being heavily drunk, Elizabeth and her boyfriend were just happened to be in the right place at the right time, as the younger couple were interested, they also got inked at the same time that Zara and Jacen did except Elizabeth went a little further with a set of angel wings across her back.

Three days later, Elizabeth and Kameron got married in a quick shotgun wedding which their family was informed about but not invited.

Recently, however, due to Rachael going missing, this has increased the stress on Elizabeth as the Roanoke went out after them, then pilots started going missing before Phoenix herself did, she realized quickly that her husband could be next.

Yamaguchi would later find out that her siblings and adopted aunt were all safe and sound on an uncharted planet but they were stranded inside a temporal anomaly.

Yamaguchi would later be reunited with her missing family and she would find out a few things, to her shock and horror, her youngest sibling was now older then she was. Yamaguchi was also present for a major fight between Phoenix and her daughter Aryssa, she assisted in keeping Phoenix out of jail and the two began to heal the rift between them as a result of this.

Yamaguchi got to watch as her mother met her granddaughter and her children for the first time, also Yamaguchi herself became an aunt for the fourth time. Elizabeth too got to bond with her sister all over again as Saki got to meet Elizabeth herself, she got to bond with the child over a cup of hot chocolate.

One other issue came up which forced Elizabeth to confront the demon she had been avoiding when Major Robbie Sullivan reported for duty, she worked up the courage to go and see Phoenix apologize for what she had done to the pilot when she heard what she had assumed was the Major striking Phoenix so when he came out, she assaulted him with almost life-threatening consequences as she beat the ever-living snot out of him.

This incident healed the rift between her and Phoenix and forced her to admit what happened to her at the academy was an ongoing issue. Phoenix now understood much better what was driving Elizabeth and what was motivating her.

Meanwhile, her medical skills have continued to improve and now she is nearing the end of her residency, it will soon be time for her to move on with her career when she earns her medical officer's license.

In April of 2391, she volunteered herself to carry a baby to term for her mother when it became clear that Commander Torilla Yamaguchi could no longer handle carrying said infant to term, it didn't help that the entire event was an accident in which she became pregnant by the Commander of the First Wing who would later become the Executive officer of the USS Roanoke.

Elizabeth discussed it with her husband, he was supportive of her with the idea and he remains behind her all the way, more recently Elizabeth was one of the maids of honor for Siaxx and Phoenix's wedding. This was something that surprised and shocked her as she didn't think she was that close to the Sullivan family.

In late June, Elizabeth would find herself facing the greatest test of her marriage as she and Kameron fought two o'clock in the morning, it was a simple matter that quickly turned very ugly, the end Kameron threw his wife out of her quarters before moving into a set of guest quarters.

Elizabeth for her part was determined to keep her family out of the matter as she decided to let things cool for a few days before she could track down Kameron and talk to him to get it resolved.

Unfortunately, a situation got in the way with Ensign Tienn Iteela beating the crap out of her, breaking her knee and stamping on her chest, this had the double effect of bringing Kameron back to her but it also undermined her strength and faith.

Elizabeth was quickly healed of her injuries and while her baby would turn out to be okay, she felt weakened and betrayed by Tienn's actions, so she decided she was going to go back into the gym, also she would learn how to dance.

Also, Elizabeth decided that she would learn to enjoy various other hobbies like skiing and other alpine sports over to aquatic sports. Once her knee is healed and she is released from sickbay, she also doesn't want anything to do with Tienn until she decides exactly what to do about her.

Elizabeth was happy that Tienn Iteela was acquitted on her various charges but she was still afraid of her that she resolved to make the best of what she felt was a bad situation. Rather than cut and run, she decided to make a friendship with Tienn Iteela. Others thought that this was a very bad move but Elizabeth held firm.

Kameron was very concerned about his wife's move on the matter however he decided to at least support her on the matter which only triggered a response from Iteela's girlfriend.

Benice Gyce came into the matter to confront her rival who was defending his wife. However, thankfully the matter was resolved when Iteela showed that she was more then she appeared when she stepped up to help save hundreds of lives during the hangar deck fire. an event that very nearly killed Iteela.

Elizabeth meanwhile was in sickbay as she replaced Doctor Dvald who was performing the triage on the wounded. Elizabeth knew this assignment would greatly hurt her and leave her feeling guilt-ridden for weeks to come yet she was able to put her emotions aside and focus on what she had to do to help those who could be helped.

She would earn a great deal of respect for her work here but she found herself feeling guilty that she lived and many had died. Elizabeth took some time to come to terms with her actions of being the one to do the triage, deciding who lived and who died, the experience very nearly broke her. At the same time, she gave up the two monkeys she had taken in, sending both to a wildlife sanctuary on Niven Four.

However, due to the after-effects of what happened as well as her issues with Commander Thomas Lasky, she stuck in for reassignment and rather than fight her on the matter, Lasky simply approved it, while she and her husband both were wanting to remain in Starfleet, just not assigned to this ship and so the two went off to the USS Dreamcrusher together.

After three months of being assigned to the Dreamcrusher, she stuck in the paperwork to lose her commission and instead go full Warrant, this request was denied as it was felt that her skills would be wasted as a warrant, two weeks after she got the news about this, she gave birth to a child that's not hers.

Early in January of 2392. Elizabeth gave birth to her brother and not her son, he had wanted her to keep the child as their own citing the father's problems and the fact that Lasky and Yamaguchi have problems between them. Elizabeth, however, kept her word and turned him over to Commander Lasky.

Kameron respected her choice, even if he didn't like it, however, she did understand why and while she chose not to take issue if his issues with Lasky, she nevertheless began planning for her children who would follow in shorter order.

In the middle of March 2392, Elizabeth would become pregnant, this time with her husband and now the two of them are preparing for their first child of their own, all of this while she was promoted to Lieutenant citing her work in becoming a certified counselor, in addition to the ships vet and Doctor. She keeps quite a full schedule as a result.

Six weeks after arriving at Starbase Vanguard. Yamaguchi-Solusar was contacted and informed that her length of time at Ensign was illegal and she was denied several well-earned promotions and chances of promotion, her service record would be adjusted accordingly and she would receive her new rank soon.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2384 to 2388 - Medical Student - Medical Major with Surgical Minor.
Cadet One - Four

Starbase 12 - Ournal I Class
2388 to 2390 - Medical Residency / Medical Officer / Veterinarian

USS Tranquility - Tranquility Class - Medical Variant of the Intrepid
September 2390 - December 2390 - Medical Officer / Veterinarian

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier Variant
December 2390 - August 2391 - Medical Officer / Veterinarian
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Dreamcrusher - Guardian Class
August 2391 to 2393 - Medical Officer / Veterinarian / Counselor
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Medical Officer / Veterinarian / Counselor

Time of Promotions and Demotions:
2384 to 2388 - Cadet One - Four
2388 to 2391 - Ensign
2391 to 2392 - Lieutenant JG
2392 to Present - Lieutenant
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service Record:
2384 to 2388 - Cadet One - Four
2388 to 2389 - Ensign
2389 to 2391 - Lieutenant JG
2391 to 2393 - Lieutenant
2393 to Present - Lt Commander