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Missing My Other Half - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Ennis Cullen & Saki Yamaguchi-Cullen

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Cullen Quarters - USS Heart of the Tiger
Timeline: 1800Hrs - September 5th, 2393

Lt Commander Ennis Cullen blinked as he emerged from his bedroom, to find Saki placing with Olivia and Anthony, he knew that Saki could sense her sibling's presence psionically whereas Sarah and Daniel had no DNA in common with Saki or Rachael, both of them were from his first wife whom he still missed, he regarded Saki in silence as he found himself missing his present wife, her presence and her smile.

Cullen sighed softly. Saki regarded him as she tapped the ball that she had been passing back and forth between herself and Olivia. "Something wrong Dad?"

Cullen knelt down before Saki. "I just miss your mom sweetie."

"I know Dad. It's not the same without her around." Saki admitted in a matter-of-fact tone of voice before she pushed the ball back to her younger sibling who was growing impatient with Saki not passing the ball back to her. Anthony regarded Saki in silence for a moment. "Ma?" he asked suddenly.

"No little guy I'm your sister... Ma isn't here." Saki paused as she sighed. Anthony regarded his elder sibling in silence while he leaned against her, Saki gently slid her arm about him to steady him. "Easy little guy, I didn't think Dad would appreciate you falling over and me letting it happen," Saki commented

Anthony giggled softly but he continued to lean against his sibling, clearly, he liked being around her.

Sarah meanwhile was sitting at the kitchen table as she held the PADD in her hands, she smiled. "Ahh, done at last," she commented. "Time to feed the kitties," she said aloud. As if conjured by magic the two Savannah cats appeared with loud wails, demanding attention. Perdacus leaped up onto the table as Sarah regarded him with a frown. "No, kitty... Off the table!. Come on, you know better." Sarah admonished the cat who wailed back at her.

Perdacus wailed at her as Sarah gently helped him off the table, picking him up in her arms as she placed him onto a char, he leaped onto the floor to join his littermate. "Saki, I think these two behave better when it's you feeding them?" the teenager regarded her sister, the two shared almost nothing whatsoever in terms of looks as they had different mothers and different fathers, the only connection they had was via marriage.

Saki knew what Sarah was saying and she knew why she was saying it too. "Maybe," she responded as Sarah scowled at her erstwhile sibling who simply grinned back, she turned her attention back to the twins as Ennis was sitting on the sofa, he was physically present in the room but he missed her spouse, it was really showing too.

Daniel wanted to play too, so Saki gently passed off the large ball to him so he could play with his siblings as she turned her attention to the man she called father, she rose to her feet before she went over to the replicator. "One Almond flavored milk and a glass of whiskey," she commented evenly, she added the last five words as a joke. The rather devious smile indicated as much too.

"This replicator station does not serve alcohol to minors." came the predictable response before her drink appeared before her.

"Saki, you didn't just ask for booze... did you?" Ennis regarded the girl that he had come to regard as his second child. "Really Saki... You should know better than that..." he added, he didn't raise his voice but his tone indicated his displeasure with her on the matter at hand, he sighed as he regarded her with a rather annoyed look in his eyes.

"I... I didn't think about it." Saki admitted softly, she knew he was angry but it wasn't all directed at her, she had seen first hand what could happen when Ennis lost his temper, as she had been in sickbay

"What will you do if someone does serve you booze and you drink it?" Cullen inquired of the ten-year-old before him. "You know what that stuff does... I see it often, someone came into sickbay, asking for the cure to a migraine which I find was actually a hangover. That stuff is poison lass." Cullen pressed on. "Take my advice if you must take nothing else... Do not touch that stuff, it'll rot your guts out. Hell, your mom is a rocket-jock and even she doesn't touch the stuff, which is odd for most pilots as many of them drink habitually."

Saki knew this so it wasn't much of a revelation to her. "Dad, I know this-" was as far as she got before he dropped the heavy end of the hammer on her. Cullen regarded his daughter with a sad look in his eyes as he addressed her in a soft tone of voice. "Saki... I know you know this. But you ordered booze from a replicator, that goes into the system and after few too many notices, I'll get yelled at by the Ex-Oh and then things get stupid. For me lass... Not for you... I pay for your mistakes... But they are your mistakes... You might think they are funny... But they are not... and others won't see the funny side of it... The rules on this ship exist to protect you and your siblings, they are not there to retrain you or confine you. Despite appearances to the contrary."

Saki regarded him, in silence. She didn't lose her temper as the average ten-year-old would. "I'm Sorry Dad..." she answered quietly.

Cullen truly hated yelling at his children. "Then I will say no more on this subject Saki... I can consider it resolved then?..."

"Yes." Saki sighed as she looked down, feeling utterly defeated.

"Alright then," Cullen answered quietly.


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