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This Doesn't Define Me - Part One

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 3:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar & Post Captain Heris Dvald & Lieutenant Commander Kameron "Foehammer" Solusar-Yamaguchi

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 1630Hrs - August 8th, 2393

As she fell back onto the soft mattress, Elizabeth Yamaguchi-Solusar left out a satisfied gasp of breath, no longer fighting the smile that forced its way onto her lips. She snuggled into the twisted mass of sweat-covered sheets she was tangled in, happily blissful from the release her most recent activity had provided, letting out a loud sigh of satisfaction as she did so.

"Damn, Beth... You are impressive, even with being pregnant." Solusar commented with a soft sigh from somewhere behind her.

Looking over at the other occupant of the bed in her quarters, Yamaguchi-Solusar admired the well-muscled physique of Kameron Solusar-Yamaguchi. Soaked in just as much perspiration as she was, he shot her a rather amused grin, as he took several steadying breaths. She rolled over, allowing the sheet to fall away, exposing herself again to him. Yamaguchi-Solusar grinned as she noted how his eyes were drawn to her, "Glad you could keep up, Kam." she tossed at him in a rather playful manner.

He wiggled his eyebrows, sitting up and shrugging, "Well, it's great fun, we've never had issues with sex, right?."

She watched his naked form as he slipped off the bed, and headed to the bathroom area. He splashed some water on his face and spotted her watching him in his reflection. He grinned at her again, life was good as he was married to what he considered the hottest woman in the sector. "You got somewhere to be?" she couldn't help but ask. Kameron regarded her. "I need to see the nurses and doctors in medical for a checkup."

Yamaguchi-Solusar nodded, not happy he was leaving so quickly, but she understood his reasons as she knew that the doctors needed to take care of matters.

As Solusar searched for his uniform tunic on the floor, lost among the strewn clothing tossed aside in the heat of their passion, Yamaguchi-Solusar, feeling a chill, pulled the sheet up over her body again. "Maybe we can have round two later?" she purred at her husband.

As Solusar looked up at her, with a look of almost childish glee, his reply was cut off by the trill of the intercom which beeped at them both. "Hospital to Yamaguchi-Solusar..?" came the voice of the Bolian Chief medical officer, this meant this matter was serious and official. "This is Yamaguchi-Solusar. Go ahead, Doctor?" Beth tried to keep a straight voice and somewhat succeeded, however, a rather wide smile marred her concentration.

"Doctor Fordring is looking for you, she asked me to contact you and ask that you come in to see her, apparently its something about test results." the Bolian female explained. However, Dvald's next words, delivered with just the barest hint of amusement underneath them, made her flush with stark embarrassment, "Also, Doctor Paris is looking for Lieutenant Kameron Solusar-Yamaguchi, he's late for his appointment." there was a momentary pause. "He is not answering his communicator."

Solusar regarded his wife with eyes as wide as saucers. Yamaguchi-Solusar wanted to slap the stupid smile of his face right there and then, as she fought to stay composed as she replied, "If I see him, I'll be sure to pass on the message." she commented in a light and gentle tone of voice.

"Be sure that you do. Dvald out." and the com system beeped as it went dead.

Solusar, pulling on his uniform pants, smirked, as Yamaguchi-Solusar jumped out of the bed and made a bee-line for her sonic shower - she did not want to stink of sex and sweat when she reported to see Doctor Fordring, "I guess our evening is ruined.?" as she regarded her husband as she moved past him, he swatted her on her ass with his hand as she went past him, she moved into the shower, she turned it on as she began cleaning herself off.

Solusar smiled as he finished getting dressed, he turned his head to see his wife emerging from her shower, she was known for being able to shower and take care of all of her various needs in under five minutes, but then she was a Doctor and they were known for being able to take care of it quickly. She began to dry herself off quickly and then she began to don a whole new set of clothing, while she did so, one of the cats protested being disturbed as Comet meowed loudly at her.

Yamaguchi-Solusar smiled as she regarded the unhappy kitty. "Awww... Go on back to sleep kitty. Mommy needs to see the Doctor," she commented right as she pulled on her shirt, down over her breasts and chest, before she slipped on a skirt. "How do I look?"

"Delicious." Solusar-Yamaguchi admired his wife. "I might want dessert from you later." as he gave her a rather sultry look.

"You are such a tease," Yamaguchi-Solusar answered with a wide grin. "I will think about it," Solusar-Yamaguchi answered evenly before she suddenly grinned at him.

"You are impossible. You set?" he inquired of the tall, pregnant female standing before him as she was tugging on her boots.

"Yes. Let's go." and with that, the two set off for their destination.


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