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Talon's Ruminations - Part Two

Posted on Mon Jul 29th, 2019 @ 4:42pm by Division Admiral Talon Yeager & Post Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager

Mission: Building Our New Home
Location: Yeager Quarters - USS Valhalla
Timeline: 2345Hrs - August 4th, 2393

Talon turned off the water in the shower that she presently shared with her husband, she leaned up against the wall as she let out a soft sigh, she knew she would have a far easier time of sleeping now after the last forty minutes of sex in the shower, which she greatly enjoyed. Talon Yeager was a very tactile woman, like all of her siblings, she greatly preferred being touched, held and being physical with the person she was in a relationship with. It had been like that for her time with Orthos.

Talon Yeager was busy drying herself off, she knew that she had red marks on various body parts like her breasts and her thighs but this was nothing new for her. She found herself looking into the mirror while she dried off as she seemed to zone out. She blinked as she snapped back to reality as she suddenly realized what was bothering her.

It had been her interactions with Orthos's children that had broken them apart as they had all been older then she, herself was, it had been highly intimidating for them to even come near her and Talon was not sure of how to interact with them either. Iason who was the eldest of Orthos's children had made his feelings clear that she was not welcome and while Orthos tried to get his eldest to calm down. It was only when he threatened Talon to her face and her decking him with her martial arts skills that had resolved the argument for her. Talon was keeping Melody full time and it was only because Orthos asked her to at least consider him as her father, that she ever listened or even went near Orthos ever again.

Talon had come to loathe Iason and what's more, was that she didn't care who knew it, it was a hatred that had colored her opinion of all of his other children, whether they were involved or not and very nearly destroyed any sort of relationship that Talon could have ever had with Orthos. Their relationship had been melted in the fires of hatred and then burned to ashes. One could only wonder why Talon had any sort of relations with Orthos to the point where Talon even had a second child with Orthis, a little girl named Marie.

Yeager noticed that his wife seemed to be staring at herself in the mirror, he gently touched her on the shoulder. "Talon..." he said in a gentle tone of voice. "Was the sex that bad?"

"Huh?" Talon blinked as she came back to herself. "I'm sorry... I was just thinking..." she admitted.

"That much was obvious," Yeager answered, a smile on his lips.

Talon regarded her husband. "No. The sex was great, as always... Melody's birthday is in a couple of days' time." she exp[lained.

Yeager knew exactly what his wife was distracted about and what was bothering her. "You're thinking of the circumstances that surround her birth."

"Yes..." Talon admitted. "My relationship with Orthos is confusing and complex, even to me. I had two children with the man and yet. I hate him..." she admitted to herself as well as to her husband. "Yet, something about him appeals to me."

"Hate him?" Yeager gently took his wife's hand in his own before he slowly turned her to face him. "That's some rather strong language... Mind if I ask why?" Yeager asked softly.

"You're wondering why I brought Marie to term, knowing full well that she was Orthos's daughter?" Talon asked quietly as she gave her husband a pointed look. "Now, you claim her as yours."

"No," Yeager answered. "I knew why you brought her to term. She deserved to have a life of her own." Yeager explained evenly.

"Marie isn't the issue... Orthos's other children were the issue, they made it clear when they met Melody that I was not welcome." Talon explained. "Melody was born about a year or so after the events in the Wolf System at the hands of the Borg and then Orthos needed time to process losing his wife, meeting me and Melody coming along. His children, however. They were another matter entirely." she paused a moment "Iason-" Talon named Orthos's eldest child while she balled up her hands into fists, she instantly became angry as it was clear that she truly hated him. "I hated him for how he treated me, like a little girl who had seduced his father. It wasn't until he threatened me, I broke his nose and gave him two black eyes for it." Talon paused. "He was a Lieutenant in the Fleet, I was a first-grade cadet at the academy."

"Iason was always pig-headed. That's not changed much." Yeager commented. "Orthos asked me if you wanted to come to dinner, His place with a few of his children present." Yeager knew what his wife was going to say on the subject.

"Yes," Talon answered bluntly. "I'll be there, This is long overdue and I will deal with this, myself." she answered. "What time?," she answered in an angry tone of voice.

Yeager smiled. "It's tonight," he answered with a nod, he knew what was coming was going to be good.

"Excellent." Talon suddenly grinned. "I will wear something appropriate."


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