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Talon's Ruminations - Part One

Posted on Mon Jul 29th, 2019 @ 4:37pm by Division Admiral Talon Yeager & Post Captain Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager

Mission: Building Our New Home
Location: Yeager Quarters - USS Valhalla
Timeline: 2300Hrs - August 4th, 2393

Division Admiral Talon Yeager was unable to sleep, as she blinked her eyes open. "Fuck..." she muttered aloud as she shifted her position in the bed, she had climbed into bed an hour earlier with her husband as the two were being kept up by Syal who was crying. Yeager had opted to activate the holonanny and have it look after their youngest rather than keep Talon up with Syal all night.

Yeager knew his wife's mind well and he knew she would have frustrations that she would need to get out of her system so forty-five minutes of time together in the shower, having sex would help, it was never boring for him and he knew it was like that for her as well. Talon could be downright sadistic when she was aroused and at times, she was almost insatiable as well, it was also exhausting for both of them and helped them sleep.

Yeager blinked as he woke up. "Mmm... Talon?" he asked softly.

"Yeah, I ... I can't sleep." his spouse admitted in the darkness.

"What's wrong?" Yeager asked his wife softly.

Talon was lying on her back wearing a sports bra and a pair of bicycle shorts, she had one of her many children try to climb into bed with her and they sometimes touched things they didn't need to be touching. Also, she had heard of the fiasco with her great-niece Saki so Talon now locked the door so the children couldn't get into the bedroom. "I was just thinking of Orthos... He was trying to tell me something and I didn't listen."

Yeager had known Orthos for a very long time. He knew that when the man spoke, it was a good idea to at least listen to him. "What was he trying to tell you?"

Talon knew what her husband wanted and so she decided to give it to him. "It was when Melody was born. I must have been out of my mind the entire time." she sighed softly. "I didn't listen..." she paused a moment. "I never listened to him, even when he had children who were teenagers... His eldest was not far from my age." she paused. "He was five years older than me and so were all of Orthos's other kids... I'm the same age as his youngest, Mary and they all disliked me from the start..." she regarded him with her dark eyes. "They had made that quite clear."

"I can believe it, considering you had never intended to become pregnant at that point in life and nor were you ready for it," Yeager explained while he waited for his wife to lose her temper. When that didn't happen, he calmed himself as he smiled. "You would still be you," he explained evenly.

Talon sighed softly. "I wanted to put her up for adoption, I should have simply let Orthos take her and call it a day." she paused. "Then how would have life unfolded... Would I still have made the same choices and decisions?" she paused. "I... I don't know." she sighed a second time in less than twenty seconds. "His other kids did not help matters, they made it very clear they did not like having me around their dad." she paused for another moment as she tried to clear her thoughts. "They all assumed I was trying to replace their dead mother who had died not even a year earlier."

Yeager knew that simply talking about it would not help her on the matter so he decided to try appealing to Talon's physical nature rather than her mental nature.

Talon felt her husband gently pull her into his arms as he gently began running his fingers over her flesh. "Mmmmm... Stop that.." she whispered, a smile appearing on her face as she weakly protested his actions.

"No," Yeager answered evenly. "You need therapy..." he added a moment later. "I know how you operate, also mental won't work so physical will have to suffice."

"It's late and we both need sleep... Don't start something you can't finish..." Talon added quietly, she felt him begin to work her top off as she let out a soft sigh as she felt the cool air wrap itself around her bare skin like an old lover's gentle embrace. "Come on... in the shower, the bed is for sleeping." as she gently slid her lithe form out of the bed and she moved into the bathroom, while she peeled off her shorts to reveal her skin in all its naked glory.

Yeager smiled as he followed his spouse into the bathroom, he closed the door behind him.


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