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What Judgments Come

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 6:23am by Commodore Celeste Hobbs-Yamaguchi & Post Captain Vasily Borodin & Colonel Brianna Hobbs

Mission: Mission 98: Building Our New Home
Location: Various Locations - Starbase Vanguard
Timeline: 0900Hrs - August 4th, 2393

Captain Vassily Borodin was sitting in his office, a large mug of steeped tea, gently steaming as he read the PADD in his hands, he smiled as he tapped a few keys before he placed the PADD onto the done pile, he then selected the next PADD on his desk when the doorbell beeped at him. "Enter," he commented in a light tone of voice.

Colonel Brianna Hobbs entered sheepishly into Borodin's office. She couldn't make eye contact with the intelligence officer. "Hello, Captain." She said without emotion.

"Colonel. What can I do for you?" Borodin had the feeling that this was not a personal visit so he opted to keep things professional but he could tell that something was very badly wrong. "Are you alright?" he added, a moment later.

"Yeah, I'm doing okay. Thank you." Brianna replied nervously. "I'm not sure if you remember what you and"

"I recall the mass insanity of the event in question." Borodin regarded her in silence a moment before he added. "I assume something has changed with your situation?" as he regarded her, the more he looked at the female before him, the more he knew something was indeed very wrong with this situation.

"Well, that's a way to put it," Brianna replied. "Yeah, no use beating around the bush. I'm pregnant and your the father of this child." she had decided to come right out and declare what the issue was.

Borodin raised an eyebrow in surprise, However, this was not a major revelation to him as he had suspected that something like this was to come from Brianna, considering how she had come through the door and how she was speaking with him now. "So there was more to that shared event then I expected," he commented before he lifted his mug back to his lips and drained a mouthful. "English steeped tea, apparently Colour Sergent Brianna Hobbs was quite a woman in her native Newcastle." his smile did not fade. "Even when she was trying to kill me."

"Just for the record, I've never been there or even to Europe. The only place I went on Earth was to the academy in San Francisco." Brianna told Borodin. "Sorry I was trying to kill you. Things though were kind of outta control." she apologized.

"Well, in our defense, it was the Third World War," Borodin commented evenly. "It was an out of control time." he answered with a gentle nod of his head. "So, what do you require of me? for your little one... Anything special?." he inquired, wanting her to be clear so he could be clear with her in turn.

"Well, no. I do think you have the right to know you have a daughter and that you should know her if you so chose." She told him.

"Well, I appreciate you telling me. I will babysit for you if you so desire but what of your wife? I am told Celeste is not the gentle type and I doubt she will take kindly to this turn of events." Borodin explained. "I fear I have made an enemy of her," he added, with a sigh.

"Celeste is a big softy when you get to know her. And no, she doesn't consider you an enemy. She understands odd things happen out in space. Besides, it was her relative that was the catalyst for the event." Brianna informed Borodin.

"I wonder if Torilla will ever live this one down," Borodin responded. "Considering one of her daughters suffered some very serious emotional trauma from the event and another thought she was living through a conflict with the Borg... One has to wonder," he commented in a rather dry tone of voice. "As for Celeste, we shall see if your words match her actions. I remain skeptical." he regarded the women before him as he said it. "I should make mention that I am not about to get my hopes up. After all, I am Russian Brianna, I understand these things better then you know." Borodin explained evenly. "Still, it could be worse. No?" he inquired of her.

"It could have been a lot worse. I'm both surprised and happy that no one was killed. Despite the damage, the station came out okay." Brianna replied.

"The station yes. The people affected... Not so much, they will all need to come to terms with what happened, as best as they can, all in their own way..." Borodin commented quietly. "Well, I will need to break this news to Jordan, hopefully, she will not be too angered with this." he sighed softly. "I suspect that Jordan will be the least of my concerns... Considering your own spouse is also involved and maybe her actions will meet her words, we shall soon find out."

"Celeste had something like this happen to her," Hobbs answered. "She will understand your situation, I really don't think she intends hostile action against you." she tried to reassure Borodin of the fact before them both.

"Perhaps. In any event, we'll soon find out Brianna. I will assist you with your pregnancy as needed and required by you, I do not wish to anger or provoke your spouse." the Russian explained. "Perhaps she will surprise me but I am not getting my hopes up."


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